Top 10 Chase and Status Songs

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1 Blind Faith

Most catchy song by Chase and Status. That's why I really love it. I love all catchy songs to me.

Liam Bailey is a really good singer.

One of the best songs I've heard. It's a good running song, always makes me feel quite good. I would strongly recommend it.

Blind Faith, Pieces, and Eastern Jam are the best. Flashing Lights, Streetlife, and Take Me Away also deserve mentions.

2 Let You Go

Does this music video show what Jeremy Kyle might be like in his normal life? Let You Go is the best song by Chase and Status.

I wish I could see them live.

Really good singer on this track. The video is also interesting. I like!

Fantastic song. Would definitely recommend this! Give it a try.

3 Time

This is amazing, how can anything else top it? It is the best Chase and Status song ever.

The first time I heard it, I wanted to play it again and again!

This song is by far the best!

4 Alive
5 Fire in Your Eyes
6 Lost & Not Found

Love this tune.

7 End Credits

No other Chase & Status track hits the level that 'End Credits' reaches. It's powerful and epic. One of my favourite tracks of all time.

As awesome as Chase and Status are, nothing even comes close to End Credits! This is such a powerful song! Simply amazing.

This song gives me tingles every time I listen to it. Just an incredible song.

8 Brixton Briefcase
9 International
10 Pieces

Pieces, Eastern Jam, Saxon, and Blind Faith are the best C&S songs, followed closely by No Problem, Let You Go, Flashing Lights, and Take Me Away.

I just can't explain it.

It is just absolutely amazing. If you don't like this song, then you have no soul because it is badass.

Pieces is amazing.

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11 No Problem

The live version though.

12 Heartbeat
13 Hypest Hype

This song is kind of funny because of how Tempa T is singing. This is why I love Tempa T and Chase and Status. They make really good songs. He sings very quickly, but I can actually sing it.

Great music.

Lots of people listen, rave, download, sing, and remix. Hypest Hype is amazing.

14 Midnight Caller
15 Flashing Lights

Best song ever. Love it, not quite sure what the storyline is about but it is absolutely amazing.

Such an underrated song! Absolutely incredible!

Should be higher, absolutely brilliant!

16 Hocus Pocus
17 Invadors Must Die
18 Sirens
19 Eastern Jam
20 Embrace

Really good song and has a good beat to it. How did it not get in the charts?

21 Count On Me
22 Take Me Away

An anthem from titans in the business. It can't get better than this!

My favorites! Great song by the best. Absolutely love it!

23 Hurt You
24 Prayin
25 Is It Worth It
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