Top 10 Best Elton John Songs

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1 Tiny Dancer

This song continues to grow on me. This technically might be his best song even if it's not his most famous or defining song. The lyrics and the nostalgic music really work well. This song certainly deserves to be higher than 7th.

It wasn't just his meaningful lyrics it was his piano. If it wasn't for his piano in this song it wouldn't have been my number one song. It is a wonderful song.

One of my absolute favorites, the song is just so extremely well made and brings such joy to me, like chocolate for the ears!

I am so pleased to see that this is finally where it belongs. Now if only I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues was #2.

2 Rocket Man

Definite number 1. This is the twin brother of David Bowie's Space Oddity, and like Space Oddity it has an astonishing amount of emotion in it. Tune is way better than Your Song in my humble opinion.

I know it's gonna be a long long time before we see this song at number one... But I still hope some day it does.

Too many great Elton John songs to really pick a favourite, but I do really love this one.

And I think it's going to be a long long time. And I think it's going to be a long long time.

3 Your Song

How did this song get knocked down to # 3? It's a melody of beauty unparalleled by any other song Sir Elton John has written in his entire career. Mind you, Bennie and the Jets, Candle in the Wind, Can't You Feel the Love Tonight, Crocodile Rock, Don't Let the Sun Go Down, Goodbye Yellow Beick Road, Honky Cat, Rocket Man, Saturday Night's Alright, and Tiny Dancer are all excellent, but the way John plays his piano in Your Song soothes my ears like no other song of his, like no other song period. This is not just Elton John's best song; it's the most beautiful love song of all time!

This song defines elton john. It's one of the best songs ever made in my opinion, very inspiring, and beautiful. The meaning of the song makes you appreciate life.Your song goes way beyond this list, along with Rocket Man, goodbye yellow brick road, and tiny dancer. This song is the reason I play piano. His 70's albums were a masterpiece if you ask me. Sure there are many other hits, but to be honest this song hits differently than the others, in a sweet way

This is by far the best Elton John song. It was his breakthrough song, for a reason. The lyrics are so moving and the rhythm and key are too beautiful to ignore. It has to be first spot, you're crazy if you don't like it. It's a masterpiece.

I like many Elton John songs, but if I were to pick my favorite, I'd have to go with "Your Song." The lyrics are simple, but sweet and caring. The lyrics come straight from the heart!

4 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I was 16 when I first heard this. Today, as it did decades ago, this song continue to nudge its way into the depths of my soul. What I thought, at 16, were vague connections to pursuing one's dream and 'the yellow brick road' hold a broader and more profound meaning today. The passage of time only adds to and re-inforces its allure and relevance. Thank you Elton. Thank you Bernie, for the magic you bring to us all.

Love how the song opens, closes, and everything in between. Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer, and Daniel resonate within me, but Good Bye Yellow Brick Road owns a sector of my musical memory. I play it on repeat over and over. A true musical masterpiece!

Sure "Rocket Man", "Tiny Dancer", "Daniel", and "Crocodile Rock" will resonate within you. But, they will not own a musical sector within your brain like "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". This is a musical masterpiece! Cloud commercials anyone?

I do not know why, but when I hear this song it makes me feel as if I am at peace, or something like that. Like there is nothing left to look for its nice to have that feeling for the first time in along time.

5 Bennie and the Jets

This is the most amazing classic rock song. I got hooked from the muppet show. then I would find myself in piano bars asking them to play/sing this song.

My favourite Elton John song of all time. Timeless and absolutely legendary. No wonder the Lakers used it for so many years.

This song has a feel to it that no other rock/jazz rock whatever else you want to call it has. No song makes me want to get up at a kareoke bar quite like this one

When I first heard him play this song at muppet show with Gaga I was blown away! Such a masterpiece!

6 Candle in the Wind

I cried when he first sang this on the People's Princess' funeral and till this day, there hasn't been a time when I heard this song and didn't cry.

Definitely his best song.. So much emotion in his voice. Made me cry. Hats off elton!

Number one for fourteen weeks and best selling song of all time should be in the top 20!

The lyrics, the piano, the vocal, everything seems so perfect in this song.

7 Crocodile Rock

This is the most up beat and fun song I have ever heard! It's so much fun to sing along to! This song should be number 1.

This song should be first. Bennie and the Jets isn't exactly one of my favourites, and Your Song is good but kind of overrated.

Everyone has this wrong! Crocodile Rock is number 1!

Perfect party dance song. Makes me happy

8 Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)

The hardest Elton song. He should have written more like this.

One of the greatest Rock tracks ever.


Perhaps the most "ass-kicking" stanza ever put to music:

"A couple of the sounds that I really like,
Are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike.
I'm a juvenile product of the working class,
Whose best friend floats in the bottom of a glass..."

Brilliant... Sounds like it belongs more on a song by The Who though�"; and that song absolutely should be on "Meaty, Beefy, Big and Bouncy"😎

I personally find it kinda overrated.

9 I'm Still Standing

This song is one of the top hits in the movie 'Sing', as Johney sang it. It has a good lyrics that make you sing along. And the movie has a good purpose.'' I'm Still Standing'' shows kids that working hard and persisting helps, and you should always be ''standing.'' Therefore, I have to honestly say, this song is truly, and always, amazing, and should be top.

Uplifting, can't help but feel good listening to this song.

Yes this is a very good song, probably my favorite by him.

This song is lit. Not the best, but deserves 4th or 3rd.

10 Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Beautiful love song which speaks of the deeper connections that truly bind people together. I have sung it to my adopted daughter many times. I love you Annie!

