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1 Bring Me to Life

Wake me up
Wake me up inside
I can't get up
Wake me up inside
Save me
Call my name and save me from the dark
Wake me up
Bid my blood to run
Wake me up
Before I come undone
Save me
Save me from the nothing I've become
This one is amazing. It stands out from all other bands because of her beautiful voice and the amazing music along with the singing. This song is full of energy and should totally be at the top of this list. The lyrics is so beautiful and is one of the best I know. I don't really know that many of their songs but I know My Immortal, Lithium, Hello, Snow White Queen, and Your Star. This is totally the best out of all those song sand most songs in general.

This is the best song ever! I love all of their song and all of the words; but Bring Me To Life is the best one ever. My immortal is good to but not nearly as good as bring me to life. And you know that band We Are The Fallen well one of their songs is a total plagieisem of this song DO NOT lozenge to them they are traders to evanescence all of their members are old team mates of Amy Lee. Amy Lee is the best singer time!

To tell you the truth I didn't even know about evanescence until recently... One day I just heard this song and I was immediately drawn to it... Now this song is one of my favorite... Their songs are super awesome... No doubt... This song is one of their best.. I love this song! Amy lee has a really good voice... They rock... You guys are the best. I love you...

The first song I heard from Evanescence as a kid. I didn't understand English at the time, but I liked the song immediately and convinced my parents to get me the CD Anywhere but Home. Now, years later, I finally understood the meaning of this song and learned to like the whole CD again. Lee's voice is amazing.

2 My Immortal

This song makes me cry. It's a really good idea that thoughout the video, notice how she is never touching the ground. She's in a tree, on a car, roof and walking beside a fountain on a raised surface. Best idea. It gives reason and supports what the song is really about. My immortal, I think, is about how you find some one who makes you not touch the ground. Meaning they never put you down, because you're always there for them. There's just too much that time cannot erase, tell the truth.
There is way to much that time cannot undo, but that makes us who we are as a person. Those sort of things shape us, makes us stronger. This song is beautiful, peaceful, and makes you think about those closest to you. I have learnt the song on piano as well. I love it.

I know that the song "Bring Me to Life" is the most popular song of Evanescence and that that song was the one that introduced many to the band. It's true that Evanescence wouldn't become popular if it weren't there. However, I am giving my vote to this song. First of all, it's very nice and moving. It has a very nice melody, and it portrays the message of grief very well. It would be safe to say that this song is my favorite one after all.

Yes, I AM a fan of rock music and don't normally like peaceful music but this song is just awesome! The lyrics are sad yet the piano music is so relaxing! Evanescence can really put more than one emotion into her songs, excellent job! Rock on Evanescence

I'll never forget this wonderful song., This is the only song that made me cry. I can't stop thinking about it's lyrics. Can't stop listening the song in a single day. Whenever I listen the music, I feel pain.
It make me cry, everyday, every time, every single moment

So, Undoubtedly This is the best song by Amy Lee.
In a word, This song is the trademark of Evanescent.

3 Going Under

Just to echo everyone elses words, Bring Me To Life is their best, but "Going Under" has an awesome video, in which Amy is more beautiful than ever and an awesome guitar solo, plus Amy's voice is just as superb in this one as in Bring Me To Life and any of their others. It is definaetly my favourite.
Evanescence are great in all their songs. If you don't agree, that's great! The world would be a boring place if everyone liked the same thing. Evanescence forever!

Bring me to life is legendary but Going under will forever be my favourite. Those long notes just resonates in your ears. Her voice is so amazingly powerful yet so beautifully angelic. I just can't stop listening to this, its been years and still gives me chills like when I heard it the first time and that was 15 years ago by the way.

I can't deny the Bring Me to Life is their best creation but Going Under should be just next to it... Great music, song, composition, lyrics and above all it is the best music video by Evanescence ever, especially the underwater filming of Amy Lee, She is just fantastic...

Listen to the Enigma cover of Going Under on YouTube and you may understand my point of view better... This song introduced me to Evanescence, if it wasn't to Going Under I wouldn't have been an Evanescence's fan, not until way later at least... Whenever I'm mad (angry) I listen to it and I become a monster, like scarier than the Devil himself... I just LOVE Going Under... It's EvIl :o B)

4 Lithium

I love this song so much I think that it makes a difference in me every time I listen to it I thank her for making this song so much, it is such a soothing song for me when I mad or sad it just makes me feel better. Music is part of my life. A big part thanks for the amazing song!

