Rockiest Rock 'n' Roll Marriages of All Time

We all read the papers, to cringe or enjoy a naughty laugh at the mighty who have fallen. Few celebrities fall heavier than rock stars, with their artistic passion and insatiable appetite for the seamier things in life. We've compiled a list of the top ten worst rock star marriages (with one or two extras thrown in for good measure). Enjoy a titter or three as you discover where a walk down the star-studded quickie aisle can sometimes getcha!

Courtesy of Ticket Liquidator, here are the top ten rockiest marriages in music.
The Top Ten
1 Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

There are certain problems that go along with marrying a gal like Courtney Love - as there are with marrying a guy like Kurt Cobain - but put them both together and you have a recipe for a rock 'n' roll Molotov cocktail. This crazy pair are the subject of innumerable articles and even murder theories (Cobain's shotgun suicide sometimes being claimed by his more ardent followers as murder committed by Love herself! ). Cobain abused alcohol and solvents and was a heroin addict and Love, singer for bad-gal band Hole, wasn't far behind him. Love's battles with the press and law enforcement agencies are legend, and do nothing to quell suspicions about what dark secrets she may or may not harbor.

2 Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

Whitney Houston began her career with the aid of famous aunt, Dionne Warwick, and a soulful voice that surely ran in the family. Unfortunately, her taste in men didn't match the flawlessness of her tunes. She married hip-hop singer Bobby Brown and the two descended into a drug-fueled violent free-for-all that lasted 15 years. After several incidents in which police and emergency rooms played a hefty part (and Brown's sister Tina described Whitney as "a toothless crack addict") Whitney threw in the towel, no pun intended, and decided to clean up her act. Her recent brilliant performance on the 2009 American Music Awards demonstrated that there is life beyond the rocky rock 'n' roll relationship after all!

3 Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

Silicone-packin' buxom Baywatch star Pamela Anderson caused a media stir when she married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee after a courtship just 4 days long. Most famously, a videotape featuring Pam and Tommy indulging in a variety of sexual acts (allegedly stolen from their home) is still to this day viewable on the internet. The couple split in 1997 but got back together to conceive a second child. Pamela went on to enjoy an outrageous marriage to Kid Rock - but that one was over in months.

So in love they were intent on destroying each other. Too intense.

4 Ike & Tina Turner
5 Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil

Love her or hate her, there's no denying that Amy is one of the most authentic talents to emerge in the last few years. Unfortunately her lifestyle choices often leave a little - or a lot - to be desired, and her choice of "Snake" Fielder Civil as partner is a major talking point. Aside from the controversies involving substances abuse which have seen Amy roaming the London streets half-naked and mentally on another planet, we have seen Fielder-Civil incarcerated for assault, only to be released and to break the terms of his parole. Amy admitted she had been unfaithful to Blake while he was in prison, and it appears she dealt with it by engaging in numerous incidents of violence against her fans. Blake for his part confesses that he introduced Amy to "heroin, crack and self-harming". A match made in heaven, surely!

6 Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA)

Björn and Agnetha were a happy couple for 7 years (2 children) but in 1979 they filed for divorce. He married another woman 6 months later. Björn and Agnetha agreed NOT to let their failed marriage interfere with their responsibilities with ABBA but it was too hard for her. She was still in love with him and she had to see him regularly, to sing his songs and tour with him but not to be 'with him' anymore. Rocky!

The failure of their marriage inspired Björn to write "The Winner Takes It All" in 1980. That was the end of the marriage as well as of this legendary band. Agnetha became more reclusive and ABBA disbanded. She tried really hard to move on and you can see her last performance 2 years later (YouTube The Day Before You Came, German T.V. '82). But you will also see that she's not the same girl - she looks too sad, unconfident, even scared and with no sparkles in her eyes. This was the last song the group ever recorded.

7 Rihanna and Chris Brown

Anyone who follows music and celebrity will remember what happened at the 2009 Grammy Awards, when Rihanna and boyfriend Chris Brown were scheduled to perform together. The two never made it to the stage and instead got into a serious altercation in the back of a limo in the early hours of the following morning. The couple's proposed duet could have been a smash hit, but instead it was a smash of a different kind, and Brown was arrested and charged with felony assault and making criminal threats. We will never know if Rihanna and Bobby's duet could have topped those performed by that other rock 'n' roll couple, Ike and Tina Turner. Theirs was a tempestuous union that saw years of domestic violence and drug-addicted shenanigans, resulting in a divorce and eventual death by cocaine overdose by Ike. But that's a whole another story, and we probably shouldn't get started on that...

8 Ray Davies and Chrissie Hynde

The Kinks often wild singer-songwriter Ray Davies was hero-worshipped by a young Chrissie Hynde, and her band The Pretenders recorded a version of the Kinks' "Stop Your Sobbin'" long before they ever met. Hynde was named as the adulteress in the breakup of Davies's marriage when they did finally meet, setting the mood for their story. Their wedding day was cancelled, though, when their incessant arguing caused the registrar to turn them away. Two years later, Hynde met Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr on a tour and ran off with him. She married Kerr, but he eventually left her for a younger woman - Patsy Kensit.

9 Chris Cornell and Susan Silver
10 John and Yoko

He was the most famous rock star in the world and she was a bizarre avante-garde conceptual artist. Their courtship not only caused turmoil in the famous Abbey Road studios, it is cited as being the reason the greatest pop group in the world finally split up, not to mention Lennon's marriage to Cynthia. It was the classic "evil woman" scenario in many ways, but the twosome brought much attention on then current issues like the Vietnam War, through their "bed-ins" and other ingenious means of baiting the press.

The Contenders
11 Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit

Oasis singer Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit married in 1997 and endured a 3-year relationship in which Kensit "cried every day", by her own account. This isn't surprising when you consider that Gallagher conceived a child with singer Lisa Moorish just one week after marrying Kensit. (Moorish went on to conceive another child with another crazed rocker, Pete Doherty, so she obviously had an appetite for wild men. ) Gallagher and Kensit - whose gangster father was involved with notorious London criminals the Kray Twins - eventually broke up in a storm of violent incidents where Gallagher abused fans and was banned for life from airline Cathay Pacific after an episode of "air rage".

12 Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

These two mismatched sweethearts managed a grand total of 9 days before the trannyesque hoop-shooter tried to annul their marriage. Being traditionalists - and very committed - the two soldiered on for a further four months before the disaster of their togetherness finally dissolved. Rodman is the man who wore a wedding dress and declared that he was "his own bride" during the publicity for his book, Bad As I Wanna Be, and was legless drunk during their quickie Vegas ceremony. Rodman's lawyer used this fact to disengage the two from the fate of being married with "no postnuptial agreement" forever. Such darlings!

13 Paul and Heather Mills

The other half of the Beatles' spearhead, Paul McCartney, enjoyed one of the ten happiest relationships in rock but ironically he was also in one of the ten unhappiest, too. Paul's marriage to one-legged Heather ended in acrimonious divorce proceedings, in which she was awarded 24 million British Pounds. Paul's then-pregnant daughter Stella is remembered for screaming, "I'll kill the bitch! " in a confrontation with the hated gold-digger, and the world's media had a field day over the rowdy ruck involving rock royalty!

14 Brian May and Anita Dobson
15 Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks
16 Lux Interior and Poison Ivy (The Cramps)
17 Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen
18 Damon Albarn and Justine Frischmann
19 Gregg Allman and Cher
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