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1 Replay

Although this song is kinda overrated its still his best song. It's so catchy and the chorus is great. The verses are also excellent. Solo is also a very good song which I think has a better chorus but Replay is still better.

Its really cool... A very casual beach tune which will make you swing to it... The only thng I think when I hear this... Replay...1st place is the best place for this song awesome... Really awesome you too will replay to this song of iyaz incredible.. So big is fine bu

I love this song because it's so catchy and I can never get away with only listening to it once. This song is amazing. I don't know which one I like more replay or solo

2 Solo

This song is really really good at all! But I'm really disappointed because a song last forever doesn't included in this top ten song list. I think the song last forever is the best song of Iyaz, the second is solo, the third is pyramid, the fourth is replay and more I don't know XP

Amazing song!
Better than replay!
Replay was too overplayed and everyone got sick of it.

Great emotional song video!
It is better than Replay..
I also love Pretty girls..
I'm trying
To hear the next latest song

3 So Big

Best song I ever listen
Number 1
It feels me good, think of my love superb lyrics.
Really heart touching song. Listen it once!

Best song of his! It has a powerful message about love and it has such a great and catchy beat. It's impossible to not dance or sing to this song

Really good song this is the song me and my boyfriend listen to all he time. It is a great love song and one of my favourites!

4 Pretty Girls

Amazing song and lyrics can't believe that its at 8th it should be at least 3rd...!

Its an amazing new song from Iyaz, very nice it has to be nr.1! #there's a lot of pretty girls... #IYAZ is back

Deserve no.2 after Replay

5 Goodbye

I download this song

6 Friend

Awesome Song, Chorus awesome.
About when he broke up with a girl and she meets him in an awkward place and calls him friend.

7 Look at Me Now

Cool song for young one

8 Bulletproof

A great catchy song by Iyaz which is just as good if not better than Replay. This song is so easy to listen to and I could listen to this song all day. Chorus is the handout but verses are good also.

Well, just the kind of song that makes me offtrack sometimes because the words were very catchy and touchy. Better than replay.

One simply amazing song... almost as good as replay, but this 1 takes the cake!

9 Pyramid

Amazing songs I ever heard in my life.

10 OK

Really well done great verses with a catchy chorus. Also a great message differently my favourite singer

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11 Gonna Get This
12 Heartbeat

This song is amazing hands down the best and if you don't like this then you didn't listen to what he is trying to say in this song he's explaining how he feels about this girl and we all have had that one girl that makes our hands shake.

What an awesome superb song guys just vote for this nice song. This song don't deserve this position for sure

I think I like this because it's a hip hop and calm song at the same time.

13 My Girl
14 La La La
15 My Heart Broke

I just can't believe that this song is at 16th I gotta tell you that it will reach reach to the depths of your heart its far more better than 'replay' and other top songs of Iyaz. Help me get it to #1 plese.

This song is fit for the word "PERFECT" because it is one bof the best songs ever made by Iyaz...It is surely far more better than replay or solo! Vote it please

Great song and worth listening. It has good beats with perfect music.

16 There You Are

There you are is so good I like it.

Nice song I like it

17 You're My Only Shorty

It is one of his best hits. Simply love it. Demi is great in this song too. This should be included in the top ten.

I love this song. Iyaz is an amazing singer

18 Last Forever
19 Fight for You

Its just amazing to hear it... Love this song... So so so much..!

Most of all of my favorites best I have ever heard.

This is nice song. I'm also big fan of iyaz...

20 Get Away
21 Da Da Da
22 At Last
23 Rule the World
24 Like This

Simply Beautiful. Iyaz and Jessica Mauboy both have gorgeous voices.

25 Break My Bank

This is a new song of iyaz but a ultira revolutionary song...U should hear it once then you can say it is better than any other song of Iyaz for sure!

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