Top 10 Best Electric Basses

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1 Fender Precision Bass

I've been playing P basses for 40 years. Great all-around sound and built like tanks. Never had to use my backup bass at a gig.

BEST EVER. The only problem is it makes my amp like sing or whine or make this weird tone when I don't touch the strings, but that's just my bass I think. Sounds great, not too much slappy tone, ORIGINAL.

Fantastic bass, but Musicman EB Stingray should be there too and would be higher than BC Rich Warlock Bass.

2 Rickenbacker 4001

In my opinion, there is a tie between the Fender Precision Bass and the Rickenbacker 4001. Really, it all boils down to personal taste. The Rickenbacker is more in your face and trebly, whereas the Fender is much darker sounding. Cliff Burton, Paul McCartney, and Geddy Lee used these basses, so you certainly can't go wrong with one.

I always have loved the unique sound and look of this classic Rickenbacker. I myself play a Hofner which I personally think is the best, but next up would be a Rickenbacker for its amazing sound.

3 Fender Jazz Bass

The most versatile bass there is. Because of the placement of pickups and neck shape, there are many different tones that can be made depending on the particular technique. The P Bass is also very good but has less versatility than the Jazz Bass. The smaller neck of the Jazz Bass also makes it easier to play fast.

Perfect classic design. Really comfortable neck and great sound quality. Just check out, only the greatest bass players like Mr. Pastorius and Aston Barret use it. The P bass is okay. But the Jazz got that really deep bass sound that only a Fender Jazz could give you.

4 Gibson Thunderbird

Has an amazing punchy tone. Don't get me wrong, Fender basses are well-built but their style SUCKS!

5 B.C. Rich Warlock Bass
6 Ernie Ball Music Man

Great tone and packs a punch in each note.

This is the bass Flea played forever.

7 Aria Pro Bass

This bass defines the '80s sound. Great definition with a fantastic attack and a great core. The hardware and woodwork are top-notch, and the design is bombproof. My main bass since many years, and it still puts my Thunderbird, my Steinberger, and my Warwick Star Bass as backup basses.

8 Warwick Stryker
9 Dean Razorback Bass
10 Gibson EB-3

I bought my first bass in 1978 with money I was saving from my first full-time job. A walnut EB-3 (sorry guys, it isn't an SG-Bass. It's an EB-3). Jack Bruce, Andy Frazer. Blessed bass heroes. RIP, guys.

The bass thumps and sings in an essential '60s way. Nothing flash, nothing fancy. Just solid, timeless E-bass.

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11 Hofner Viola Bass
12 Ibanez Gio Soundgear Bass

I love this bass. I have got one. It's really good, the best one of Ibanez. Mine has 5 strings, but there are 4 strings and 6 too. It's an active bass, so it's a professional one. It's really good. You can get it in different colors. Mine is black and it's amazing.

13 Ibanez BTB
14 Ibanez GSR200
15 Warwick Thumb NT
16 Dean Hardtail Bass
17 Peavey Millennium BXP 4
18 Wal MK1
19 Dean Metalman ML
20 Fender Bronco
21 Warwick Corvette
22 Warwick Star Bass
23 Warwick Star Bass II
24 Warwick Streamer LX LTD 2011
25 Epiphone Viola
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