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1 Layla

The Best ever musical composition that exists. Clapton and Allman have created a riff that's so sweet to hear and is seriously 'music'. And piano coda by Jim Gordon is so classic and a real graceful exit to ever-graceful song. Last but not the least. Steve Ferrone gives the song deserved drums. This song's is the best ever I've heard. "Layla, you got me on my knees! "

Listen to both the original 1971 masterpiece (the full, 7-minute, two part masterpiece with Jim Gordon's piano coda), and then listen to the 1992 Unplugged version. Both absolutely the greatest ever. Hands down one of the most famous rock songs of all time, and for bloody great reason too.

I was 13 years old when I first heard Cream's "Layla" and other love songs. I swore then that if I ever had a daughter, that would be her name. She just turned 22 last month. Love you Layla!

This song got me on my knees. The solo actually sounds like someone's whistling. First I thought it was someone whooping but then I realized it's the guitar. Eric clapton rocks

2 Tears in Heaven

I admit Layla was iconic and legendary, but this is one of the most beautiful and most emotional songs of all tiem, and really makes you realize the healing power of music.

This is the best. A classic. An awesome song. If you die without listening this song then missed the 1 of best song of your life.

I don't know... every time I hear this song... Tears comes out automatically from my eyes... There is something special in this song... Words can't explain

This is one of my favourite songs... Its soft, slow and excellent guitar play and more importantly wonderful lyrics.

3 Wonderful Tonight

Most probably the best old classic song I ever heard. Even bruno mars copied this song concept with his just the way you are song

I always tell people I'm gonna get married while this song plays in the background. THE best love song ever.

Overplayed, definitely... But there's a reason you hear it everywhere... Amazing piece of music...

Has the most emotion, and is an improvement on his love song for layla. Simply great.

4 Cocaine

Awesome track... And undeniable superb solos!

Classic and beatiful son from eric clapton, good and professional concert facility for the artist in future, could be horsens musicart city in denmark.

5 Sunshine of Your Love

A wonderful song! How come this is not in top 10 or at least within 20. This song has an amazing solo! One of the best solos of Eric Clapton. With a amazing background music and the whole song is based on the solo! How come this is not in TOP 10...

How is this not in top 10?! This is one of the greatest riffs in history!

Some of Cream's best work, this should certainly be in top 10..

This song moves me. The BEST song he's ever recorded.

6 Bell Bottom Blues

Very underrated song from album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

Such a great song.

7 Forever Man

Just simply a great song, can't believe old love isn't on here! It's definitely my favourite clapton song of all time!

Needs to be MUCH higher. So does After Midnight (the 1988 version).

8 White Room

I don't know why I love this song so much but I do.

9 Crossroads

How is the song that elicited the phrase, "Clapton is God" not on the list? The "Live at Winterland" recording conveys some of the best riffs of his career.

This song wasn't even by Eric Clapton, he just sang the original.

10 I Shot the Sheriff

Timeless record, great cover originally written by Bob Marley.

Exceptional, The best cover I've ever heard next to : All along the watchtower with Jimi Hendrix

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11 Let It Rain

Best Clapton song of all time! He injects great riffs, effortlessly bends notes and makes the guitar sing as only he can do. I first heard this song in the early '70s and crank it up loud whenever I hear it playing today.

I believe Steven Stills played the bridge on this tune, however it is in my top five Clapton songs. Yes, turn it up loud!

12 I Feel Free
13 Bad Love

The song that made me buy a guitar and learn, the solo gives me chills to this day.

Yeh its good, the overplayed ones are fine songs but someof the other tracks most people haven't heard are far better!

14 Lay Down Sally

Great song lay down sally and layla are by far my favorite song by M. Clapton amazing

This song really rocks, great rhythm, great guitar solos.

15 Change the World

This is a Clapton song. Many others on here are by Cream, etc.

16 Little Wing

Sheryl crow is the man

17 Promises

There is so much expression of feelings in this song, Eric sings it and takes my blues away. I feel better when I hear this song every time.

WHAT? Why isn't this song in the top 10? Lay Down Sally should also be in top 10. Cocaine and Let It Rain are so overrated.

As ( awesome song)

18 After Midnight
19 No Alibis
20 Let It Grow

Always loved this song! Along with awesome to listen to, its almost intriguing! AAh. He is such an amazing musician, and truly brilliant person!

Awesome song, lots of soul. I can't help singing this every time that I hear it. Beautiful... Last time I heard this I cried

It's the beauty itself. Let it grow is definitely one of Clapton's masterpieces.

This is a masterpiece, the most unerrated song by Eric Clapton. The lyrics and then the guitar, it's perfect.

21 All Our Past Times
22 Tales of Brave Ulysses
23 Riding with the King
24 Old Love

George and Eric wrote this together, this friendship helped Eric stay alive I reckon. He didn't have family, and George was his best friend no matter what. They shared friendship, they shared a wife, they both broke up with their wife, they share their emotions and write this song about it. Simple

What guys? How isn't old love on the list? Clapton can't get any better than this. This song evokes so many emotions.. The best break up song!

25 Badge

Great bass part and terrific guitar work by both Clapton and George Harrison. The cream of Cream.

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