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1 Cirice

This song introduced me to Ghost and as a result I had this song on loop for three straight days. The music video also got my attention, and this song was really well done. Such a simple and catchy song, yet deep and complicated at the same time. Definitely their best!

Even James Hetfield thinks the riff in this song is great. Emotional lyrics with great melody even though there is no rhyming.

This song is perfect; they manage to capture the creepy yet subtle 70's horror/thriller/occult film vibe really well.The hooks in the song are big enough to land a whale too...!

It won the Grammy! Just proves this band is miles ahead of Slipknot and Lamb of God in musical terms.

2 Ritual

The first truly good Ghost song. Still holds up. Perfect balance of Doom Metal and pop sensibilities.

I played this song four times in the day I got the album.

The only song I can listen to 100 times and not get bored of.

3 Square Hammer

I grew up and started to love music in the late 80's and from then on. I love metal, and this was the first song I had herd done in a great many years that really reached out and got me. I am slowly enjoying this bands work and I have not heard this like since, Ozzy or Kiss. It is nice to know that this kind of music is still going strong. I absolutely love it and will follow this band, hopefully for a long time to come.

Usually a fan of heavier music, but this was he Ghost song that really caught my attention. The riffs and chorus were stuck in my head from the first play, and now I'm going back and giving Ghost another chance. They didn't hook me with OE the first time around, but this time they definitely have.

This song is their best because it takes balls to do what this song did: reach so far back into Rock & Metal's chart topping past, a là the 80s, that it practically becomes revolutionary. This song is so amazing and timeless because it brings the fun back to rock and roll. The simple riffs, the keyboards, the catchy hooks in the chorus�" Square Hammer is just spectacular. Such a fun, rocking' song!

Love the album cover - makes me feel like I'm 8 or 10 again in my old house in Columbus while my dad plays medieval sounding metal/rock. I imagine Dream Theater and Black Sabbath tracks following it up.

4 Year Zero

Uplifting anthem about the end of the world. The bridge section about how Lucifer will ascend "Above the Stars of God" is the highlight.

Just incredible and unique from the very first moment I have the pleasure to taste it.

Ghost's most toe-tapping track. Great beat, sinister lyrics, awesome live performance.

The song that got me into Ghost - Feels like a satanic ritual all the way through. Love it!

5 Monstrance Clock

Staple of the live set for good reason if ghost doesn't finish with monstrance clock we riot! One of the most interactive experiences you will ever experience live the chorus is thunderous with the entire room singing the same words. An underrated jam I almost picked is jigolo har Megiddo especially acoustic I absolutley adore that song

My first song I heard and even from listening to all the albums this is one of my all time favorite ghost songs. So head banging

How can a song be scary and amazing at the same time? M.C is the answer! Perfect

Love this song; I'm so exited to see Ghost next year!

6 Ghuleh / Zombie Queen

One of my new favorite Ghost songs. It's a really beautiful, chill song! The song literally sounds like you are sitting at a weird satanic ritual. The first time I heard it, I thought god was gonna smite me when the song was over.

This my current favourite song - it starts off with a beautiful haunting piano melody, followed by a sudden and awesome transition into a groovy hard rock song - definitely the band's best song to date!

Gorgeous and creepy, possibly the most unique song in Ghost's repertoire. Brilliant use of crescendos.

Love the end, foremost during concert with the three unbridled ghoul.

7 He Is

Not the best but deserving of more praise. I showed this song to friends who hate metal and they loved it. Just goes to show how this band can really be the next step in bringing back a style of metal that can resonate with a broader audience.

Hauntingly beautiful in a black mass kind of way, I can't just listen to it one time has to be a double play at least, this is my first ghost album and I'm totally hooked!

My 2nd favorite song by ghost. You can love/hate the satanic theme of the band all you like but the brilliance of this piece is undeniable.

This song was in third place almost 2 month ago! How did it come in here?! It definitely deserves its previous place.

8 Stand by Him

I started listening to this song in April, in which obviously the last thing on your mind is Fall, let alone Halloween. But this song immediately made me feel like I was in a really cool, spooky Halloween setting! Definitely one of the coolest songs I've ever listened to.

I used to hate the chorus, but then I realized that it has its place. It actually adds to the eerie feel of the song.

