Top 10 Best Justin Bieber Songs

Justin Bieber is a name that has been synonymous with pop music for more than a decade now. The Canadian singer-songwriter has come a long way from his early days of posting videos of himself singing covers on YouTube to becoming a global superstar with a dedicated fanbase. His music has always had a way of connecting with audiences, whether it's through his heartfelt ballads or catchy, upbeat tracks. And while he may have his fair share of critics, there's no denying that Bieber has churned out some seriously impressive hits over the years.

From his breakthrough single "Baby" to his more recent collaborations with artists like Ed Sheeran and Dan + Shay, Bieber has consistently delivered chart-topping hits. His discography boasts a diverse range of sounds and styles, from dance-pop anthems to acoustic ballads, each with its own unique flair.

So, if you're looking for a playlist of the best Justin Bieber songs to jam out to, look no further. We've compiled a list of his top tracks based on fan votes. So sit back, turn up the volume, and let's dive into some of the best songs from one of the biggest names in music today.
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1 As Long as You Love Me

Listen, I'm no Belieber. At least, I wasn't a Belieber before hearing this song. As soon as I heard "Baby" back in 2010, I thought it was a girl singing. I hated that song and it got stuck in my head every day. I couldn't stand Justin Bieber. Then one day, I heard this song on the radio and I didn't think it was Justin. I never listened to Justin anyway, so how was I supposed to know it was him?

I fell in love with the song - the amazing melody and everything about it. I thought, as soon as he got to the chorus, "This is one good singer. This is one great song." I looked up the song on YouTube that night, and when I saw the results read "Justin Bieber," I couldn't believe my eyes.

At first, I was angry. I felt stupid for liking the song and almost decided to never listen to it again. But I ended up listening to it more and more. I received a Justin Bieber poster for my birthday last month, to add to my collection. I now own his "Believe" album on iTunes. I wouldn't be a ...more

Oh man, this is such a great song and it's stuck at number 45? It's the second single from the super hit album Believe and it's stuck at number 45? Well, I think this is crazy. This song is great, so be grateful and vote for it! You won't regret it!

Justin Bieber, to you, I say, I hate you for not loving anime, I hate you because you have a girly face, I hate you because you don't know who the Beatles are, and I hate you because you have no right criticizing metal gods like Metallica. But for this one song, I love you! You were awesome with this one.

The only Bieber song I like. It's emotional for me because it relates to what I'm going through with a girl. I've always respected Justin Bieber as an artist but never liked his music. However, if he writes more music like this, I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about his music.

2 Baby

I love Justin Bieber and this song too. It's upbeat and cool. Definitely the style nowadays. That's why it's like the most popular song in America.

I think that "Baby" is the greatest song ever, not only because Justin Bieber is my favorite person. I truly love "Baby." I love Canadian guys, like Justin Bieber.

This is, I think, the first song by Justin Bieber that I ever heard. After this song, I just fell in love with him. He is really a great singer and idol. We can't ignore, after listening to this song, that "yes, he is found, and he is my idol, my hero, and my Justin Bieber."

I really have to say that this is the best song in the world. I have a request to make: Justin, can you please come to my school? It's in Pakistan, Wah Cantt, at the MGS Girls Campus. I know that this request can't be fulfilled, but at least I tried.

Please post this comment because I really want Justin to come. I beg you, please don't disappoint me. I'll pray for you.

3 Boyfriend

Screw his other songs. I never really listened to Justin Bieber when he first started to sing. However, after I listened to Boyfriend, it showcased his actual talent and got me hooked on him. Now he has released two extra singles, which are really good too: As Long as You Love Me and Beauty and a Beat.

What? I am surprised it isn't in first or second place! Gosh, it's the best song ever! Please vote for it.

Love this song. It's the best song I've ever heard from him. This song should be first on his list; Baby is old and Boyfriend is awesome. If this were the only song he made, I would listen to it every day of my life. You made an awesome and excellent song, Bieber. Keep the awesome songs going and never give up on your dream. Awesome work, Justin!

Man, 11th? Is this some kind of joke? Well, if you all sitting there are sane, please vote for this song. It should be at #1. The tune is so good, and Justin Bieber just rocks this song. It has topped the charts in many countries, so why can't it top this chart? Please vote for it, guys!