For some reason this song always hooks me from the first moment I hear it. Her voice is so angelic and haunting at the same time in this song. LOVE even more than BRING ME TO LIFE!

There are a lot of songs more liked than Lithiu, Bring me to life, Everybody's fool, Tourniquet, Going under,
But what sets this song apart is the almost hypnotic effect this song has on you, something no other song can achieve.

Lithium is a great song. Really. I listen to it all the time and the vocals are great. The song gets to me. I Listen to it on repeat a lot. The lyrics are amazing and the piano part is beautiful. Amazing song. I love Amy Lee's voice

5 Everybody's Fool

I love this song, and the video is really good too. I like this song so much that I just had to do it for this year's talent show. I hope I do good. I am only in seventh grade, but who knows? Evanescence is one of my favorite artists. She is not only brilliant but is also beautiful. Quick shout out.. Your eyes are amazingly beautiful, I wish I had those color eyes, all I have is brown. anyway this song shows good tone and powerfulness in your voice, Plus I can use my guitar. You rock

Tells such a clever, entwining story with a beautifully matching video. They say things which actually match so many peoples' lives that it makes your every hair stand on end. It's so reassuring to know that people in the press share the exact same feeling as us listening to their songs which just proves how unique and down to earth this timeless band actually is.

It's a hard choice between this and Tourniquet, but I'd say this song is their best. It has an amazing message, and it's a reminder that lots of people who seem perfect are fake, something I think we all forget sometimes. This is an amazing song.

I don't know if this it's because I just found it or what, but this track is the best of Amy's songs in my opinion. I know a song's excellent when I start to tremble listening to it. Plus the way she modulates her pitch is just plain awesome.

6 My Heart is Broken

You can feel it, this is the most passionate song they've made. For me it sounds almost dreamlike. Bring me to life, My immortal, all those song are great but this defiantly shows all the best qualities of this band in one song. Chunky guitars, smashing drums, Amy's vocal range coupled with her amazing piano riffs. This is Evanescence's best song without question.

The only possible reason for this song not being in the Top 10 is because it hasn't been heard by enough people. This song is amazing, and once you hear it, you will want to hear it again and again. Amy Lee makes an amazing comeback with this song, its amazing vocals, and a chorus that will quite literally rock your socks off.

Amy Lee is a beautiful girl that is good at playing piano and singing and writing songs and designing dresses and relating with the audience and inspiring people to start a music career and... Whew! Where was I?
Oh yeah, amazing song, amazing singer.
Need I say more?

This should be in the top 10! Amazing Piano and Amy Lee sings it so beautifully! Just listen to it and you'll keep on listening' to it the whole day!

7 Call Me When You're Sober

It's with this this song that I fist discovered Evanescence and that I fell in love with them when I was a child. Every time I listen to this song I remember the awe I felt when I first listened to something that wasn't pop music and though that it was amazing.

I get chills when I listen to this song. Not only this song is Alternative Metal, but it's also Gothic Metal (or I should say that this song has Gothic Inspirations in it). It's just so beautiful and powerful!

There is just one word to describe this song and that word is AWESOME! I've been to 8 of their concerts and I even got to meet Amy Lee the lead vocalist and she was so nice! Also, I like this song because of the video. The part with the wolfs are awesome! Also, say another comment if u guys agree with me.

Like it a lot more than Bring me to live, or others that are higher in this list. Not played too often in radio what makes it more pleasant to listen.

8 My Last Breath

I LOVE all of these songs, and all the other Evanescence songs. I think that The Only One and Your Star should also be on here. I chose My Last Breath out of the ones on this list because it is so beautiful, and the strings in it are unbelievable. And of course Amy's vocals kick ass. She does in every song.

The SADDEST song I've ever listened to... I literally CRASH when I listen to My Last Breath... It just expresses how I feel everyday in this world... I keep holding my last breath but I still never let go of it... I'd REALLY LOVE to get a meaningful video of it... I guess that Evanescence didn't make an official video of My Last Breath just because the imagery of it takes a ler of secs but holds tooo much emotion in it that it may crash most Evanescence fans... Breaks my heart, always did and always will do :C 😭

My Last Breath is a fantastic song like all Evanescence songs. Sometimes when I hear to it it makes me cry. Amy Lee has a fantastic voice who supports up to a very big grade her songs. It can go to a better position.