9 Elizabeth

This song is how found ghost cause my name is Elizabeth and I was looking up songs with my name and I'm so hooked I listen to them ever single day. I might have an addiction

This hook is following me for months. Love the bassline at the hook...

10 From the Pinnacle to the Pit

The story of Lucifer's fall in one compact four minute romp. Excellent riffs propel this song from the underworld into outer space.

Amazing song, my absolute favorite... Gotta love these perfect finger taping parts and awesome base!

This, in my opinion, is Ghosts best song. I can never listen to it just once. It stays with me all day!

This is the first song I listened to by ghost and now I'm hooked. Great song

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11 Genesis

Everything from the melodic riffing to the emotional acoustic outro to end the album - one of the best modern rock instrumentals!

12 Con Clavi Con Dio

The bass riff is killer, and the whole song as well!

For our corns. For our god.

I really love this song

13 Rats

I've been on the edge of getting into ghost for quite some time. However after hearing Rats for the first time it finally pushed me over the edge. I've since purchased the entire back catalog and am enjoying this revolutionary band and their amazing sound! Looking forward to the rest of the new album this June!

I'm calling it right now, Prequelle is going to be their best yet. This song ticks all the boxes: it's more metal-sounding than much of their work, while at the same time retaining the beautiful melodies characteristic of them.

Not my favorite Ghost song, but it's currently too low and easily deserves top 10.

Honestly just a great song this song gets stuck in my head all the time.

14 Deus In Absentia

The hook is so powerful. Heavy music, eerie keyboards, pop hooks and deep, but dark content.

I haven't heard something close to Ghost from an impact on metal/heavy music since Ozzy went solo with Randy Rhodes or early Pantera. It's a real shift in heavy music. Plus, other influences fused into the music makes it complex and really enjoyable. This band (Tobias) is something special.

The song I listened to the most in 2017. It's hard to pick a favorite Ghost track, but this might be it for me.

Great closer to Meliora. Summarises the album nicely while still adding it's own little touch, building up until the end.

Can't explain why, but there's a little something which makes me love it.

15 Secular Haze

I love the rift of this song and the keyboard playing in the background! I always get chills when I listen to this song and it makes me feel like I'm a part of a religious cult.

I love this song so much

16 Dance Macabre

Dance Macabre has infested the world! One of Ghost's greatest songs to date.

A dance song about the end of the world that would make even Prince jealous.

I covered this song with school of rock Eden prairie love this song.

Such a great song, the best by ghost as it's just such an all rounder.

17 Life Eternal

Up there as Ghost's finest moment so far - musically & lyrically majestic.

Just amazing. It almost makes me cry every time I listen to it.

18 Kiss the Go-Goat

It took some listenings for me to warm up to this one, but after getting used to it I actually quite like the 60's feel of this song.

19 Bible

Absolutely outstanding. Should definitely be higher on this list.

The chorus is what I imagine you'd hear if a white light came down on you from the sky

20 Absolution

It is my favourite ghost song!?!?! There is no need for any other explanation other than it is amazing and the best!

Just catchy. And his final cry in Ceremony and Devotion live album is wonderful.

21 Mary on a Cross

This song introduced me to Ghost last week. I'm now the proud owner of 4 albums and 3 EPs. Mary on a Cross is still my number 1 song for Ghost.

This song is wonderful! So catchy

Late 60's vibe - very melodic - will become a Ghost classic for many years to come

22 Witch Image

I mindlessly listen to songs sometimes, when I actually focused on the song, I searched for the lyrics, learnt them by heart, and now sing along every time this song pops up in my playlists. Personally think it should be top ten.

Really catchy and melodic song, quite the contrast to the lyrics which are pretty dark. Should be up there with cirice in my opinion

One of the best choruses I've heard in a long time. Not the best but definitely should be higher than this

My favorite hands down

23 Prime Mover

Obsessive Oyster...Not the actual lyrics but makes my 9 year old sing out loud every time. It's a cool song and one of my favorites for that reason.

24 Pro Memoria

Very emotional, such as Life Eternal.

Do not forget about dying...

25 Faith

Love a good diss-track. Heavy riffs that wobble your ass.

This song should be in the top 10.

He is the world.

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