4 Beauty and a Beat

Why is this only at #10? I detest JB myself, but I can't deny that this song has some charm to it. He pulls off the "cute" image in this song better than he does as a "ladies' man" in "As Long As You Love Me." The video itself is cool to watch. It takes place at a water park and is just chill. I could go on all day about how this is his best song, but the fact that this is the only song by him I have on my iPod should say enough. Nice instrumental break in the song also, I should say. Electronica works surprisingly well in this song.

This song is literally just beautiful. The lyrics are so catchy, simple, short, and sweet, and the music makes you feel carefree and relaxed, allowing you to revel in the tune of the song. The flow of the song is smooth, and in my opinion, this song is one of the best songs ever made. The beat is indeed beautiful!

I love this video. I love this song! Everything is just so damn good! The music mixes nicely with the song. The video and the song should beat Michael Jackson and the Party Rock Anthem video and song!

Yeah, I may be yet another Bieber hater, but this is the only Justin Bieber song I actually like. There's just something about it that makes it way better than all of his other work.

5 Never Say Never

I love this song, including Justin Bieber. He is just brilliant. This song gives you confidence and strength. The video makes me crazy. It's a perfect song that you can hear or watch the video anytime. It's a perfect way to make you happy and cheerful.

Cool song! I love this. It gives you confidence. I'd say this song from Karate Kid is the best song by Justin Bieber, and I always love to hear and see this song's video. It makes me crazy about the song he has made. I would love to hear it at any time.

I love this song, and it's Justin Bieber's motto. He is like my idol. He is so amazing. I love him so much. This song has a meaning and a motto, and it will give something to everyone if they just bother to listen to it - especially Justin Bieber's haters.

Justin is great and the best in the world. Nobody is capable of comparing with his talent. The song has all the elements of perfectionism. Jaden Smith's age is very low, but his talent is at the top of the heights. Justin's singing is out of this world.

6 Eenie Meenie

Nice song, Sean, really as good as "Fire Burning." Loving it! If you're a player, I love Sean Kingston's singing. He reminds me of the hit song "Beautiful Girls." Justin, pray harder to be as high as Sean Kingston. The music video makes sense and is clear, but I didn't understand when he said, "and disappear right after this song."

This is the best Justin Bieber song I've ever known. Honestly, I love all the songs by Justin Bieber, but in this song, I have my special lyrics. They are "I wish our hearts could come together as one" and "please don't waste my time, time, time." That's the best of all!

I love this song so much! It is so creative. The dancing looks complicated but is very well-directed. Great job, Justin! Keep up the extremely great work! Thank you again!

Such a heart-touching song. It's wonderful. I'm currently listening to this song! It's a very soft song, which makes me listen to it again and again after I turn it on.

7 Somebody to Love

This is the best song on Earth. To be honest, it should be in slot number one. It is a fast, good, and heart-touching song. To be honest, I think it is his best song. I hope everyone can enjoy this comment, and please, listen to the song.

I think Justin Bieber is a great singer and artist. I just hate his genre of music. This song is the only song I don't mind by him. Mind you, this was before he went to prison and became the huge idiot he is today.

This song is good because I'm waiting to hear the duet between Justin and Usher, and it's so cool and relatable for those who are single. I don't need anything else. I promise, girl, I swear, I just need somebody to love.

This is one of my favorites of his, and I think it should be higher on the list!

8 Love Me

JB's voice is cracking, making it the best one for me. I never get bored hearing this one. It's even better than Baby. This is the best of mine, and it rocks.

I don't like JB, but I do like his songs: Love Me, Stuck in the Moment, Favorite Girl, Bigger, and Never Let You Go.

This was the first Justin Bieber song I ever heard, and it is still one of my favorites! I love his new album, Believe, but I always come back and listen to this song.

This is one of the best songs by Justin. Please vote for it. I know everybody loves this song very much. I first heard it, and from that time, I am a big fan of Justin.

9 Take You

I can't believe this song is in 12th position. Its tune, lyrics, and everything else are just perfect. This one is most definitely JB's second-best song, next to As Long As You Love Me. Please vote for it, people. The acoustic version is just... I have no words to say. I'm sure I've listened to it at least a thousand times.

BEST SONG EVER! It's so catchy, has a great tune, and his voice is amazing! It made so many of my friends love him! I love all his songs, but this one is just amazing!

Justin is one of the most talented singers in the world. His songs are masterpieces, and this song is one of them.

Great song. It's the best of his new album. Keep voting for this one because it's the best of all.

