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1 The Reason

Omf the voice of the lead singer is so hot. The acoistic version is so amazing. I like it more than the original, but well, it's just my opinion. The first song of Hoobastank which I heard was crawling in the dark and to be honest I didn't like it that much. So I had a little distaste in their music. But today I heard this in an 8tracks playlist and it felt like as if they lit a fire and threw me into it. And I felt so much it was wonderful. Just wow. I am in love with this.

Can't think of another song in recent years with lyrics so beautiful, I wonder just how many people can identify with these lyrics on a personal level... As I can. That's exactly why songs like this exist sheer poetry.

Great song with awesome lyrics! Touches the core of my heart every time I listen.. Moreover the song is Hoobastank's most commercially successful single.

2 Running Away

Because the reason is too popular and was overplayed for forever I vote this one, it is catchy and I am almost always in the mood to listen to it.

To say the least... This is an amazing song there's just something about it that really catches my attention... And it cheers me up if I'm ever down. A great

This song made me cry, so heart-touching, it should be 2nd after 'the reason'..

3 Crawling in the Dark

Nice performance. This could be ranked as number 1 but the reason is also awesome! Doug robb is executes this song perfectly!

Whenever Hoobastank is named... This song always comes to my Mind
Awesome song with Great lyrics! Hoobastank al

If you like harder rock, definitely check this one out! Sounds great!

4 Out of Control

Really amazing, great vocals. It has a certain tune that makes it feel energized. I enjoyed it very much and it should be, in my opinion, the best Hoobastank song there.

This features guest vocals from Ian Watkins of Lostprophets. This song kicks ass!

Raw power. It's amazing how he managed to scream like this without his eyes popping out.

5 Pieces

Best song to listen to while working out! Also, NHL Hitz 2003!

6 To Be with You

There can't be a better love song than this one. The vocals here are just epic.

7 Same Direction

This song is crazy awesome, one of the songs from Test drive: Eve of destruction. Used to play that with my dad on ps2 so I have a lot of memories attached to that game and its track list. Out of control was on there too

8 Just One

A hidden gem from The Reason and should have been released as a single. Great song and deserves to be in the top 5 at least! Vote this song guys, it's very good!

9 The First of Me

A very provoking... Beautiful song! Awesome creation by the band. This song touches my inner soul, makes my mind refreshed and make me self motivated person!

This song encourages us when we're at down with our failures. Yet in such a time, the song refresh us with a hope to stand firm on our own and face the truth. Goog song indeed.

Its really hard to choose one song from them, when there are so many good songs, but I vote for this one, its really a great song, Heart touching.

10 If Only

Beautiful song... Great voice... I think it is little bit underrated song... Should be above in the list...

Really underrated, has some powerful vocal emotions!

It should be above in the list. At least in top 10.

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11 If I Were You

I came here thinking this would be at least at the second spot... This has to be the best of their songs.. Right there along with The Reason... Soothing and emotionally strong at the same time... Deserves a better spot... Come on people vote up...!

This is one of the best songs ever.. And without a question the best one from hoobastank.. IF I WERE U.. So meaningful.. Vote for this song till it reaches the top spot.

Beautiful song. Definitely my favorite from hoobastank. Gentle song, great progression by working the song up until the end. Good vocals and lyrics!

12 Unaffected

I really like this song. If you're going through "stuff" in High School, you should really listen to this song. So relatable.

13 Disappear

That would definitely make a great theme song for Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. He snapped his fingers with the glove on his left hand. It was so unrealistic to see people disappear. Hyper unrealistic.

Wonderful song. Its soothing in a way, but yet infused with a rock-edged chorus which makes it simple and beautiful at the same time. Two thumbs up for this Hoobastank masterpiece.

Great song I love it! and for me its should be in the top 5 songs of hoobastank because it's perfect vote this song guys, it's awesome you should listen to it! thanks for your votes...

14 What Happened to Us?

This song is actually a great song. I definitely love this one.

15 Born to Lead

This song is just thrilling and amazing... Deserves to be in top 10... Come on guys...!

16 Without a Fight
17 Lucky

This is a really good song. Not bad. I like it

18 I Don't Think I Love You

One of the best hoobastank song, awesome guitar.. Nice lyrics.. Impressive vocals

You're gonna love it tge first time you listen! Used in transformers! Awesome song!

19 So Close, So Far

Beautiful song! I will vote for this one

20 Incomplete

I love this song and it is one of my favorites all. And sometimes I have it stuck in my head. And I just really loved it. It is so amazing. Best song ever. Love you Hoobastank. You are the best

21 Inside of You

This one is so rock, that you can't stand while listening to it. It's just like Hoobastank own version of "You shook me all night long"

22 Don't Tell Me

This song has a really great message. I think this song is totally about opposing bulls some politicians keep promising us, but actually the message is a reminder for everyone not just them. They deliver this in epic way, just listen! What I love from Hoobastank is they often write songs that remind us, not just about love stuffs

The power in this song is immense, I mean not just the lyrics but the music too, the guitar solo, the guitar riffs, the screaming everything, should be in the top 3.

Such true message! Music and lyrics are both great.. One of the most addicting song from them.. I'm just speechless

23 Moving Forward
24 Face the Music
25 Escape
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