Top 10 Best Alexisonfire Songs

Alexisonfire is known for their dynamic blend of post-hardcore, emo, and melodic hardcore. The variety of their discography can elicit an equally diverse range of opinions.

Imagine you're at one of their concerts. As the stage lights go up, you feel the anticipation building in the pit of your stomach. Then, the first chords hit your eardrums, setting your heart racing. Whether it's the raw intensity of "This Could Be Anywhere in the World," the intricate guitar work of "Boiled Frogs," the emotional depth of "Rough Hands," or the high-octane energy of "Young Cardinals," every track can potentially offer an electrifying moment that sets your soul on fire.
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1 This Could Be Anywhere in the World

This song has some of the best lyrics in its genre. Usually bands that implement "screaming" don't focus on the lyrics because they expect teenage kids that have self-esteem issues to just blast it anyways to show off their individuality, but this song focuses on the melody first, which is excellent, and then has great lyrics to compliment that melody. This band has a few exceptional songs, but this one has to be first. I put this song up there with "Young Cardinals" and "Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints".

2 Pulmonary Archery

Without a doubt, the best song Alexisonfire has crafted.

Nothing beats the perfect intro (best intro of all time), the clashing guitars, and the incredible performance from George Pettit.

3 Boiled Frogs

Dude! This is their best song! Just listen to the chorus. Trust me, I know, vote for Boiled Frogs.

Like literally everything about this song is epic. The riff is sick, the chorus is the best part as I previously said. Just trust me on this, guys.

Boiled frogs all the way, guys! I listen to this song like 40 times a day (minimum). It's not just Alexisonfire's best song, it's the best song EVER. And it's in their best album, "Crisis."

Hi, I like this song, so I voted for it. Seems stupid to argue if we are all fans of AOF! Who's going to see them on the reunion tour!?

4 Accidents

OMG, I've never heard such angelic and powerful vocals from anyone like Dallas delivers here. Great instrument work too.

5 Born and Raised

Amazing vocals by Dallas Green in this particular arrangement.

6 Complicit

Just been released and probably one of the best songs by them in my opinion.

7 The Kennedy Curse
8 Happiness by the Kilowatt

Very deep and heartfelt. The beginning catches you off guard with an upbeat tempo and then drops you into an oasis of sadness. I really love this song, and it has helped me get through some tough times.

This song is emotional, deep, and wonderful!

9 .44 Caliber Love Letter
10 Rough Hands

This song stands out amongst the band's usual louder sound perfectly and is made all the more powerful with Dallas Green's unforgettable vocals.

Best song imho. Give it a try. Pulmonary Archery and This Could Be Anywhere in the World are awesome songs, no doubt about it. But my vote goes to Rough Hands. Awesome lyrics. Great vocals.

The Contenders
11 Familiar Drugs
12 Young Cardinals

Love the official music video, very Canadian. The unity of the group of people singing and dancing to this song is such a celebration of life to this wonderful variance of a musical score. Alexisonfire is like that though, they invite everyone in to take part.

Are you kidding me? Young Cardinals should be number 1. Period. It is their best song ever. It has everything, vocals both hard and soft, great rhythm, and the best drum solo I've heard in a long time.

This is honestly the greatest song I've heard in a while. It's definitely their best and one of my personal favorites.

13 Get Fighted
14 To a Friend

The contrast that is shown through the intro, chorus, and the outro is what really sells this song for me. Dallas Green's voice just seems to pull this song together. It just gives me chills.

The beginning gets me every time, amazing start while Dallas just pulls out an amazing chorus.

15 Sons of Privilege
16 Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints

Great song! Needs to be higher on the list.

17 It Was Fear of Myself that Made Me Odd

Probably one of the most unknown songs from Alexisonfire (was never played live as far as I know). While listening to the lyrics, I could imagine this giant exhaling and causing endless waves in the oceans. At 24 years old, Dallas Green was already such a great writer. And the music? So many special stuff such as going from a slow clean guitar part to a great hardcore style riff and some really original drum parts from their former drummer Jesse. Seriously, Watch Out! was the album just before they went more mainstream, and it's worth the listen, trust me!

18 No Transitory

This one is really great. I just love Dallas Green's vocals here.

19 Side Walk When She Walks

Easily the most underrated Alexisonfire song, and easily the best!

20 We are the Sound
21 Polaroids of Polar Bears
22 Jubella
23 Adelleda
24 Mailbox Arson
25 Control

Best song vocally for Dallas. Gives you chills.

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