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1 Girls' Generation Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, was formed in South Korea, in 2007. The current members are Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun. Jessica left in 2014. They are known as the second best selling girl group of all time, Korea’s National Girl Group, and one of more.

Best group ever! Their songs are very catchy and they are the #1 k-pop girl group known worldwide. Their were professionally trained in dancing, singing, acting, and modeling. This group is AWESOME! SONES!

Not only do they have good songs, they've got good moves, good and catchy choreography like Gee that everyone who's into kpop would know about. The members are also down to earth, have great sense of humor and are great role models. All members are multi-talented. Some can't sing as well as others but they can sing better than an average person and they've got other areas they're good at to make up for that, for example, acting and variety show skills. They're all really pretty. I think some of them did get plastic surgery but they were pretty even before that, plastic surgery only enhanced some of their features but it didn't really make that much of a difference to me.

They are 9 individuals that are like a big family no matter how different they may be. All nine have their own talents but when they work together they make SNSD blow any other girl groups away. They are not only respectful to their fans but also appreciate all staff for their hard work. They are most known for their synchronization which is so amazing to see in their performances and how swift they make it look. I not only love many of their songs, I also absolutely love it when they sing in English. It makes one realize that they are not just a typical girl group and are even better than some of the artists we have in America today.

It's not just the pretty faces, the long slim legs, the hit songs they have produced, the profits they have generated, the number of views their videos had, the trophies they've won, the legacy they've created, the length of their trainee life. It's the hard word, their sweat and tears. The efforts and time each of them sacrificed. The close bond they have for one another and most importantly, the hearts they captured on and off stage was what sets them apart from the others, they way they are, their uniqueness, personality and character. The one and only generation they've formed. SNSD for the win!

2 T-ara

T-ara is the best for me because all their comebacks became a hit in Korea and so to other countries. All of their songs are catchy and worth listening. I love them more because they are true to the the camera they don't hide their feelings and let out a fake one. They care to their fans so much that they endure all the stress just to perform for them. Even my bias Jiyeon said, " I don't want my own success, I just want to let people know that t-arA is stll alive."

So even with all the criticism I will still love T-ara

Forever Queen!

They are the Best!
If only that bully issue did not came up. That is the most horrible thing happen to them but good thing they overcome that! Because only less people or group can rise over a scandal. I admire them for that! They have the great music and their song are catchy and enjoyable and it last a long time not like other group song that you eventually get tired off. I wish them all the best for their career and I hope they last long and produce a great song

I felt badly sad when see my six girl cry and suffer a lot of pain. I just want to say a thousand times that you are the most beautiful angel that have ever been appeared in my short life that anyone hurting you don't deserve with your tears so just smile despite everything around you. T-ara is simple the best Kpop group to me. Give me love, inspiration, and finally how to be strong. Good girls deserve far better life

They're really good. Because they have a huge variety of song types compare to other girl group. They don't just stick to one style. VARIETY is what they're looking for! And they always manage to catch people's attention. T-ara represent the impossible! That's why they should be up on the top! Disregard ther hwayoung incident.. They're just the BEST! I love T-ARA! T-ARA is also the hottest korean girl group in japan right now and they're still growing!

3 Kara

They are very friendly and very pretty, they gave very good fan services too. Their dance moves are very cheesy & hot as well! KARA worked very hard to improve themselves and the girls proved it by dominating Japan charts not long after their Japan debut! And they even came out with their own perfume!

Although they were rushing for time, but they still greet & finished their performance without mistake! I believe that KARA will be more successful when time goes on!

Kamilias love KARA simply because of their history, their personalities, their songs and the lyrics. Also, they ALWAYS til this day, mentioned Kamilias remembering the day they started to win. We had struggles, but we finally made it as the legend of Kara began. Kamilias don't need to be recognized, but we wish for our Kara to be known. We care about their Happiness&Health overall rather than their music. Our girls and us Kamilias are One. We stand by them regardless of what they do. We support and love them always.

I like KARA because although they portray a professional image onstage, they are very approachable to their fans offstage. Hence, as a fan, you could easily interact with them as if they were your friends. I also like how they show their personal side to us, knowing that we could trust them and would always be supportive in whatever they do.

KARA, they dominate the world, they conquer the industry, they kill the charts, they stole my heart... Why? They have everything... The voice, the look, the figure, the kindness, the friendliness, the passion, the song. What can be better than them? At least that's what I feel about these flawless, gorgeous girls, my ultimate bias

4 f(x)

F(x) is unlike any other girl group. They always try new concepts and experiment with their sound. They're all so pretty just as they are talented. They are known as concept and aesthetic queens because of their ability to rock any concept that gets thrown their way and their aesthetically pleasing songs and music videos. Unlike other groups, you can tell they all love each other, and their fandom loves them just as much. F(x) will be a girl group to remember and their loyal fans will wait until the end of time if it means they'll have a comeback.

