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1 Fix You - Coldplay

This song is the most saddest thing ever and I have no idea why but I always think of my nan when this plays. I always cry because it just reminds me that I am so lucky to have my nan still alive and I wish I could try and make her better again but I know that realistically that won't happen. I know someday she will end up dieing but I just hope that it isn't yet because I am only 12 years old so I am definitely not ready to lose her just yet. I am crying right now actually.

This is definitely the most depressing song. I cry all the time listening to this. It reminds me of my nan who has cancer and how lucky I am to have her alive. It also scares me about loosing her as well because it is a song she likes but it sounds like a funeral song. I love my nan and I never want her to leave me(die). I will be depressed for the rest of my life if she does. I wish I could help her but all I can do is try and make as many memories as possible.

I won't say that the song is not sad, because it is. But, it's very wrong to call it depressing. In the song, the subject of the song is distraught over something, and the singer cares enough about him/her to help him/her through it. Ultimately the song is about the love of the singer for the subject of the song, and the hope for the future.
A depressing song shouldn't have that hope at the end.

Fix you - It could mean so many things. Fixing your relationship, fixing your anxiety, fixing your problems and issues, fixing your depression, fixing you insecurities, or just fixing your life. This song can mean totally different things to everyone and maybe that's why everyone loves it so much cause everyone can imagine what the song means to them

2 There is a Light that Never Goes Out - The Smiths

What a joke list. Creep? Really? Radiohead are my all time favorite band and they've got FAR more depressing songs such as How to Disappear Completely, Last Flowers, or True Love Waits.

Anyway on to the Smiths. This song is definitely heartbreaking, but it's kind of uplifting in a depressingly beautiful way. Moz sounds like someone who has been through a lot of emotional trauma, and for him to announce his ideal death as being by this persons side is romantic in a sick and twisted way. By far my favorite song on this list, and one of my all time favorites for sure.

I can't explain what this song has meant to me ever since I got depressed. All the emotions are so familiar, but impossible to explain. Death can seem beautiful.

I'm glad to see the Smiths so high on this list. This song is indescribably beautiful in the gut-wrenching way that makes you want to live and die at the same time.

The message is definitely there, but the melody still feels uplifting to me. It's a different sort of sadness this song makes me feel.

3 Mad World - Michael Andrews

Ironically, it's depressing and disturbing in ways, but it always makes me very happy to hear it come on my playlist. One of my all-time favorite songs. I hope I'm not the only one who is comforted by listening to it. It doesn't awaken me to the problems of the world - I constantly see them everyday. What it does is relax me. Let me know that there's someone else who understands what I'm feeling. Tell me I'm not the only one.

I really feel a connection to this song. It's like the story of my life. Sometimes, I feel like no one can understand me. It's like I'm the only one in this world who is sane. I know kind of a condescending way of looking at life, but it's just how I feel, and this song illustrates my feeling perfectly.

This song IS very depressing. Gary Jules transformed it. The Tears For Fears version, well the upbeat tone almost mocked the dark lyrics. Gary Jules took it to where it should be, and a perfect choice for Donnie Darko. When I need a good cry, 5 seconds into this song gets me there.

It's a very depressing song and just the tone makes you feel very sad, and then there are the lyrics that make your soul feel like it's about to burn, explode, and turn into empty ashes. Just listen to it and you'll know what I'm talking about.

4 Creep - Radiohead

This song affects me so much whenever I listen to it. It's oddly satisfying and sad at the same time. There are not many words to describe the emotion shown, yet yorke combines it with words to make such an amazing song. I have a connection with it, and I can't help but cry when I think of my loved one.

This song is the most realtable song. If you love someone that you know doesn't love you, this is your song. It is extremely well put together and make me tear up every night when I listen to it, thinking of that person I've loved for 5 years and will never get because I know that she doesn't and never will love me.

Story of my Life! When I listen to this song, I just close my eyes and tears flow out surreptitiously without me realising it.. Can't ever stop loving you nor can I ever make you love me!