Great song, guitars, drums, electronic effects is awesome. Sorry guys, honestly, this song is not sad and crying, really (except for Amy's voice, she's voice is sadness), okay?

I can comfortably listen the this song.

9 Hello

This is my favorite song you could tell Amy touch the most time and effort on this song and this makes me go through a rollercoaster of emotions! Its amazing...but sad. The song is sadly about Amy's 3 year old daughter Bonnie many years ago when she was 6 died of drowning, Rest in peace Bonnie. Anyways, this is one of the most underrated Evanescence songs but this song has some of the best lyrics I have ever heard! Definitely one of the best songs probably ever!

This is about Amy lees sister, while she was six, and in school, she got horrific news that her 3 year old sister died. While we weren't present at the time, this song definitely takes us there. With its sad vocals and high emotion meaning, this is believed to be the only song from the bands first album that hasn't ever been played live. But anyways. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.

Honestly most underrated, and looked over song on the album, but it is it's simple presentation, haunting lyrics, and literal projection of emotion she gives that makes it my top song of that album. I can listen to it over and over again, and feel different every time.

I'm beyond obsessed with this song right now, and it's not even my favorite from this band. They have so many amazing songs. I recommend this song, and listening to other ones besides Bring Me to Life. The meaning of this song will make you cry.

10 Imaginary

As someone who used to hide from the reality in my imaginary world when I was younger, this song is describing perfectly what I was going through. I was lucky enough to hear Evanescence playing this song live in a concert. One of the best memories of my life.

As a little girl, I used on hide in my imaginary world to get away from reality. Amy can really describe how does it feel to run away from reality in Imaginary's lyrics and also smh in the music, so this song is relatable for me. This song needs to be at least in the top 5.

This song is just gorgeous. I actually just recently started listening to Evanescence's other stuff besides their big hits and this was the song that officially got me hooked. The lyrics are some of my favorites they've ever written and the composition is breathtaking. Definitely needs to be in the top 5.

The most underrated evanescence song in my opinion. I can't go a day without listening to it! It's so beautiful and relatable...
Finding sanctuary in your own beautiful perfect imaginary world because you have a hard time handling such a cruel and harsh reality...
Why isn't this # 1 on the list? And not even on the top 10? come on guys! >.<

The Contenders
11 Tourniquet

Wow, just... Wow. There's hardly a handful of songs I've listened to in my life, that actually made me cry, and this one really deserves to be at least among the top 5 songs. I'll be honest, I'm not really sure I like it better than Bring me to Life or Going Under (first song always wins...), but damn, this is great, in a dark and disturbing and depression-inducing kind of way.
Well, there are songs which are so depressing that they make you want to die. But this is the only one I know that's sad enough to remind you that death solves nothing. Give this song the love it deserves!

This is the best song ever I can't believe that this is so low I think it deserves to be number 1. I love how it is so evil and high projected. This definitely the best evanescence song and it should be number 1. I couldn't get it out of my head for two weeks and it really is an amazing song. I am begging here... Please take this comment into consideration and make it number 1. PLEASE tourniquet for the win

Yes now it's nine now make it number one already. This is seriously the best eanescence song and it should have a crown on its head. Torniquet has so many wonderful features and the guitar riffs are amazing. I love the lyrics too and they are so mysterious and emotive an I love the way how Amy lee projects her voice this is define a song worth voting for. Please make this song number one it is definitely the best evanescence song of all time and the lead single of fallen it really deserves to be number one I am begging here please take my comment into consideration and boost torniquet to number one. Evanescence you are the best and torniquet is what made you what you are today. TORNIQUET for the win

I first listen to this song after reading Tillie Cole's Heart Recaptured (Hangman Series). It has now been of repeat for 3 days straight. My Last Breath was my favourite Evanescence song until this one. Such a powerful song, Amy Lee may just be the best female singer in history.

12 Haunted

This is so much better than going under. Top 3 should be haunted My immortal Bring me to life or whisper. Amy Lee has such a haunting voice and this song is abasing the only song of hers I don't like is call me when your sober it's to sop for my taste but love her love Evanescence this band is better than god. I worship em

I agree with some of the top ten ( bring me to life, going under, sweet sacrifice, heart is broken, sober) but it haunted deserves to be at least like 6th, it's so chilling and dark.