F(X) no matter what is trending at the moment, they always have got their own style. They are special in every way: their music, their styles, their personalities, their individual talents. They are just the best. I love the way they are and I hope they can be themselves forever as 5. Their music is also the best. Is unique, not like all other band's. Please, come back soon with new album, I can't wait till I hear new songs

Their music is really catchy, the rhythm, the voices, their dance Is just fit perfectly. Among the other groups I think they are really visual, all of the members. Each member is unique. And I love their interaction, just simply fun. Just hope that they can be just who they really are just like they used to even the pressure getting bigger. hope for your comeback as f (5), concert, and reality show. thanks once again for your music.

Fx is not the ordinary kpop girl group. They can adapt easily to any situation, like that time when they performed mirror mirror and the boys. This multiculture culture group gave a thank you speech in the three different languages when winning awards. They are not like other Bambi eye girl groups. Amber liu has a tomboy style which makes even better looking then some males, but also has a feminine side. Amber makes the group unique and different. Victoria is super flexible, even though there is a large age gap, they still get along very well. Luna is an amazing dancer and singer. Sulli and krystal are both great actresses and are very beautiful. Even without all the promotions that a band should get and concert, they still top kpop charts. Some people are famous because they have people behind them exploiting them, but some are just meant to be famous without any help. F (x) is underrated by SM, but they still are well maintained and in the publics eye. Fx is the best!

5 2NE1 2NE1 was a South Korean girl group consisting of Bom, Dara, CL, and formerly Minzy. The group was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009.

Stay the baddest female cl! Stay a awesome dancer minzy ( you and cl are coolest rappers ever)! Stay beautiful dara (you also have a ton of potential when it comes to singing same with the others too! Stay adorable bom, and teach those other kpop bands how to sing and show them 2ne1's potential/talent! Don't worry 2ne1 you guys probably have a way... Bigger overseas fanbase than those other bands, so just hang in there and you'll be number 1 in no time at all!

2ne1 is innovative and charismatic. They continue to stay one step ahead of the other girl's groups by evolving their style and improving their talents. For example Minzy was an outstanding dancer and a decent rapper when the group debuted, now she has not only improved those skills, but she has become (in my opinion) second only to Bom as a singer. CL was probably the best female rapper in Korea when they debuted; now I would rank her among the best in the world. Bom is easily one of the top vocalists in Korea. And Dara with her sweet vocals and amazing personality round out a perfect team.

2ne1 have the total package of being a performer... They can connect to there fans when they do live performances and the audiences never fed up when they perform... Each of the member have different characteristic that all people love them.. They are an icon about fashion, the song they have are quiet all amazing that even you've heard it many times you well enjoy to listen them always.. And most of all they love the music and there fans.. That'say they are famous not in Korea but in the whole world... That is 2NE1 for me!

They have their own charms and individuality that's why they are fun to watch! And their fashion are eye catching.. Their songs are truly not the same as other k-pop artists (no offense).. Like what they said, they will always invent and try new things.. The bond that they have for each other is not like just "acting" just to show people how really close they are to each other.

6 miss A Miss A, stylized as miss A, is a South Korean-Chinese girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. Their group name stands for Miss Asia and the highest rank, A.The group consists of three members: Fei, Min, and Suzy.

Miss A is absolutely amazing. Not only can they put 100% into their dances, they almost always sing live no matter what the occasion is. They may not all be vocalists, but everyone must commend them on their ability to give 100% in both singing and dancing at the same time.
Additionally, their transition into the Chinese market also just shows how amazingly versatile they are.
They are not only singers and dancers, they are models, entertainers, and fabulous girls that show everyone their ability in various markets.

For me Miss A is the best its not just about beauty its about how they dance and inspire people. So whatever beauty they have as long as their heart is to serve and they have a strong mind to show to people then they can be the 1st Girl Band K Pop Idol! I'll vote for Miss A because of their strength showing! Their improvements was making me proud and their voice awesome!

MIN-has a pretty face, with a sweet-husky voice, a talented dancer and a talented actress
SUZY-has a pretty face with a sweet voice, she also a talented actress like Min..
Jia-also has a pretty face, a rapper voice
FEI-like the other, she also a pretty girl with a sweet voice!

