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1 Electric Feel

Love this song! It's just so catchy and cheery. Makes me smile every time I listen to it. It just puts me in a really good mood. I think anyone who doesn't like it is strange. Give it a listen. You should understand what I'm saying after you have given it a listen a few times.

It's my favorite MGMT song so far. It's really good. I'm addicted to it. I can listen to it all day. I don't see how Kids is their number 1 song. Don't get me wrong, that song is good too. This song is better in my opinion.

It's so sexy, and I fell in love after one listen! This is definitely the best. Andrew's voice sounds beyond sexy, and I love every bit of it. Plus, on the album cover he's shirtless!

2 Kids

This song is so purely beautiful. It starts out with a seemingly cheery tune but kicks in, revealing a poignantly masterful song. It weaves four different melodies together to work as one and features meaningful lyrics with a truly passionate voice. This song doesn't come with an "in-your-face" drum track either but instead gets your foot tapping with a simple yet perfect beat. I've never heard a better song in my life and have listened to it maybe a thousand times, back to back, and it's still as if I'm hearing it for the first time. I don't know of many other songs that can create this feeling.

3 Time to Pretend

This should be the top one. Amazing song that gently drags you across the universe. It is absolutely an amazing masterpiece and a light in the darkness of what modern music has become. MGMT should be remembered as one of the greatest musicians that ever existed. Their music completely changes my mood and uplifts my day. It makes me excited and ready to live my life and is just unbelievably great on so many levels. This is an utterly fantastic song and should be #1 on every list of songs ever.

I love the part where they talk about missing family and home, almost as if they wish they could take it all back, but then reconcile the whole situation as being inevitable: "But there is really nothing, nothing we can do. Love must be forgotten, life can only start anew."

4 Flash Delirium

This is by far the most beautifully crafted song they have ever written. Lyrically and musically, it blends so many different genres in just four minutes and twenty-three seconds. I hear psychedelic, sixties rock, surf, electronica, and even punk rock (last couple of seconds). I can't believe this is #6. Yeah, it's "different" and not as catchy as "Kids", but I personally think it is way better than "Kids" and should be #1. It is a far more technical and enjoyable song.

The riff and the tune of the song are as mesmerizing as the name of the song is unique. You will be transported to another world. Few songs imprint themselves into your memory as this one will. Of that much I'm certain.

This song is a masterpiece and is, in my opinion, the best modern psychedelic rock song. Absolutely brilliant.

5 Siberian Breaks

At first, the song seems to be about surfing. Then you get into it. This song is BY FAR the best MGMT song, and that's saying something, them being one of the best artists of the decades.

"But someone must still eat the steaks, even if they're tough, spending the day, chewing the fat, floating away isn't rough but it's not enough." Still one of the greatest quotes in a song.

The way the acoustics work in the favor of the song, the about 7 "parts" of it, makes it feel more than an 11-minute song, more like 5 songs that are each 2 minutes. Hands down, this is the best MGMT song and one of the best of all time.

6 Weekend Wars

The smell of battle, and the feeling of strength, helplessness, serenity, sorrow, self-rejuvenation, and dreamful speculation all in 4 minutes.

Every morning I listen to this song, I wake up with an overwhelming need to attack my day with strength, precision, and the confidence that no one can get in my way.

Masterpiece. That is what this song is. The instrumentals, electronic influences, and summery vocals from Andrew and Ben mesh together seamlessly to leave you with a breathless feeling. I can't help but press rewind when I get to the end of this song. Glorious, radiant, and classic. A perfect 10 out of 10.

7 Alien Days

This is the best song they've done, knowing them since the beginning. The way the vocal melody works with the chord progression is phenomenal, and the lyrics are mesmerizing. And the production is pristine (not to say it usually isn't). I feel like I'm going on a ride every time I listen to it. They seem to be at their peak at this point.

The new album may be disappointing, but this track is amazing. Very creative, it drifts you off into some sci-fi world. I feel like drifting off into deep space just listening to it.

8 Of Moons, Birds & Monsters

The bassline is awesome. The vocals are totally spooky. The lyrics have a hidden meaning to them that leaves you wondering. The drums aren't great, but the harmonies and the arrangement are. It brings me to a whole other place when I hear it. The guitar and bass riffs are awesome. Totally different. The guitar solo is great. And it starts you off getting pumped, pumps you up, then just calms you down. And leaves you in this like whole other world. Kids is overrated. From a total MGMT fan, this song rocks.

I did not have high hopes for this band past Electric Feel, but this song is mesmerizing. Puts them in a tough spot though, because you can't do tongue-in-cheek when your songs are this good. There's no joke here, even though the words are nonsense. The song itself is one of the best I've ever heard. If you like legendary guitar solos, listen to it live. It's unreal.