Possibly my favorite band but this song is really overrated. It may have a depressing message but they were able to project that idea much better in their next album, and the song "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"

5 Stan - Eminem

The first three verses are pure desperation. Stan is a person with serious problems snd depression. Having no one to talk to about his sorrows, he projects the relationship he would have to any person of reference (someone that's obviously missing in his life) on Eminem. He would understand him having had the same problems according to his songs. He thinks he found his soulmate ("We should be together too") in Slim Shady. When he doesn't reply it's as if he has no one in his life and his soulmate betrayed him. That not even him, who Stan gave all his love, would care about him. The suicide/homicide is a cry for help. It's also a fact that people who go on killing sprees are mostly those who never (could) talk about their massive problems. They are always the silent ones.

But what makes this song so sad is the fourth verse. Where Eminem writes back, giving Stan some serious advice, being honest but not disrespectful, trying to cheer him up and being optimistic about Stans ...more

This song is so depressing and had so much emotion in it. It's shows how when you're depressed you may rely too much on one thing or a certain someone and when they're not there, you can fall apart.

One of the most emotional songs, by the greatest rapper of all time! Deserves the #1 spot.

I was feeling kind of down the other day so I thought "how 'bout some Eminem to cheer you up? "

It didn't work

6 Everybody Hurts - R.E.M.

Michael Stipe's voice pierces like a dagger and the theme of the song really strikes a note with anyone feeling down. You come out of the song feeling like your day has been lifted a little bit.

Depressing? This isn't depressing. Its about how we all feel sad or we hurt sometimes. I think this is very uplifting, it's the song I would like to hear when I get home after a hard day.

I remember this growing up as it was one of my favorites even today through my various bouts of depression.

I'm already in immense physical pain. Just heard that song and its made me want to kill myself no word of a lie!

7 Down In a Hole - Alice In Chains

Not as high on the list because fewer people know about it. But it is an excellent tour through the mind of a man who is utterly hopeless but oh, so talented!

This song should be higher. Excellent and depressing and just grabs your heart strings.

So amazing. It really makes you feel like there's no hope.

8 Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance

This song is certainly depp and depressing, My Chemical Romance will forever be my favourite band. The emotion Gerard Way (Lead singer) manages to get across in every song is so impressive, both in lyrics and melodically, but I can't help but say that Cancer must be more depressing. The emotion behind every song, this one definitely makes me agree that it certainly deserves a spot, but I personally feel that Cancer is a more depressing song.

This song is really.. Emotion because the lyrics were kinda a little sad... My heart touched when the lyrics "Now,will it be matter if I'm gone? ". It was ringing in my head every time I heard the acoustic guitar at the first. And it's kinda really describing our life that, will everything be matter after we gone? And the person that we love all the time were just kinda the one who kinda left us behind. They just making us like we're a sad song and that's real sad. Also its amazing

Personally, Cancer is always a tear jerker. But Disenchanted still gets me. Gerard manages to put so much emotion into the lyrics. I always cry when I listen to this song. It's pure, raw emotion. Along with My Chemical Romance breaking up in 2013, My Chemical Romance songs almost always manage to make me cry or at least get upset.

Gerard Way (lead singer) wrote this song for Mikey Way (brother, bassist) after he temporarily left the band due to deal with his suicidal thoughts and bipolar disorder. God you have to wonder what it was like to write a song like this...

9 Hurt - Johnny Cash

This song is gut-wrenching for me. NIN's version is good, too, but Cash takes this song to another level. The rasp and evident pain and regret in his voice make this song an apology for all he'd done that hurt those he loved and cared for, and a wish at the end of an old legend's life to go back and do it differently now. Gorgeous and haunting, even if it's not his original material.

In this song you can hear the pain of Johnny Cash's mistakes, you can hear his every regret. He took this Nine Inch Nails song and made it a masterpiece of his own. This is one of the few songs in existence in which you can feel the pain carried with it.

I listen to a lot of hip-hop (trap included), my older brother introduced this song to me and I couldn't hold the tears back, it just related perfectly to how I feel, mad crazy, the music video was worse.

The original (by Nine Inch Nails) was sad but this was the better, and sadder, version. Cash's weathered voice was perfectly matched withe the piano and acoustic guitar.