Min can really dance. Fei can really sing. Jia can really rap. Suzy's great at other media as well - always handy in the Korean industry. All in all a talented bunch, and they have some really catchy hooks in their songs.

7 Girl's Day

Have really developed and become more and more popular over the years, especially after their big releases of Female President, Expectation and the chart topper Something. All of them have wonderful voices, talent and are down to earth, they'll only become bigger!

Girl's day is so underrated. I like them more than hello venus, spica, secret, sistar, a pink, brown eyed girls.

They should be more popular.

Very pretty girls! Their new song DARLING is very good. Sweet voices and attractive bodies and pretty faces... Love them so much!

It's must be something!
Something that make you love them!
What ever your Expectation is from a K-pop girls group,
You will find from them!
One day you call them Darling,
Then Don't Forget Me who introduce the girls to you!

8 After School After School, stylized as AFTERSCHOOL in Japan, is a South Korean girl group formed by Pledis Entertainment with an admissions and graduation concept.

These girls are talented and not a lot of people see it because they aren't in your face with their promotions. A lot of over-rated groups (I won't mention any) appear on lots and lots of variety shows and get exposure and that's how they get fans, but this causes people to overlook other groups that have just as much talent, if not more. People need to look into AS's 'Because of You' and their songs 'Bang, ' 'Shampoo' and most recently 'Flashback. ' All these girls are amazing and versatile and deserve more love.

I've watched all these groups on YouTube and finally got to AS. Pretty much all of their songs + dances are winners. They present true 20ish age sexiness (except when in the sub groups Blue + OC). They interact well with each other + with affection. They take on New challenges with cane, tap, drum + pole dances. They all seem very real and caring to fans. Very good concert performances. Being a US citizen, I think that AS would be the most successful here!

I am from North East India... And I love to listen your tracks.. Loved your track "In the Night Sky", specially the video being executed are awesome... Looking forward to more videos from the band... Keep up the good work... I would like to request the girl band to kindly visit North East India, as many are here who loves the K-POP genre.

They are underrated yet they are a phenomenal group. These girls work so hard to get what they want and I know they are very grateful for being able to reach where they are today. I hope they keep working hard so they will be able to come out on top. I love you girls!

9 Sistar

SISTAR is the best girl group I have ever knowned. Even though they have disbanded already, they will be still remembered as the first ever K-pop group to make it to the #1 of Billboard K 100 Songs.. the only girl group who manage to be the best selling group in the year of their debut, even beating the fandoms of know K-pop groups already.

Sistar is really the best gb! Their bodies, their voices, their movement, they are really unbelievable! Hyorin with her powerful vocals and the sexiest, Bora with her raps and adorable face, Soyou with her soft vocals and wow her sex appeal! Dasom with her cute face! Ah all of them so AMAZING!

One of the biggest rising stars in kpop with each of their songs from their debut up until now, it has fared well on the charts.
They are one of the most humble and respected groups with 4 members: Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom. They have talent and their performances are energetic and never fail to impress.

Sister! You have good talent and sexy women among others.
Hyorin is the best singer. Bora is so sexy. Soyu have nice voice and Dasom is so lovely. You are the best group. We all are always support you. And release more charts. FIGHTING!

10 4Minute 4Minute is a five-member South Korean girl group formed in 2009 by Cube Entertainment with music singles and albums released primarily in South Korea and Japan.

Very badass songs especially Hate and Crazy, the beat is very addictive. All members have very unique voices. Jiyoon's deep voice attracted me straight away and she's my bias! Hyuna's voice can stretch to any type of tone, from high and light to lower and daring - like when in Hate she sings the last chorus "Cheater" which gives very nice exciting essence. Gayoon has a very elegant voice and can reach different depths, she can long out her voice without straining it perfectly! Jihyun has a very confident voice laced with determination, you can really identify the theme of the song from it and the various emotions. Sohyun (I apologise if I spelt that wrong) has a toneful voices enriched with layers of delacy. She has an angelic voice giving songs a touch of heavenly feel but still having it's drop of the Ying Yang.

4Minute is a powerful group. Not only do they perform quite well live, each member has a different voice with a different type of charm. Jiyoon's husky voice with Gayoon's high notes will definitely be something unheard of.

4 Minute are very funny group. Even they sing the song no one want to hear. But when you started to listen their song, you're now, 4minute's biggest fan.

They are really good with music and fans. They love their fans even though they don't do much of fan service. The're choreography is smooth and cool. Each of the members have unique talents and they are all pretty.