10 One Less Lonely Girl

I think it's the hardest JB song to sing. I can't sing the karaoke version very well. It's a very good song, though!

Hey, look, this is an awesome song - one of his legendary songs that was liked by many people! A nice song with marvelous music and beautiful visuals. I love this. Please vote for this. Please, please, please don't upset JB.

This song makes me happy. I wouldn't mind being the one less lonely girl! Haha. The way he brings girls up on stage during his concerts and sings to them is seriously adorable. Could he get any cuter?

This is the best song by Justin Drew Bieber, and we are waiting for your new song.

The Contenders
11 Sorry

Not really a JB fan, but this song is by far one of his best. The production is excellent, accompanied by a superb dance video, both matching with his voice really well.

I never liked Justin Bieber. All his songs sounded immature to me until this song. I think it deserves to be in the top ten, if not number one.

I like this song. Bieber's pretty sardonic in this song, which matches up with his douchy personality. It's a fun song, yet also pretty sarcastic in a sense. I still like it, though.

I think it's my favorite Justin Bieber song. I love this song and I don't even love Justin Bieber. I'm surprised it's not in the top ten.

12 All Around the World

This should be the best song. Baby by Justin Bieber was one of the worst songs by Justin Bieber. All Around the World is the best song. Baby is the worst song ever that I've listened to.

The tune is amazing. Justin Bieber's voice is very much auto-tuned, but the song is perfect. It's something very different from the original Justin Bieber.

I don't like Justin Bieber, but when I heard this song, I checked to see who it was by and I was like, "Justin!?" I don't have anything against Justin's songs, but as for him, well, I don't know. The only one I'm not okay with is "Beauty and a Beat." I mean, Nicki says, "Watch out for Selener." When I heard that, I was like, "Watch it! That's my absolute favorite singer you're talking about!" Well, anyway, this song is just rocking. Oh, and Justin, thanks for being there for Selena (most of the time).

I really like this song because it's not just some boring pop song. It's an electronic/dance song with a drop and everything.

13 All That Matters

I like this song because of the memes centered around it.

I've never really been a Belieber, but some of the songs on his new album are pretty cool. Love this!

The best song I've heard from Bieber!

I love your video.

14 One Time

I don't exactly like or love Justin Bieber, but I have to admit, this song was good. It's talking about that one person, that special someone who completes you, and telling them how much you love them. It's really, really good.

I don't really like Justin Bieber, but I kinda like his music. "One Time" and "Baby" are my favorites.

Fantastic song. None of his other songs have the magic that this one cast on me.

Even though it's a struggle,
Love is all we got,
So we gonna keep, keep,
Climbing till the mountain top.

Best lines.

I was in love with this song when it came out, so I give it thumbs-up. He brought out his party mode. You know, the girl he was hanging out with? Yeah, she was the one who won the chance to hang out with him for a week. So they had dates every day for a week, and she was the girl to be in his music video. There are so many lucky girls out there.

15 Pray

Though Justin Bieber's voice sucks in every song he sings, I still consider this song okay because the lyrics aren't his usual hopeless romantics. It's funny how Baby is his most popular song, and it is also voted by this same site to be the worst song ever, even worse than Friday.

This song has such a good meaning. It is amazing and focuses on helping people and finding the good in every bad situation. It's really important for those who need to find hope. Only 2%? You've got to be kidding. It is the best thing ever.

I just love this song, especially the two lines,
"But I know there's sunshine behind that rain,
And I know there's good times behind that pain."
It has a cool video too.

This song is for the poor people, and Justin is telling us to pray. So please vote, because this song is true. I love Justin Bieber. Please vote for this song.

16 Nothing Like Us

This song literally made getting through a breakup impossible, but I love it more than anything.

"There's nothing like you and me, together through the storm..." This song is the best and the most touching, too. PLEASE VOTE.

A great song with great lyrics that really showcase Justin Bieber's singing talent.

'Cause nothing can ever, ever replace you.

17 Backpack

Supposed to be in the top tens. Seems like the JB haters are taking over the JB lovers. Please, man, vote for it. It really teaches us something. "Didn't have a friend, didn't know what it was, you taught me how to dream and how to love" - best part of the song.

Seriously! This song is amazing! It should be among the top ten!

I love this song, especially the soundtrack and all the different voices. JB has the best music of all time!

What a great song. Please vote for it.

18 Roller Coaster

This song has some seriously upbeat, cool tunes and also really gives us a lesson about life.