10 Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin

Heard this one day and it described how I feel and I have been battling depression for years now and this song expresses me.

One of my favorite songs because it describes perfectly how I feel..

Amazing lyrics... Its one you can feel all of the emotion he is trying to put into words. P

It deserves more credit

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11 Hello - Evanescence

This is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. I love Evanescence but every time I hear this song it makes me want to cry. This song along with My Immortal. On top of that they are on the same album which makes the whole thing even sadder. Amy Lee sure knows how to make someone break down into tears with her music... Another reason to love Evanescence.

I love this song. But I do have to admit that it does make me cry every time I hear it. This was the song that was played at my twin brother's funeral. He loved Evanescence. I even bought him the fallen album but after he died my mother gave it back to me and said that he would have wanted me to have it...

'Playground school bell rings, again--
Rainclouds come to play, again--
Has no one told you she's not breathing, hello, I'm your mind, giving you someone to talk to, hello---
If I smile and don't, believe--
Soon I know I'll wake, from this dream--
Don't try to fix me I'm not broken, hello, I'm the lie--
Living for you so you can hide, don't cry...'

This is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard. It is based on how Amy Lee felt when her little sister died; she was at school when it happened. I feel that Evanescence is underrated.

12 Washer - Slint
13 Walking Away - Limp Bizkit
14 Fade to Black - Metallica

The lyrics are just so sad. It makes me to feel like everything is gone. When you listen the song you are able to just be somewhere else out of this world for a while. (Sorry for bad English. I'm from Finland)

The lyrics in this song are very depressing and dark and almost makes you suicidal but it also helps you get over sad things that happened to you. Amazing song.

Yesterday seems as though it never existed
Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye
A song in which almost all hope is lost in some parts of the songs the guitars actually cry, this song excellent to listen to when you have reached rock bottom, in conclusion this is song that fits if something has broken you and destroyed you

I had this as my most depression song of all time, but has anyone heard Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday? That should be #1 forever.

15 Suicide Note Pt I - Pantera

Pantera's Suicide Notes (Pt I and Pt II) are a powerful set of songs about suicide. This one is more serious and more depressed, the second one more angry and hateful. It depicts perfectly the feelings of desperation, these two moods a depressed person swings between.

"Would you look at me now? Can you tell I'm a man? With the scars on my wrist who'll prove I'll try again. Try to die again" I messed up on that a bit. But such a depressing song. And I relate to it. Part two isn't as good. Part 2 is much heavier, but I feel this one is more meaningful.

16 Captain Jack - Billy Joel
17 Yesterday - The Beatles

The song is eternal. Even the future generation hears this song could easily relate how sentimental and mesmerizing the life of 70's.

I cry every time I hear this song, but that's mainly because I have very precious memories associated with this song...

Of all these songs, this one is most depressing, distressing, and just plain old sad with a capital S!

The Beatles are iconic and this song goes to prove it.

18 Caroline, No - The Beach Boys
19 We are Not What We Say We Are - Versa
20 The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
21 Hollow - Pantera
22 Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

So beautiful. But my fave will always be Queen. But still, Pink Floyd's still in my top ten or five or so.

A soulful and screaming guitar line is combined with deep vocals creates a raspy yet quiet jam.

Not just the song, the story behind it,
the tale of syd barratt,
this song as so much power and meaning with in to simple verses.

And the award for best song lyrics goes to...

23 Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues

Dreary, dreadful song.

24 We Might as Well Be Strangers - Keane
25 How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead

The first time I head this song was at 3am. I bawled so hard that I nearly had a panic attack. To me this this is a picture of my sort of depression. It's not one of just sadness and pain, it's of denial and escape. Like you're fading away to nothingness, to cease to exist.

One of the most depressing pieces of music I've ever heard, or endured. When you can't take anything any more, there's a way further down. From depression, to reflectance; this is what this song means to me and many people.

This song is an absolutely, painfully heartfelt yearning to not be where you are. From a band with many powerfully emotive tracks, this one must be considered the most exceptionally brilliant of them all.

This along with Last Flowers and True Love Waits are depressing.

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