Top 10 Best Huey Lewis and the News Songs

Picture yourself in the '80s, a decade known for its big hair, neon-colored outfits, and, most importantly, its music. Huey Lewis and The News were a vital part of this era, providing the soundtrack for many memorable moments with their catchy, soulful, rock 'n roll tunes.

Who can forget the infectious harmonica solo in "The Power of Love", the song that catapulted them into international fame, thanks to a little movie called "Back to the Future"? And then there's the heart-pumping rhythm of "Hip to Be Square", a song that embodies the decade's optimism and energy, challenging conventional ideas of what was cool and what wasn't.

But Huey Lewis and The News were more than just hit makers. They were storytellers, spinning tales of love, heartbreak, and the simple joys of life with a unique blend of rock and soul that was all their own. With a sound that was as diverse as it was distinct, they touched the hearts and lives of millions of fans around the world, bridging the gap between rock and pop with seamless ease.
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1 Heart and Soul

I've been a fan for 35 years do you believe in love is there best song, it rocks, then power of love, then heart and soul then id say walkin on a thin line.

Tops in my book... classic sound from Huey and the boys!

This is definitely my favorite Lewis song that I know of, with I want a new drug, a close 2nd

2 The Power of Love
3 If This is It
4 Jacob's Ladder
5 I Want a New Drug

Great beat, but even better lyrics, riveting how many ways they came up with about how wonderful his love is! "Won't make me sick, crash my car or feel 3 feet thick" Awesome.

Their best work, in my opinion. Everything just fits in and it gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. Especially love the sax part.

This never gets old. Fast paced absolute banger.

6 Do You Believe in Love

Have only just discovered this song, but as very glad that I have! Grew up in the 80's and 90's and am surprised that I haven't been hearing it for years on the radio and so-on like I have The Power Of Love.

This was the first song I heard that I actually couldn't get sick of. Will always be #1 among Huey Lewis and the News many classics.

Do you believe in Love is my fave... But heard to believe 'I want a new drug' is not on this list. Say what you will, but Huey nailed in the late 80s.

7 Hip to Be Square

I love this song more just because it had been on the Toyota advert

Don't tell me that I'm crazy, don't tell me I'm nowhere.
'Cause I can tell what going' on: the best is "Hip to Be Square"

8 Stuck with You

I tried to have the band play this song at a concert in san diego so I would propose to my girlfriend, but the band did not acknowledge my wishes... But the song is still awesome.

'Going back to being four or five!

9 Heart of Rock & Roll

This song should be, at worst, in the No 2 slot. Huey Lewis' two biggest hits of the 80's were this song and Power of Love.

My last name is Lewis. So we would tell all of the kids and their friends Huey was my cousin.

10 Walking On a Thin Line

For an upbeat tune there is a dark, sobering message in it's lyrics... Paints a hard truth about the hardships our Vietnam vets faced after a war that people wanted nothing to do with.

Closer to straight up rock than lots of their stuff. Very catchy but with a darker message.

Just wish it was twice as long so I would not have to hit repeat so much.

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11 Perfect World

One of their best and did really well on the charts

Love the guitar solo

Love this song please vote this song up great guitar bass drumming and singing

12 Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
13 Doing It All for My Baby

Great tune amazing singing, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard if there is one

14 Back in Time

Love this song great beat and all so sad to see this song so low down the list vote this one up

15 Workin for a Livin'

This and couple days off should be at the top! There's not a HLN song I wouldn't put up there, but these guys are the definition of blue collar rock! And blue collars work for a Livin and need those couple days off!

16 I Know What I Like

This song is so good amazing great guitar bass drumming and singing vote this song up higher

17 It's All Right

Smoothest harmonies and a classic sound!

How hard is it to compete with JJ Jackson? I have tried in my band and Huey nails it!

18 Forest for the Trees
19 Couple Days Off

This song is really good great singing guitar is good bass is good and everything else is good

20 He Don't Know
21 Bad is Bad
22 It Hit Me Like a Hammer
23 Finally Found a Home
24 Some of My Lies Are True (Sooner or Later)
25 Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love Me
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