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11 Orange Caramel

From Magic Girl to Funny Hunny to A-ing to Shanghai Romance to Bangkok City and now to Lipstick, their songs are amazingly catchy and have a great beat to it.

I like this girl group. I usually do not like super girly things, but this group has such catchy songs I cannot stop listening to them.

They are nice, cheery and colourful! Not one of their songs are not nice and their video clips match up as well!

Nice, cheery, full of life. Cute videos made as well!

12 Apink

As of now in 2018 these fantastic girls keep getting better and better. To me what sets them apart like SNSD is the perfect chemistry among its members. Each member is different yet compliment each other perfectly. They're all gorgeous, great singers and dancers, and have excellent catchy songs. I hope they perform together for many more years.

Apink is one of the best groups ever. I first hated them even though I didn't know what they did but I was wrong. These girls are talented! They are like Snsd's juniors and like the princesses of Kpop. Even Snsd loves them! I hate those people who say that Apink are "copying bands". But really there not. Apink fighting!

I loveee APINK! The members are so loveable and funny. They also sing and dance amazingly well. Eunji's voice is beautiful. Park Chorong is my favorite leader... all of them have a charm of their own. I'm a fan of manyy girl groups but Apink is my absolute favorite. Whenever I am sad or feeling down I watch their videos and a smile automatically brightens up my face... I wish them all the best for the future. APINK FIGHTING!

Seven angels, seven wonders, seven springs. A-Pink. These girls have worked hard on their way to the top since debut, and now they're coming out with amazing albums, awesome songs and perfect performances. They're determined young ladies and deserve to be at the top!
Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Yookyung, Namjoo, Hayoung. The girls that color my world pink. A-Pink forever!

13 Red Velvet

They have really catchy songs like "Russian Roulette" and "Power Up". With the sweetest and kindest of girls. Seriously, they smile throughout their music videos.

Red Velvet are very well put together. Their vocals continue to improve though their dancing has always been pretty good in my opinion. They bring a very youthful flavour to kpop.

Red Velvet is the only group where you can't choose your bias! I love these girls! They have unique personalities and each of them is talanted and so funny. Red Velvet FIGHTING!

Red Velvet is a South Korean girl group formed in by SM Entertainment. The group debuted in August 1, 2014, with the digital single "Happiness" and four members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy. In March 2015, Yeri was added into the group

14 Rainbow

Rainbow is most underrated girlband in the world. So few people notice that this girl band has so many potential; Unlike other korean girlband, All of Rainbow member can sing properly, All of them beautiful, All of them can dance. I would say, Rainbow is the best girlband in the world, even SNSD doesn't have such distinction.

Rainbow should be up there with SNSD as they are very good at everything they do. All of them just beautiful, and great dancers. Love their songs!

Hoping them to make their comeback soon! Seriously, missing them a lot!

I'm they fan and I'm think they should be on this poll.

15 Dreamcatcher

I like the name.

16 Blackpink Blackpink is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.

Wow I'm really disappointed BLACKPINK is at 16. They are very popular and well known. I absolutely love their songs I'm not a fan of most other kpop but these girls are awesome. They just came out with their single How You Like That and it's amazing! Where are BLINKS?

Blackpink are so beautiful and talented! It's a shame they don't release that much music, but it's their agency's fault. I heard they're having a comeback in June, though

All their songs are so catchy, they're so nice and talented, and are all unique and stand out in their own ways, in both appearance and talent. My first kpop girl band, always my favourite!

They can do every concept badass girly cute girl crush swag everything... I love them so much they have a lot of charisma on stage but cute in the real life

17 AOA

AOA is one of the best female groups. They are very talented. And one of the thing that makes them different from the other groups is that they are Band. They have this unique charm and their song is awesome.

Please have more videos in your groups...

I'm fan... From Philippines...

Should be on the 5 top

Should be on top

18 Mamamoo

By far the best k-pop girl group. Talented, humble, funny, unique, and each member is beautiful in their own way. I love watching them on variety shows. They're the best!

They should be in the top ten! 4 rappers, 4 singers, 4 dancers and 4 talented girls who out to have fun on the stage!

They can do anything! sing, dance and rap. They so energetic, charismatic and very friendly with the people.

They are AMAZING. and for me most o the girl groups are not that good in variety but mamamoo is made for variety and do we even need to say their skills in music in mind blowing

19 Twice Twice is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2015 reality show Sixteen.

Twice is my life, they are pretty, cute, and very good looking. They always have good choreography and they have really good talent in their group. Momo is the lead dancer and is very skilled at dancing. Jihyo has a really good voice and always gives their song some extra spice to it. Dahyunn and Chaeyoung are the rappers and their voice is good too. Tzuyu is the prettiest one of the members and addes a dose of cuteness to the group. Mina and Sana are Japanese like Momo and are adorable and pretty and complete the group. TWICE is the best and is growing very popular these days.

