Top 10 Best Alternative Metal Songs

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1 Chop Suey! - System of a Down

This song surely deserves to top the list.
No competition to Chop Suey.

this song definitely deserves to be on the top of the list. By the way also like korn a lot to so I couldn't choose between korn and system of a down but I like system of a down more so I just picked this song,

What is wrong here. There should be like 3-4 songs of System of a Down in the top 10

2 Freak on a Leash - Korn

System of a Down fan, but Freak on a Leash is one of the best and most badass songs ever written.

Great song! I love Korn... I highly recommend Limp Bizkits "Break Stuff" as well.

3 Prison Song - System of a Down

I wish this band will have more and more songs like this, all their songs are petfectly good! System of a Down Rocks! Keep Going, wish to see you in Armenia!

System of a Down - the way better!

4 Home - Three Days Grace

Strange that this is number 4 on this list while it's number 8 or 9 on TheTopTens list of top 10 Three Days Grace songs. Go visit that page and vote for Home. This song is awesome. And also, vote for Chevelle on other lists for goodness sakes

Beats every song here! Just listen to the sample you will be shocked of its power. This house is not a home, I think I'm better of alone!

Love this song...I'm a bit shocked no breaking benjamin songs are here though...personally I think they're the best alt. Metal band ever

5 Epic - Faith No More
6 Sober - Tool

One of the best songs ever including metal, rock, alternative metal whatever, out-weights all the other bands. Maynard is such a good singer/songwriter.

Dudes this song had revolutionised the altername metal genre. Maynard's voice is just amazing in this song.

One of the best songs of all time and best bands of all time at 20? Laugh out loud! Whatta bunch of nincompoops!

7 Breath - Breaking Benjamin

You take the breath right out of me man. This song should be the first and three days grace must be at the second.

The first song I heard by them and definitely one of the best songs I've ever listened to.

THis song is so awesome... I love it so much

8 Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter

This is a great Alternative Metal song.

9 In the End - Linkin Park

Where were the great songs by Fuel and Staind?

One of the best songs with awesome lyrics. Why this is not at 1st place

10 Duality - Slipknot

This is their anthem on their shows, everybody sings along and it gives me shivers every time! Once a Maggot, always a Maggot!

This ain't the best alternative metal song this is the best song ever written. SlipknoT are geniuses. Maggot 4 life.

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11 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine

I'm not a fan of metal and I don't like rap, but after 4 or 5 times listening this song (rap metal with funk influences) you will understand that is is a masterpiece.
No matter if you you like Vivaldi or Banco or Stevie Wonder or Cesaria Evora or Coltrane... take your time to discover this complex gem.

One of the only songs on this list that brings meaningful contemporary social commentary to the table.

12 B.Y.O.B. - System of a Down

This is in my opinion, the best SOAD song. It's just the best alternative metal song.

13 Them Bones - Alice in Chains
14 Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) - Deftones
15 Unsung - Helmet
16 Opiate - Tool
17 Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park
18 Let Go - Red
19 Death Blooms - Mudvayne
20 Cult of Personality - Living Colour
21 The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin

This song is a masterpiece, It became an instant favorite once I listend to it.

22 Amaranthine - Amaranthe
23 Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
24 Blind - Korn
25 The Pot - Tool

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