How can this be out of the top 5 at the very least?!? I don't know something that gets my spine shivering more this song! Dark, spooky, AMAZING.

This song is my all time favorite Ev song, purely because of the artistic genius that was used to write it1 Amy Lee is a fantastic songwriter who can capture any emotion.

13 Snow White Queen

Amazing song! Why isn't it any higher on this list? The music and lyrics by themselves are amazing, yet together they are horrifically exquisite!

One of the best Evanescence songs and from what I heard she did not write it a stalker wrote it to her.

This song is my favourite. Quiet, then loud with the guitars. Its creepy, but powerful

My snow white queen!

14 What You Want

This song is my favourite Evanescence song! It has a very aggressive and vengeful theme which can really evoke emotions in the listener! It has one of the most powerful lyrics in all of Evanescence's songs 'Hello, hello, it's only me, infecting everything you love. '

This song is real industrial metal, with lots of dimension in the vocals and guitar; should be among the top five. Try to listen to it just once and you can't, you will want to play it over and over again.

This is my favourite evanescence song! The beats, guitar and chorus is amazing. Its different from her other songs. Deserves to be among the top 5!

It's so different from most of Evanescence's songs, which is also great in my opinion. It's pretty uptempo and catchy, and I love Thebes message it gives!

15 Whisper

Can't believe this is so low down! How the hell she can sing like that is beyond me. Every single part is immaculately written, sung and played. It just reaches into your soul and grabs it y'know? 'Catch me as I fall, say you're here and it's all over now'.
'Immobilized by my fear, and soon to be.. Blinded by tears

This song is actually really interesting. Granted, you sometimes can't understand what Amy Lee is saying, but I get it for the most part. Also, I'm a HUGE fan of the Latin at the end! By the way, servatis a periculum means save us from danger and servatis a maleficum means save us from evil

It's in my top three! I like Tourniquet and Everybody's Fool a little more but seriously... this song is awesome! Pretty much any song from Fallen was amazing.

This song is awesome it should be in the top ten! Vote for Whisper! #19?! Oh pa-LEASE! This is stupid. I need a lawyer!

16 Like You

I long to be like you,
Lie cold in the ground like you
There's room inside for two,
And I'm not grieving for you.
And, as we lay in silent bliss,
I know you remember me.

.. This should be in the top 5... Amy is at her best in this song.. You can feel it in her voice... The pain of loss is so beautifully echoed in every line... I can go on listening to it

It's amazing.. Amy wrote this for her sister who die when she was 6years old.. Her sound amazing and touch my heart

Amazing song. Amy's voice is so hauntingly beautiful in this song. Should be on the top 5 for sure

17 Lost in Paradise

This is a fairly new song I suppose, so people haven't heard of it. But this is my fave evanescence song! Its beautiful, but you can rock out to it too. It relates to my life so much it's kinda scary, and I cry every time I listen to it. Truly amazing and perfect. A million tons of feeling in it too I LOOVEE IT!

I love all the song in the list.. I usually really like the song when I can conect to it or when it's up beat or something like that... I rwally love that part "Run away! Run away! One day we won't feel this pain anymore..." and " As much as I'd like the past not to exist it still does" and "As much as I'd like to feel like I belong here..." she sang that part well and those are the ones that make me cry... Even though I usually cry as soon as I hear it since it describes my life very well...

Fallen Angels ♡♥

Such an amazing song! The first time I heard this song, I knew it was the best one off the new album, hands down. I love how the tempo changes from slow to faster and more hard core rock! This song deserves to be higher up there!

This song is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard... This and the secret door. Should be so much higher in the list not the mainstream songs from them cause this band has so many great hidden Jewels that not everyone knows.

18 Sweet Sacrifice

This song is so much better than Bring Me to Life. The guitars, the haunting vocals, and everything else about this song is better than Bring Me to Life. Every time I ask someone what their favorite Evanescence song is, they always say it's Bring Me to Life. I'm the only person I know who's favorite Evanescence song is Sweet Sacrifice. I really wish more people would like this song as much as I do.

My absolute favorite Evanescence song. This was tge first song I heard by them and instantly loved them. With this song on the list along with Lithium, how did Bring Me to Life get #1?! Unreal.

