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1 Stayin' Alive

I'll keep listening to it as long as I stay alive. The intro moves you and makes you feel alive again and again.

This song is awesome. Watch Saturday Night Fever and within the first minute, this song plays.

I'll think of this song while doing compressions when someone is having a heart attack.

2 How Deep Is Your Love

The intro of this song is pure magic. Just the voices, the power of the lyrics, and the feelings that the song conveys are the best. It's a romantic ballad, disco, and pop song. No matter what kind of music you like, this song is one that you simply love.

Actually, my favorite is Emotion (the original one), but I guess that's not included since it was sung by someone else. Even this one is not far behind. The lyrics, the voices, the music - everything is amazing about this song. Pure melody.

I, Zachary, think How Deep Is Your Love is one of the Bee Gees' best songs. We all want to know how deep someone's love is because we need more love.

3 Night Fever

You can sing along to this song, dance to this song, and even have sex to this song. It's really awesome and melodious. It could be the number one Bee Gees song.

This song gives me nostalgic smiles, and I was born in the '90s.

The best Bee Gees song in my opinion, undoubtedly!

4 Tragedy

Hard to choose because any Bee Gees song should be #1 without a doubt. They are the best ever.

This song has great tempo, melody, and lyrics. The brothers are pure geniuses.

I like the rhythm and the intro.

5 More Than a Woman

My husband told me every time he hears this song, he thinks about me. He said he's going to have it played at his funeral so I'll always remember.

The Bee Gees' most beautiful song. Although, at this point in time, I will keep playing Somebody to Love by Queen.

Just listen to this song.
Listen to that keyboard!
It's magic!

6 Massachusetts

This is the first song I heard from the Bee Gees (that I knew came from them), and it got me hooked on them. It is the best song from the Bee Gees ever. (Maybe I Started a Joke.) I like anything from Robin, too.

I was so shocked to see this song so low. However, right after seeing this song so low, I was even more shocked to see that "Words" was even lower than this one. I don't know what to make of this.

Simply the best from the Bee Gees. For me, whenever I hear about this group, Massachusetts comes to mind first, followed by How Deep Is Your Love.

7 To Love Somebody

There is such a stark contrast between the 60s Bee Gees and the 70s Bee Gees that it really is like listening to two different bands. This is my favorite 60s Bee Gees song. For the 70s, it would be Jive Talkin'.

You can listen to this song all day long. It should be in the top three, in my opinion. Brilliant melody!

Easily one of the most anguished and relatable love songs in history. Simply beautiful.

8 You Should Be Dancing

#8? What a joke. This song should definitely be higher. It is the catchiest dance tune ever created. Around 1:33 into the music is just gold! If that part doesn't make you want to move to the beat, you have no rhythm or soul.

You Should Be Dancing is a great song and band. If you love dancing, it's my number one choice.

A hidden gem. The only one better than Stayin' Alive.

9 Jive Talkin'
10 How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
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11 New York Mining Disaster 1941

Their earlier stuff was much better than their disco stuff!

12 I Started a Joke

I love this haunting song. It was probably composed after they read or watched a science fiction novel by H.G. Wells. I remember reading an interview with the Bee Gees where one of them mentioned reading H.G. Wells back then, which could have inspired them to write this song.

We will never know what these young men were actually pondering in the turbulent 1960s, but I am glad this song was composed by the brothers and sung by Robin. I first heard this song when I was 7 years old in 1968 and fell in love with the 45 rpm recording. It was also the first time I heard Robin sing. He had a mature voice for a teenage boy.

13 You Win Again

Such a good song. One of their best. I can't believe it is so low. Looks like I prefer more of their not-so-overplayed famous songs.

Love this song. Perhaps their best. What happened to I Could Not Love You More? Beautiful song that gets no mention.

Their best song without a doubt! Can't believe it isn't higher!

14 Words

With just no musical arrangements, they did magic. A masterpiece of pop music full of echoes of the 60s.

Such a shame to keep it so low. It's a masterpiece. Lyrics so simple yet so deep and magical.

No comments, but this song should be ranked 4 or 5 in the top. This song is simply magic.

15 Too Much Heaven

I feel like "Spirits Having Flown" was a perfect sendoff to their disco years, closing out the decade with three great singles: "Tragedy," "Too Much Heaven," and "Love You Inside Out."

Of course, there were a lot more midtempo tunes and ballads this time, as well as three members of Chicago making a guest horn section appearance. Not to mention, the three brothers appeared on Chicago's 12th album, "Hot Streets," the previous year.

Still, it is a timeless album after all these years. 1979 was truly the last year of disco's popularity, and it showed on this album.

16 I've Gotta Get a Message to You

This truly should be the number one here! It gives someone so many clues to think about. What would I do if I had one hour left? And that ghostly organ really makes it unique and awesome. Simply their best song!

Early Bee Gees and, in my opinion, better Bee Gees. I like their early songs better than their later ones. The only good later songs were Jive Talkin', Stayin' Alive, and Night Fever.

One of the top three songs. Perfect blend of Barry and Robin, then all of them in harmony.

17 Lonely Days

Is it just me, or does this song sound almost as if the Beatles could have sung it?

18 Spicks and Specks

The Walking Dead! But for real, this song is actually very interesting.

It was played on The Walking Dead.

19 Run to Me

I am in the minority, obviously, but I don't care. I think this is their best song. Granted, it was a hard choice.

20 Nights on Broadway

Nights on Broadway is the best song ever! It has all the elements of a good song. It's different, sweet, and sad. It hits you right in the heart. I love how the younger brother sings it. His voice makes it unique. This song should be rated higher, in my opinion.

This song is just more than enough to sing and hear. Love it so much! What a wonderful song!

Ah, so good. This song is like a journey with different bits, all of them amazing.

21 Closer Than Close
22 Islands in the Stream

Great song. This one should be number 7 or 8. Vote this one up higher, please.

23 Alone

I totally adore this song. It should be in the top ten.

24 If I Can't Have You
25 Love You Inside Out

You are the reason for my laughter and my sorrow! Blow out the candle, and I'll come back again tomorrow!

Filled to the brim with passion and emotion.

Splendid, sweeping harmonization.

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