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1 Never Tear Us Apart

Total shock that, for one this is not at number one, but also that it is only the fourth best on the album Kick! I was a thrash metal fan in the late eighties, early nineties and this song coming on MTV was a rare pleasure because I knew it would never be mine. I could never buy the album, I was too into Napalm Death or Iron Maiden. Truth is, this song transcended all of that. No other song transports me to that time. This is my DeLorean!

INXS outdid themselves with Never Tear Us Apart. I loved all their music, and when they made Kick, I knew this song was one of their best.

2 Need You Tonight

Who damn cares if Never Tear Us Apart is considered the best, maybe it's loved because it has a good saxophone, but come on. Need You Tonight didn't need a saxophone to become the best one here. It even has much incomparable arrangements with the best and only funky original bass and the short CD effects. We're just talking about a song which is subjectively a lot better than Never Tear Us Apart.

Is this song in the heart? YEAH
Is this song in the veins? YEAH
Is this song in the brain? YEAH
Is this song in the soul? YEAH
Is this song in the spirit? YEAH
This song is just spirited and energetic.

3 New Sensation

Despite its funniness, it is a pretty great, seriously worked song. The guitars, the new wave feeling, and everything just made this song a cult classic.

Infectious dance beat and Hutchence's passionate lyrics have no equal!

Good song, probably their best, but not a masterpiece overall.

4 Don't Change

This is definitely their best song. This was one of their first great hits. It was still part of the tail end of the New Wave era, which is where their roots are from. It's been covered by the great Bruce Springsteen whose version is awesome in its own right. But if you want to get into INXS, Don't Change is a great song to listen to first.

This song was the INXS anthem in Australia before they became international stars. I preferred them as a naive Oz rock band than the power pop funk band they would later become.

5 What You Need

Their best. Sorry, everyone. Kick rocks, but this one just does it for me.

6 Suicide Blonde

I remember listening to this when I was little, thinking it said, "Supersonic Bomb." Ultimately, one of their classics and should be top 5 at least.

The best harmonica ever! There's no moment in the song you cannot really enjoy. It sends straight waves of joy, simply and with taste.

This should definitely be top 3 without a doubt. One of the biggest 90s hits, in my opinion. Michael Hutchence at his finest.

7 Original Sin

I played this song in 8th grade music class, and people got offended and didn't understand they were against racism. Duh! I almost got my ass kicked for it. The Dream on white boy, black girl verses were too much and needed to be explained to the dolts in that Columbia, Md., school. I then explained that they were progressive and saying everyone should be able to be with whom they want despite race.

That was in the 80s, and people are still so quick to race to racism. It was clearly against racism. I still feel the fear and anger of playing that record, yes a record, not even a CD. The teacher got it, and some other students. But others still leered at me as if I wrote the song and it was meaning that black and white people couldn't be together. What idiots.

8 Listen Like Thieves

When I think of INXS, I think of this song immediately.

9 Devil Inside

Come on! If Mystify isn't number one, then this should be number one!

By far their best song. What a great guitar riff!

10 Afterglow

Yep, seven years ago, I lost my true love in Afghanistan. And I prayed for a sign from him. Three minutes later, I got in my car to leave work and the DJ was on announcing this song. To me, it was my sign. I will cherish this song for the rest of my life!

It's a 10 for me.

This is their best song to date. Nothing can beat this... NOTHING. There is something so soothing about this song that I always get an inexplicable sensation.

Great, great song. It takes you to a different level of emotion. If someone wants to get lost in music, do listen to this song. Everything is perfect in this song.

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11 Beautiful Girl

Not even top 5?

It isn't like a lot of their dancy stuff, but this is their best soft song. Far better than Afterglow. Give it a listen if you haven't, guys. It doesn't get much better than this.

This is the song Michael Hutchence wrote about his daughter when he wasn't allowed to see her by Bob Geldof. The result of this led him to commit suicide. This is by far the most significant INXS song.

Just a beautiful song that makes anyone feel like they're beautiful.

12 By My Side

I can't believe this isn't number one. This song is the best hint of what Michael was going through, and the song where I can relate to every comma. The part "Room full of people, some call me friend" is the most sad and perfect lyrics part ever. I like the music in "Never Tear Us Apart" best, but nothing can beat these lyrics.

Haunting, beautiful, withering. Hutchence's lyrics hit every emotion. This was their best, and they should have stopped on an absolute classic.

How could this masterpiece be so underrated? It has fantastic lyrics that are deep and coherent with the music. It's just outstanding.

13 Mystify

One of the best INXS songs of all time. Or probably the best. I don't know at all, to be honest.

Should be way further up the list.

Great song! Should be further up.

14 The One Thing

This is disappointing. Greatest INXS song! Michael has the most haunting and possessive vocals. I can't get over the damn chorus. That is perfection. The shredding guitar and the saxophone make this song sound rich and full. I love the energy.

I know. That is true. This song is why I started listening to them.

I love this song, by far their best. I got into them because of this great song!

15 Pretty Vegas

The song that gave the band a new birth and reminded us all why this band is relevant. How can this not be in the top ten? One of their greatest songs, it showed the more rock side of the band.

JD ended up being a new hope and a valid replacement. It's a shame he couldn't stay in the spot he earned and enjoy a high like he couldn't get any other way.

The best song to chill out to. LOVE you guys!

16 Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)

INXS is iconoclastic. They are musically peerless not merely in Australia, but rank among the greatest-ever rock groups on the planet. But among their many smash hits throughout three decades, this vastly underrated track (in my humble opinion) surpassed them all.

17 Disappear

Still feel this song fits into today's music scene. Classic track.

18 Bitter Tears

Just discovered this song. For me, the best song!

19 Good Times

Rocky and upbeat from start to finish. Great cover.

20 Shine Like It Does

Thank you, Michael, for this song!

21 Not Enough Time

Good music to make out to. One of my all-time favorite songs.

Highly underrated - this song is a classic!

22 Kick

Should be much higher. The title song from their best album should be in their Top 10 or 15.

23 The Stairs

Musically sweeping with emotionally moving lyrics. Never understood why this song is not mentioned more often as one of their best. Thank you, Andrew and Michael.

All-time favorite song. Should be higher.

Best Hutchence vocals of any song.

24 To Look at You

Totally their best song. Always reminds me not of a certain girl, but how true love is and the shivers it sends up your spine and the longing in your heart for someone special. - Chris R.

Definitely a Top Ten song from one of their best albums.

Hmm, #33? I'm thinking this poll is rigged. "To Look at You" is their best work.

25 This Time
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