Such an amazing song, what Brick By Boring Brick is to Paramore, Sweet Sacrifice is to Evanescence. Lovely lyrics, always meaningful, full of energy. The most played ev song on my ipod!

Most aggressive Evanescence song my opinion with Going Under. Because this song is very very angry and sarcastic.

19 Good Enough

I don't think I'm good enough to listen to this masterpiece. Everything about this song is just perfect, from Amy Lee's voice to the beautiful piano intro.

So relaxing song, sorry but this is better than My Immortal, because My Immortal is very weeping and sad song. But this is very relaxing
Good Enough is makes me smile and peaceful but My Immortal is heart wrenching and touching.

I like Amy's voice in this song. It's so angelic! Beside, it's a really nice mix between the hardrock and the soft music. I like also the piano sheet that have been used in the 1st minute. Also the song rhythm it's so amaizing. This got to be the best song by Evaescence no doubt.

I love this song. Amy's voice is so beautiful and it's literally like listening to an angel. The piano part is amazing and song is just plain beautiful.

20 Lacrymosa

This song is too gothic... This is the inspiration I've got in which I'm trying to wrote a vampire novel entitled moonlight chronicles each time I wrote chapters I try to listen to this song...

BEST song ever by Evanescence! The choir is so haunting and the old lyrics give it an even older feel but with the mix of modern words and lyrics makes an awesome combination!

A superb and Haunting song...
The Chorus is just Wonderful...
The Haunting CHorale just Underlines the Beauty of the Song..
Deserves a top 5 spot for sure!

This should be in the top 5! I agree with this! I mean it is one of my top favorites! I think it should be number 1 in my opinion!

21 Erase This

This song is great and it really demonstrates the range of things that evanescence can do. This came straight from Amy's heart and you can tell as she sings with such passion.

This song should be number 1, people don't know to much about this song because it's not in the radio, but if people looked for it, they will all love this song as much as I do!

Erase This is my favorite song, this song must be single, is amazing, I love all of this song!

Such an underrated song

22 Your Star

I love this song. It has so much meaning to it. It is also very unique. Both with tune and lyrics. I am obsessed with it. It is amazing and meaningful. Amy Lee's voice is like an angel.

Lyrically, this is Evanescence's finest piece of work in my humble opinion. I just love the message behind the song and how Amy interpreted in her own way.

Me and all I stood for, we're wandering now...
It's the way the life is. The song is my mantra:
"can't break the silence, it's breaking me."
"all my fears turn to rage! "

Great song and compared to other saddest songs (My Immortal, Hello, Lost in Paradise),
This song is make you HAPPY!
So relaxing and go to sleep. :D
Love this song. Amy Lee or "The Angel Amy" is the best.

23 Together Again
24 New Way to Bleed

This is one of my favourite Evanescence songs and I hope it can go easily to top 10 if you vote it. It is surely better than some other songs who have better position

One of my Favourites and should be in the top 10. The intro to this song is amazing

25 Missing

That feeling of loneliness, it keeps making you want to push yourself farther away. The feeling makes you colder even in clear sunlight. Creating a void of emptiness, with regretful emotion. The feeling of losing oneself, it positions you in the side opposite of your identity, creating misunderstanding and creating a false reasoning that you are the bad guy. This is the story of this person referring to their other self, trying to reason. This is the meaning behind the song. Slow but evident-as-sky self-destruction.

Atmospheric, enchanting, and puts you in altered world in your life. Symbolic, containing multiple viewpoints and meaning. It's you thinking about the fact you're losing your loved one (s), friend (s), etc. figuratively and/or literally. You also refer to yourself here. There are more meanings but these are the greatest visible. On top of that, the song stamps "lonely" onto all temporary emotions, sucks you into your own worst nightmare of self-blame, and further induces a haunting notion that it is impossible to decipher whether you are truly in the wrong or in the right. Eerie violin deepens that root of quiet fear sprouting somewhere within you until the end of the song.

I can't believe everyone put this song in number 21. I believe this song should have higher vote. Please, try to listen to it, and you will unconciously click the vote button, after reading this comment. It's amazing and you will not regret it.

This song should be in the 10! What is it doing down here?! In my opinion it's one of their best. It's so beautiful and has so much meaning to it. I absolutely love it! All of evanescence's songs are amazing.

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