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1 You're Beautiful

There was a beautiful woman who I used to see around, sometimes id bump into her in the street, sometimes in the supermarket. Maybe about 10 times, I hope she didn't think I was stalking her, it was by chance, honest as I'm sure she worked near where I live and live nearby herself. But not seen her for a while now, so I suspect shes moved house and work..But she looked wonderful in her smart, casual work wear, as well as jeans on her off days and in summer I even glimpsed her in her denim short, daisy dukes which were hot looking on her.

I never heard her speak, so don't know what she sounded like, don't know what she talked about or what her interests were but she intrigued me, so mysterious. She had lovely long blond hair. But I think she had a boyfriend or husband which I saw her walking with once or twice.
So that's why I vote this song.

I like this song. There used to be a pretty woman locally I used to see walking about from time to time. I never spoke to her ever, or heard her voice so don't know what she sounded like but I think I had a crush on her still. I think about her once in a while still even though I never see her about anymore. She was so wholesome and quiet looking and made my heart flutter. She intrigued me. I wanted to know what she ate. What television shows she watched if she watched any. Wanted to know if she had many friends? Sounds stalkerish but I wouldn't want to scare her.
Well, that's why I vote this song although James Blunt might say anything I've said has nothing to do with the song!

2 Goodbye My Lover

This is the BEST song of him, it relates the beautiful story of him after breaking up with his girlfriend, the one who changed his life and all his goals, the one who he shared his bed. This list is missing 'same mistake' that is one of his best songs.

Since my wife of 40 years passed away I heard this song.
Now I know my loss isn't about romance, but it just seemed to be suitable for me and my loss.
Thank you James.

This song is my favorite above all songs. It makes me cry and make me happy. I really hope all the new artists make me feel like that. Really good musician.

3 1973

I don't know why but every time I hear the lyrics, I just feel like I have lost something and, somehow I get another thing instead. It just... brings me back to the old west America.

Beautiful music and lyrics that capture a sentimentality beyond words. Evoke mixed feelings and reminiscences every time you listen.

Awesome song! Mushy lyrics and super music makes it one of the best songs ever sang by james blunt!

4 Stay the Night

I love this song. It sounds so happy and in a good mood. I first heard this on the X-Factor Australia and that probably boosted the fame of this song a lot higher. Glad it became a popular song cause it's so awesome.

A very good and a very catchy song by James Blunt. This song sounds totally different from you're Beatiful and that's what a like about it. The verses are very clever and it is very kind and easy to sing-a-long to.

This is the best song by far is make you feel good and happy is very catchy and is something very different of the type of song that he usually makes.

5 Carry You Home

The Lyrics are peaceful and amazing.
The Melody was really perfect, sweet...
However, every time I listen it, I feel confused with myself and amazed with the power of this music. So I love it, number 1 of James Blunt.

Makes me cry every time. Beautiful! Definitely one of the best, but in my personal opinion THE best of all of James Blunts songs. Sorry, I made this comment long just to satisfy the length meter thingy.

Heart melting. Beautiful lyrics that make you weep. James blunt is simply amazing, songs don't get better than this. Puts the rock songs to shame.

6 Wisemen

You're beautiful is No. 1, I may not argue, but Wiseman its just so one of its kind song, how it is so low on the list, come on people!

"Look who's alone now? It's not me"
"Gotta ask yourself the question, where are you now? "
Just love it.

It is one of the best music James Blunt has.It has that feeling gives you that emotion. Makes you ask yourself the question "Where are you mow? "

7 Same Mistake

I'm really shocked to see this song in 11th position... 'because I thought it to be in 4th of 5th... Have a great lyrics and music both... Suits very well on so many peoples today, absolutely under rated and need to be voted so guys please vote for it... Its James' favorite song

This is his second best song
This songs like the story of my life
I have seen my enemy, he looks just like need anythign more than this line to love this song?

This is by far James's most expressive song. You can feel the emotional pain listening to it. A great, well rounded song all the way.

8 Tears and Rain

I love this piece so much! It's very pretty and often overlooked by many. I really like the songs from his newest album, but this still remains my favourite!