9 Congratulations

I love this song so much. It feels nice to hear a "Congratulations," doesn't it? The video is great, the sound is great, the lyrics are great. I don't know if this is definitely number one for me, but it's at least in the top three! Love MGMT.

Greatest song in the world! This band is highly underrated, and more bands like this should be noticed! It's a new type of music evolving, and this is the best of the beginning! The lyrics, the beat, his voice. Amazing band and song!

Any song that can capture the hard path to being your true self in a melodic fashion is always going to rank high not only for a band's top 10 list but all-time top 10 lists. Congratulations on making this tremendously insightful song.

10 She Works Out Too Much
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11 It's Working

"It's working in your blood/But you know it's not the same as love/Love, it's only in your mind/Not your heart."
Need I say more? The lyrics are phenomenal. It's an amazing opening for Congratulations. It gets you hooked.

One of their best songs starts off slow, then it explodes into nostalgic pleasure. Wish they explored this type of music style more often.

While the self-titled album was disappointing, Alien Days is such a haunting, mysterious song that I have to give it credit over any other song they ever released. It's like a dream (or nightmare) of the 70s mixed with where the movies and TV shows about aliens become real.

12 Song for Dan Treacy

This one needs more praise. In a way, it is somber but quick. It is the perfect listen at any time and is really just a superb track. Way too often overlooked. Needs to be in the Top 10.

13 When You Die

This is their best song. No question! This is the first song I heard, and it made MGMT one of my favorite bands. I love the video too. It's one of the most unique music videos I've seen. The best to play to your enemy.

14 The Youth

This song made me fall in love with MGMT. The first time I ever heard it was when I was watching The Kids Are Alright, and I fell in love with The Youth the first second the song came up. It's even my most played song on my iTunes list and, for me, it's probably the best song in the universe.

Not my favorite by them, but this is really a beautiful yet underrated song. One of my favorite music videos too!

The Youth is by far the greatest musical piece created by MGMT. It's slow yet fast. It is a beautiful song.

15 Little Dark Age

It gives me a nostalgic feeling I have never felt before. No matter how much pain there will be from blasting this song in my ears, it would not hurt to listen to it again.

As good, if not better, than anything they've released with a "pop" sound.

16 Your Life is a Lie

A fun, funky, and upbeat track. Its repetition is what makes this song so irresistible.

17 Hand It Over
18 Future Reflections

If you watch the video (not the official one, as there is no official video), it brings such nostalgia if you watched it when it first came out. This was the first song I ever heard by them, and it will always be one of my favorites. I started listening to them when I was in 3rd grade (now in 8th grade). I remember when this song first appeared on YouTube. My dad had it playing, and I remember watching the video with him and saying that it was freaky but had good music. I'll always remember these guys. I may not have listened to them in 4, 5, or even probably 6 years, but that doesn't stop me from ever not liking them. This is my personal and most memorable song by MGMT, and one of the first bands I ever listened to was these guys. Thank you, MGMT.

19 Indie Rokkers

The only downside is I have to turn it down when my mom comes by because it gets real awkward real fast. But legit, I have a playlist of all of MGMT's songs, and I have 10 duplicates of this song to make sure it plays often.

Indie Rokkers might be one of my top 10 songs of all time. It is just something about the beat, lyrics, and the melody that brings it all together. I love this song!

20 Introspection

Love this song! They took Faine Jade's song from the 60s and brought it into the future! Such a great sound and with such deep meaning.

Definitely one of their top ten.

21 The Handshake

This song is always "up there," but I have yet to see it where it should be: Number 1. Too often, I see "Time To Pretend," "Kids," and even "Of Moons, Birds and Monsters" topping these lists. Not to insult any of those songs (which are all awesome as well), but "The Handshake" is usually overlooked and is NEVER given the credit that it undoubtedly deserves. This song is masterfully crafted, from the beginning bell tones to the echoing and fading chants. It is easily my favorite MGMT song and is truly a work of art. This is one of those tracks where you wonder how in the hell they came up with it. It stands out and holds its own on one of my favorite albums of all time, Oracular Spectacular.

22 Someone's Missing

Number 46? Seriously? This song is great. Easily in the top 10.

23 Destrokk

I guess people didn't ask enough questions because they don't know that this is the best MGMT song.

24 Pieces of What

This song stirs emotions I only thought the Hunger Games could reach, in my opinion. The song reminds me of the Beatles because of the background music. I had avoided listening to it at first because I didn't know what it was and only wanted to listen to Kids. I believe this song is extremely underrated and very overlooked. This could be my favorite MGMT song of all time.

Andrew's voice in this song is so beautiful. It takes you to a nostalgic, better place you used to dream of. I can't forget about the acoustic guitar either, so soothing. Forever an MGMT fan.

25 Metanoia

This song is my number one. Give it a listen. Be patient. This one takes you for a ride. Enjoy!

It's more than just a song. Definitely MGMT's best musical accomplishment.

This song is just epic. There's really no other like it.

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