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1 I Stand Alone

This song is in a class of it's own, even the video is awesome! I'm not really a fan of there softer stuff like voodoo but if you've never heard Godsmack then this is the first song you should listen to.

I first heard Godsmack on Novarock festival in Austria (June 2015). It laid an egg in my ears and a week later I was listening to their albums, and especially, this song.

Wicked awesome song, and of course, thanks to Prince of Persia. /o
Vocals are amazing, and the tune is just sweet.

2 Awake

This is by far their hardest sounding song. This song reminds me of my mom because even though my life can suck at times, I'm alive because of her. These are the two main reasons why I'd place this song at number one out of all the Godsmack songs. Sorry media, but this song is 1000 times better than I Stand Alone (even though I Stand alone still rocks). Awake will always be my theme song.

How the hell is this 23 this song is definitely the best head banging song I have heard in my life. Sick ass music video too check it out You guys shouldn't knock a song just because it's a little old.

This is such a brilliant song. Yes, of course I Stand Alone is a great and solid song, but Awake is even better in my opinion. That is due to the great melody and atmosphere of this song. Super great song. Number 1!

3 Straight Out of Line

This song, along with Prince of Persia (Warrior Within) Form what is an epic masterpiece. The game is awesome, and so is this song! A match made in heaven!

I first heard this song in vin diesel's movie "a man apart". It turns me crazy! I never spend a single day since that I never listened to this song! This is just godsmacked!

Best song by godsmack and a very good video...
What power what aggression love you Sully Erna the song must
Be at number 1 position...

4 Voodoo

Great vocals, great lyrics, great atmosphere. The song has an eerie- kind of spiritual/supernatural feel to it that reflects the mystery of Haitian Voodoo itself. The bass kicks you in the chest in this song. It's just pure awesome.

Absolutely LOVE 'Voodoo' by Godsmack! It is my favorite song from the band. Voodoo is the song that introduced me to Godsmack's music. I'm sure their fans prefer other songs as their favorite, but this is my personal favorite song!

This song sounds creepy and scary in a way. And that's why it sounds so good. This and I Stand Alone helped introduce me to Godsmack. Not to mention, the drumwork is so good our could give Tool's Danny Carey a run for his money.

5 Cryin' Like a Bitch!!

This song reminds me of a lot of people I know... And hate. I love to listen to this song all the time when stupid idiots piss me off. It makes me feel so happy and it gets my anger out. There are a lot of songs ( all of them ) by Godsmack that relate to my life, and the people in it. If I had to pick a band to represent me. It would defiantly be GODSMACK!

Thank you for making this song Godsmack! This is an amazing wrestling song, goes with the other 2 only good ones, Warrior's Call by Volbeat and Boom by POD. Also, just awesome to listen to.

Great rock music should transport you and this transports you right to the front row. Which is right where you should be at a Godsmack concert.

6 Whatever

This song really states life. It really states what people want to say to people they absolutely hate. I know a lot of people who hate their phone and want people to "go away" that this song would be perfect for their answering machine!

This song is awesome! It has that grinding tune and fills with the upmost emotion! This is one of my most faves of songs in the history of music! It gets me pumped up to face the world!

These lyrics state life! No way any other Godsmack song should make it! When my Mom likes this song, you know it's good! "Whatever" is the way to go!

7 Serenity

The only song that made me crazy in such a way that I heard this song continusly for a week without prefering any other songs... best band ever. Love you guys.

Serenity is another great master piece from Godsmack. I am in serenity when I listen to this song.

Something different from Godsmack m/ Truly its quite shocking to see this track down here.

8 The Enemy

This is bravado. Always will be an absolutely powerful song!

Reminds me of every person I hate. Its beautiful

Really this song rocks

9 Greed

While the lyrics are good and full of anger it's definitely not the heaviest song lyrically. But as far as musically and vocally I think hands down no other song feels as aggressive and angry as this. My favorite

I think this should be godsmacks's number 1 song because it blew me away and some of my friends when we first heard it. Everything about this song is pretty much amazing.

10 Love-Hate-Sex-Pain

Has a better intro that doesn't start you out following the guild lines that a first impressions is a lasting impression and long with a strong chorus that is completely emotion-filled.

It's Awesome man...! I think this song really rocks...
And I really liked all of Godsmack songs and I really loved all of them bros... Rock the worlds...

OH MY GOD! How is this not at least in the top three? This is Godsmack's best song. Great intro, great lyrics, great.. Just great everything.

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11 Re-Align

How is this #23? This is the best Godsmack song off of the Faceless album, and definitely one of their best songs ever! This song has gotten me through some tough times, vote this one guys!

This song has a real powerful message to me - it's about finding out life is tough and trying to work yourself from a desperate place. I like the guitar solo.

I love all Godsmack songs but if I have to say witch one is my favourite... I would say Re-align. Any version of it, acustic or hard rock, pure awesomeness.

12 1000hp

This song has been stuck in my head for many years now and it's still great. The instrumentals are great as always and it one of my favourite songs.

Not the most exciting or creative lyrics, but man is it catchy and downright near impossible to drive the speed limit while listening to it!

Listen to 1000hp and tell me this isn't one of the best Godsmack songs of all time. This album doesn't get enough love!

13 Keep Away

My favorite Godsmack song. I think was their second single (1998).

For me this is there best song! Personal favourite.

Best hard rock song from their first album!

14 I F**king Hate You

It can really get someone ready for an athletic event.

15 When Legends Rise
16 Sick of Life

This is awesome lyrics with perfect metal touch. What the hel how can this be at the bottom

This song is just awesome.

The very first Godsmack's song that I've heard and still one of my favorites

17 Speak
18 Mistakes

Mistakes instrumentals are the best music you will ever hear in your entire life.

19 Under Your Scars

I heard this song accidentally through auto-play and the rest of the day was spent listening to old Godsmack songs. Given time as old-fans get a chance to listen to this song it will undoubtedly climb the ranks, it's such a powerful and beautiful song!

There are not godsmack songs like this.
This is by far the best song by this band

This song can stop time

20 Releasing the Demons

I honestly cannot believe the spot of this song on the list, it's in the ranks of I Stand Alone and Straight out of Line!

One of the most bad ass, punchy in your face song I've ever listen to. This should goes up more. Vote Smackers

Are you kidding me.. This is one of the best song.. I can't believe it is on 29th spot.. :(
This at least has to be in the top 10 chart..

21 No Rest for the Wicked
22 Eye of the Storm
23 Bleeding Me

In my top 10. amazing song

24 Vampires

Awesome instrumental song from Godsmack!

25 Touche

The live version of this song with John Kosco off the Good Times Bad Times DVD is unreal!

A good vocal song

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