Best The Lonely Island Songs

What's your favorite song by the comedy trio that is known as the Lonely Island.
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1 I Just Had Sex

My favorite, played it to my girlfriend after we had sex and she started cracking up. We sang the whole chorus together at the end haha

This is just an overall amazing song! From the comedic lyrics, to the sweet melody. Should be #1 in my opinion!

Wait, WHAT? I'm on a boat managed to get higher than THIS masterpiece? What's the world coming to?!

Amazing song! I love the chorus, I love everything about it! It's very funny and entertaining!

2 I'm On a Boat

Such an amazing song. I voted for this song because for me its what defines The Lonely Island and it what got me into loving them! The Lonely Island for the win!

Listening the song makes me feel Brave... Lonely Island's got the beat homies..

The excessive use of swearing makes this funny, plus T-Pain is awesome.

The best lonely island song. No doubt.

3 Jack Sparrow

Davey Jones? Giant Squid?...
Roger that, let me try with a different film!
One of the funniest songs I ever heard from these guys! Now this is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow... (Coughs violently) Wow, I need to work on that voice...

Jack Sparrow is such a well produced, hilarious, and beautiful work of art that should ultimately be on top.

Great album cover and Michael Bolton kills the song.

By far the best TLI song! Watch it almost every day and know all the words.

4 Like a Boss

This is just awesome.. I mean it's the real lonely island style of laying down facts_ "Hit on deborah (like a boss), get rejected (like a boss), swallow sadness (like a boss )
Damn funny too!

Best song ever in my opinion I pretty much died on laughing on the day I first heard this. Like a Boss! Because joint

Even though the songs is just 1 minute, still made laugh my head off all the way through.

This song is just too daym hilarious. My cousin and I listened and watched the music video everyday during the holidays 'til our stomaches hurt. It's EPIC. Ya'll should watch it, it's totally awesome...

5 J*** In My Pants

Jizz in my pants. I think it is the best one of their songs because the lyrics are great and really fit in the song's tune, and it is just downright hilarious.

My favorite song. I have singing it since last one week.

Hilarious and classic

I've listened to this song so many times today alone and it's still hilarious

6 Threw It on the Ground

One of those songs that started out amusing, and got funnier and funnier until I couldn't stop laughing. The cake part was just the best.

I love this song. I could listen to it all day! Makes my life complete. I love this more than any of the other songs on this album. "My dads not a phone! "

Welcome to the real world jackass!

Man, I'm not gonna let you poison me!

7 Motherlover

Great song! I can listen to it for hours

8 D*** in a Box

Andy Samberg + Justin Timberlake = best comedy duo EVER! They need to team up again, soon!

9 Yolo

Dude this is the first song I ever heard by them and it's epic! I mean seriously what other songs can compare to a song about YOLO? YOLO say no no, isolate yourself and just roll solo. Be carfulo!

This should be second for sure. It is a great song and really fun to listen to laugh out loud.

The song was hilarious. Very catchy and gives very good advice :P it made me laugh

Yolo you only live once

10 Boombox

Such a catchy tune, and it's actually quite good to hear, got addicted to it... delicious boiled goose!

This song is genius! Plus the beat is hype.

I saw a Spanish guy doing the Bartman!

A boombox is not a toy!

The Contenders
11 3-Way

Back in that ass

12 Spring Break Anthem

This song is so epic

13 Turtleneck and Chain

This song has no point but hilarious

"It dissolved when it rained" laugh out loud

14 Lazy Sunday
15 The Creep

So cool. An anthem to all the creep stalkers out there, and a true classic in our little creep stalker hearts.

Nicki Minaj is creepy.

Love this so much!

16 No Homo

This song is becoming more and more relevant and hilarious as the years progress. No homo!

17 Shy Ronnie 2 - Ronnie and Clyde
18 Shy Ronnie

Funniest song I have ever heard.

19 Great Day
20 We Like Sportz
21 Go Kindergarten

I loved this song! The music was very good with the vocals of Robyn!

22 Everything Is Awesome

Everything is awesome! Best song ever!

23 Natalie's Rap

Hilarious! I can't believe this isn't higher.

24 After Party
25 Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song)

This should be at least top 5! Great video, too!

This one is my fave

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