19 What Do You Mean?

I am proud to be a Justin Bieber hater, but this song is awesome and makes me dance. I like the music and it's catchy. I hate the music video, but I like this song.

Before, I hated him. But after hearing many of his songs this year, I think he's trying to sing better songs.

The music and beat are really cool, and Justin is maturing as a singer. This song proves that.

This song is awesome. I truly like the music. The beats are too good to hear. Totally love it.

20 Love Yourself

I'm not going to lie. I hate Bieber with a burning passion. I find him egotistical, annoying, and not that good of a singer. So when I was in my car and heard this song on the radio, I thought it was just going to be another trashy, repetitive pop song like What Do You Mean? and Baby. However, I started listening to it and the simplistic beat actually works very well in the song. The lyrics are actually GOOD, which is rare for a Justin Bieber song. One last thing: Bieber sings REALLY well in this song. I still have a strong distaste for Justin Bieber, but hopefully, this song is a sign of better things to come.

I thought the meaning was dumb, but the song was too catchy. It sounds like a breakup song (duh, it is), but his voice makes it feel like a different type of song. "Love Yourself" was a really good song compared to "Sorry" and "What Do You Mean." The fact that it was co-written by Ed Sheeran, who also sang it, shows such respect to Justin Bieber. If you have a dream, cherish it with your heart, friends, and the dream itself. Never stop chasing your dream, no matter what.

There's no denying this song will soon climb up to the number one spot. It marks Justin Bieber's artistic maturation from child to artist. Beautiful, poignant lyrics, catchy beat, and chorus. I have a feeling this song will soon be a fan favorite and worthy of being an encore song at live performances.

I am not a Justin Bieber fan, not one bit. But after hearing this song, I realized the dude actually does have musical talent that the majority of pop artists don't have. His voice is great, and you can feel the emotion behind his lyrics. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really like this song. Like, a lot.

21 Mistletoe

Honestly, I really miss JB 2011. The music video itself is extremely good, and this song makes me like other songs of JB too. At first, I thought he was such a bad guy and I hated him a lot. But in the end, as long as his music is good and brilliant, I will proudly be one of his fans and Beliebers. Now, I have every album ever recorded by him, and I think I'm not a Swiftie anymore. (I deleted all of Taylor Swift's songs to save his albums. Haha.)

I'm a guy, and frankly, the only Bieber song my ego allows me to like is Mistletoe. Why? Because it's absolutely enchanting and wonderful to listen to! It definitely needs to be ranked higher than 11th.

This song is so nice. It's one of the few I can listen to that has a nice, slow tempo. Amazing! Of course, I love all his songs. I have a crush on Bieber, now and forever!

This new song from his album is fabulous and amazing. I bet this song will satisfy you. Keep on voting for it.

22 Thought of You

This is very different! It always makes me happy, and the song lyrics are awesome because everyone will understand him and his message.

Thought of You is a very upbeat song and is catchy. It's one of the best JB songs, in my opinion.

Love the meaning.

23 Confident

How is this ranked at 72? Seriously! I expected it to be among the top twenty at the very least! Beliebers, if you really like Justin, please vote for this song from his Journals album! It's amazing! Plus, the music video!

Come on, guys, this should be in the top ten! Love the beat and everything about it. It shows his mature side, and the lyrics are great: "Nasty but she's fancy, Mona Lisa masterpiece." Laugh out loud. Come on, be confident and vote for it. Swag.

How is this ranked at 29? I mean, what! What the hell is going on, guys? I mean, this song is even better than As Long As You Love Me, which is ranked at 2! I think we should vote for this song. Just listen to it and then you will understand the difference!

Awesome song! Good beats, hot lyrics, swaggie singing, and a really cool and unique rap! Certainly one of his best.

24 Anyone

When I first heard this song, I thought it would be another one like Holy and Lonely. But I was not expecting greatness to come out of this song. This truly deserves to be in the top tens. The lyrics are meaningful, the music sounds really inspirational and uplifting, and there's so much more I could say about this masterpiece.

25 Never Let You Go

Such emotional, I love this song because he will never let you go... Notice it, if I'd be his oNE LESS LONELY GIRL, probably I will have a lot of haters like selena did, because his fans is so so many and oh their just jealous

Awesome due to it's great music and emotions and almost everything. Well it's my choice and may differ from others.

Can bring tears and is really worth listening! Amazing music too and overall this song is outstanding!

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you! Wait, wrong song.

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