Best Forever the Sickest Kids Songs

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1 Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)

This is song is awesome! I love this song so much, I'm going to see them live soon and I'm keeping fingers crossed that they'll play this because I love it!

This is the best FTSK song. It has an awesome music video and the song is just amazing. I can listen to this song all day. I highly recommend it.

First FTSK song I have ever heard. This song got me into the band. Great music and music video. I highly recommend it.

2 Hey Brittany

Yeah, I totally respect that Whoa Oh! Is an awesome song created by none other than the super awesome band, Forever the Sickest Kids. But, I hope Hey Brittany gets the attention it deserves; it is a super cool song that has an infectious melody that is impossible to like. Vote Hey Brittany please!

3 What Do You Want from Me?

Great song! The first time I heard this song is when I saw Diary Of A Wimpy Kid for the first time. I kept trying to figure out what it was. Then, I finally shazamed it, and now I got it off of iTunes and listen to it daily!

I listen to this song everyday and it always makes my day feel better. It doesn't matter what other people want from you, you need to do what you want.

This is good song in diary of wimpy and you will be reminded your childhood. When you want to impress your other fellow schoolmates.

4 She's a Lady

This song is so good and I wish more people heard it! The same goes for "Believe Me, I'm Lying! " Keep supporting Forever the Sickest Kids so that they keep making music and more people hear it!

This song is a classic love hate nightmare. It has a really cool sound and you'll be humming and singing it for at least 2 days after hearing it. Best song ever!

5 Coffee Break
6 Breakdown

Real good, best song by FtSK from underdog.
I recommend this song to all, though their new album contains most of their best songs

7 My Worst Nightmare
8 Believe Me, I'm Lying

This song is so good! Buying this song is a must for people who enjoy music!

9 She Likes (Bittersweet Love)
10 The Way She Moves
The Contenders
11 Keep on Bringing Me Down

Just the best song ever!

12 Bipolar Baby!

Way too low on this list

13 Nikki
14 Catastrophe
15 Phone Call
16 Forever Girl
17 Uh Huh

Why isn't this song on the list yet? It's SO GOOD!

18 Crossroads
19 Chin Up, Kid

How should I put this? This song is awesome.

I randomly start singing this song in a store. one of the best I've ever heard

20 Nice to Meet You

One of the best songs ever in my book. This is my favorite band in the world and I've been listening to them since the self titled album. To be honest I can't get this song out of my head. It's on the newest album J.A.C.K.

What am I supposed to say? If you don't love this song there has to be something wrong with you.

21 Shut the Front Door (Too Young for This)
22 Robots & Aliens
23 We Found Love
24 Same Dumb Excuse
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