AWESOME it is the best song ever to exist by Elton John and deserves to be number one. Lyrically it is genius and has a great rhythm and feel to it.

I grew up watching The Lion King and The Road to El Dorado and that's how I became a fan of Elton John. This song deserves better.

The lion king version is good, but not great. The version where john Elton sings is amazing. His voice is so meliduous and the song is so Damn soothing.

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11 Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding

This is by far the best song he ever wrote (musically) and possibly the best lyrics Bernie Taupin ever wrote. However, this is one of those songs that would convey same emotion without lyrics. Simply put, in my humble opinion, one of the ten to fifteen greatest songs ever written, and Elton's best song.

The intro is absolutely epic and perfectly describes the pain of losing a loved one. Love Lies Bleeding is catchy and awesome. This song is number one in my book.

From back in the days when Elton produced a couple of albums every year - and still managed to pack them with variety and imagination. This proggy number is my favourite.

Hard-rocking passionate composition is why this is his best song, one can appreciate his musicality with this tune.

12 I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues

One of the most brilliant love songs ever - its tune simply takes my breath away, and the lyrics are very touching - Elton's performance in it is the core as it combines the brilliance of the tune and the lyrics with perfect emotion. Its even more brilliant in Elton's live performances.

Damn good song. Listened to it ever since I was little, surprisingly enough it's a song my dad would always play real loud. The piano... The lyrics... It just comes together very nicely. Deffinetely should be higher up on this list; one of my all time faves

How is this so low? Granted, I've yet to listen to a lot of the other ones (that's what I'm doing next lol) but I hear this one on the radio all the time, and having this song stuck in my head is the entire reason I looked up this whole thing.

Great, and really underrated, Elton song. Stevie Wonder plays some great harmonica in it.

13 Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Yes! And I prefer Elton John singing this song on his own rather than with George Michael.

How is this song not even on the list? I'm confused. This song is amazing!

This one and Philadelphia Freedom should be top 5 songs.

My favorite, it should be on first place.

14 Daniel

This song just makes me feel the best emotions and the lyrics and instrumentals and everything about this song just moves me in the best way. definitely #1 for me

Such a unique song. Uses electric piano like no other. There are so many great Elton songs to choose from, but I would put this in the top five for sure.

Everyone, please listen this song!
It has great meanings and the melody is awesome just like you were sent into the blue heaven of music. :)
I was surprised to see in this position.

I can't trust people's tastes when I see this song this far down.

15 Don't Go Breaking My Heart

With the great duet with Elton John and Kiki Dee, I had love this song!

Went to #1 in the US.

16 Levon

This song is so utterly powerful. I listen to it and it just knocks my breath away. This song makes you forget everything around you for a moment and just sink into the lyrics. So beautiful and meaningful, but horribly underrated. Listen to this song and let it engulf you!

Please, this song is behind a bunch of other tracks that are high-rated because they're "fun to listen to". Seriously? Why does everyone just go for the fun party tunes and not the genuinely high-quality, meaningful music? This song deserves better.

I absolutely love this song. The best part is the verse leading directly to the chorus; I just get so involved every time I hear it. Sure, Your Song deserves to be #1, but this should be in the top ten.

My intro to Elton John. The voice, strings, piano combination transcended anything I had ever heard.

17 Circle of Life

Powerful, solid, magnificent, amazing and most of all one of the most meanigful songs I've ever listened to. Its an anthem and it's the best song by Elton John.

Good to see both Lion King songs are in the top 10.

I love those songs. Makes me want to watch the movies again.

This song is a life lesson in itself...

18 Philadelphia Freedom

Tiny Dancer is my favorite song but I was blown away to see this song at 20. Philadelphia Freedom should be in the top 5 easily.

This is Elton John's best song, and my all time favorite song!

Marvellous orchestral arrangement. Just a superb song, I could listen to it all day

Great Song altogether, especially live!

19 Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Wow. This is amazing. It's my third favorite song. My favorite is Kashmir by Led Zeppelin and second is A Day in the Life. I especially love the ending of this song.

Someone saved
Someone saved
Someone saved my life tonight.

This should be Number One!

Elton has had decades of brilliant songs but this one still stands out to me as his most deeply heartfelt ever. The music, the lyrics, and Elton's vocal all make it his greatest song ever - and that's saying a lot!

Actually it is a shame that this Songs not even appears on the "Best Songs of All Times" list. Great piano and bass guitar (especially on Live Versions) and keyboards/organs.

Simply a stunning piece of music, it really shows how amazing songwriter Elton is!

20 Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

The best song for making up with someone you love or care about. It really is the
Hardest word to say. I'm sorry. Thank you Elton John.

Haunting melody, just his best effort ever...

How could it be not #1?

21 Sad Songs (Say So Much)
22 Amoreena

Top 10 Elton song ever. Theme to Dog Day Afternoon.

23 Sacrifice

This emotional and touching song deserves to be #1 because we can all relate to this song, and I think we all have felt this way sometime in our lives.

Seriously? I'm shocked, this song deserves 1st place. This song has melodies that can not be ignored and that vibe.

I'm hurt to see this song not even in top 10. This song deserves better position.

No question his best song! Can't compare it to anything else.

24 Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters

The mandolin in this song is beautiful. The line " I thank The Lord there are people out there like you" makes me think of the good friends I have.

Most underrated Elton John song. Fantastic lyrics, great piano, what more could you ask for?

Definitely most underrated. Great combination of musics and lyrics. Beautiful song.

This is a really beautiful song. Thanks to whoever posted it.

25 Indian Sunset

The best song I've ever heard by Elton John. The lyrics are so powerful yet sad that it brings a tear to my eye

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