Twice is so funny and has great stage presence all the time. They worked so hard to get to where they are now and the deserve all of it. They love once and express how much the appreciate us. just like all idols should. They are mostly over worked but they always put on a smile fore once even if they are hurt. They pull off both the cute and bad girl vibe. They constantly release singles, mini albums, and albums. They also post about twice a week on their main you tube channel, they also made a Japaneses channel for fans. They also do covers of songs weather they are singing or playing a entertainment for us. THEY ARE AMAZING! STAN TWICE FOR CLEAR SKIN!

Twice is different. They can prove that they can rap, dance, sing and capture the heart of their audience. They are so versatile in various ways. There charisma of being funny, cute and lovable is very contagious. I give my 100% support for them. Twice Fighting!

Twice have so much potential and I love how there are so many unique personalities. They show great talent in dancing and their vocals are definitely on point. Looking forward to a great future in kpop.


Exid makes really good songs. I love the personality of each girl. They're all so funny which surprised me because usually girl groups aren't even that funny, and that's coming from someone who doesn't really stan exid. Each member is beautiful and talented and they make really iconic songs.

I am very surprised that EXID is not higher. They are awesome talent. They're all individually talented with 2 of the best vocals in kpop in my opinion (Sulji and Hyerin). Nonetheless, all members bring something special to their performances. You guys need to update this.

They should be higher than this! They broke the music industry..

Unlike many other kpop girl groups you can feel that they are true to themselves and they are just so hilarious.

21 Dal Shabet

I think dal shabet is the best because their songs was so cool... I like them very much...

22 Wonder Girls Wonder Girls was a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment. The group's final line-up consisted of Yubin, Yeeun, Sunmi and Hyerim. Members Sunye and Sohee officially left the group in 2015, while Hyuna left in late 2007.

Really fantastic girls.. Always have a good song.. The wonder girls is so pretty and cute..
Their respect another group and not arrogant.. Really Queen K-pop..
Have a good leader and have a talented in their group..
Have a good personality.. And so beautiful girls...!

They are a great band, I love everything belong to them song, music, style and personality. Although many teens often think about snsd first when we asked them about kpop, about hallyu but I'm sure Wgs is real queen. So Wfulls will always support them.

They are the Legend and the Queen of K pop! Because they sang their song with feelings.
Wonder Girls the Real Queen of K pop.

Wonder Girls, the most popular Korean girl group and considered as the queen of Kpop during 2008 up to 2009

Newest They are really the very best Korean girl group before because of nobody!

They may not be the best, the prettiest, the most talented. But they are everything to me, in my heart <3
The first kpop group to ever break into the American billboard, with the song no one has never heard of. Wonder Girls is the k-pop group that open up the American market to more and others, the pioneer.
Already had one movie, having another movie & sitcom coming up!

The Wonder Girls have gone from stars in Korea to stars all over the world. They've stolen the hearts of fans everywhere, and will continue to dominate the music industry!

23 (G)I-dle
24 Taetiseo

The members of TaeTiSeo have really powerful and amazing voices. They are perfect. They made it a history apart from snsd. Their own victory and fame.

I really love them especially Seohyun!

I really love TaeTiSeo because they are really awesome!

I love this sub-unit.. Thy are a perfect sub-unit. The three vocals are very good... Taeyeon with her powerful voice.Tiffany with her pretty face and amazing voice and Seohyun with her cute face and great voice.. TAETISEO FIGHTING!

25 Secret

They got talents in dancing, singing. Especially Talk That - they show their talents in that song. Poison make them popular. Yoohoo make them hot. Magic make them popular in Korea. So why they don't deserve to get many support from International Fans? Because they come from small company?

Don't forget to support secret for their 2013 december comeback!
They need your help!
Its about 2 years that they haven't won any music shows!

When was this updated? I think Secret should at least be in the top 10 since they got more popular.

The best band ever!
They are rally talented!
Hyosung the leader lead vocals and the main dancer is so cute and she is sexy too. Her voice is really nice. she is really beautiful.
Hana is the vocal and rapper and lead dancer. she is so beautiful too!
Jieun the main vocalist is so pretty and her voice is so power ful.
Sunhwa the maknae vocalist and the visual is really beautiful and her acting is really nice!
All of them are really talented.
I love them all!

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