This song is overlooked sometimes because it's not extremely powerful, although it's so majestic and has a really beautiful melody.

Truly the best song along with "Beautiful". It's pure harmony.

9 I'll Be Your Man

Dude!... Best Song!
How is this here!.. This should be in the first/second/third position
You're beautiful, 1973 and I'll be your man!... Are the best of his songs... And the best of the best songs ever!
Vote this song and get it up there people!

Really good song, absolutely deserve to be in top 10! Listen to it if you don't believe, being soundtrack for my whole week

Too good a song.. Very few songs make the soul dance... This is one such!

10 I Really Want You

The best song of James Blunt. Great and very original lyrics from him. Just hear this song and you will know how great of falling in love. How someone can be so precious. I really want you to really want me...

This is the genre where Blunt really shines. My favorite second to No Bravery. Love the sad feeling songs. Of course the top 10 songs are great too but I don't relate to them as much.

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11 Bonfire Heart

This song just transports me to a peaceful quiet countryside. Filled with lovely people to talk to. Definitely one of his best works

Beautiful memories of this song. My son was about to be born and I played the song over and over again!

It's different from
All the other songs and it has an uplifting feel to it!

12 Cry

This song can both be sad and hopeful! I used to listen to it before and get that feeling of catharsis... And now I listen to it with my girlfriend and it fills my heart with love and hope!
This song is for any time and any feeling.

Such an amazingly raw and emotional song-- just listen to the lyrics--- he really draws on his own life experiences within the lyrics...

Heavy heavy song. Reminds me of me and my dad, James blunt is honestly one of a kind.

13 High

By far the best song on this list, never gets old.. The live version of this song is even better

Oh my gosh why isn't this song in tbe top 3? Unbelievable! This song touches my soul! There is none like it period

Just 10? Thought it would be in at least top 5!
The greatest song ever! The melody and the lyrics.. astonishing

14 So Far Gone

Honestly, this is one of the best tunes I've ever heard in my life. Possesses some lines which end up dropping my jaw.

"I can't sleep beside a stranger now."
"And piece by piece we fall apart."
"So I'll just say what you won't say."

And the line which strikes deep within our hearts,
"Tell me the wars you're fighting
Behind the smile you're hiding
All the things I know you want to say"

Soulful, pain and full of love, this song deserves to be in the top ten but, well, we can't have everything.

I am happy with this being 'my' song. Legit gold.

How isn't such a wonderful song not even on the list... People who agree with me... Vote for this song if you are a true music lover and a fan of james blunt

This should be on number 4... How could it is not even on top ten...

15 Annie

It is good don't know if its his best hut I listened to it high and it made me. So happy

Should be number one! Best song by a country mile.

Greatest song ever made, I listen to it each and everyday and it's very sad but a lovely song

16 When I Find Love Again

This song is just amazing!

SHould be in top 10

17 Postcards

I simply cannot stand to see this song so down.
You guys have to listen to it.
Simply great guitar played, soothing melody.
Great song.
Vote for it.

Why in the hell is this song so low in the ranking?!

Good lyrics, great beats!

18 Heart to Heart

29? Well we all know its hard to rank james blunt's song as they are all just awesome, but come on guys make this one higher

What a good song awesome

Awesome song... True talent..

19 Shine On

Really beautiful song. It tells us that love conquers everything and that it doesn't matter who is against the two of you as long as you know love is real. It should be so much higher!

Very nice song... Deep and peaceful...
The bridge part is the best that's what make the song so different...
Like this very much

20 No Tears

This is such a beautiful song and as such should be in the top ten (at least). It brings me to tears with every listen.

How ironic that I end up crying when I hear this.

Should be higher on the list, such a beautiful song, gets me teary eyed

21 Here We Go Again
22 Je Realise
23 Best Laid Plans

I cannot believe it's not even in the list. Awesome lyrics and heart touching chorus. Deserves to be in top 10. Must give it a try.

Awesome song. I never heard of it before but I gave it a shot after looking at the list. Good song. Deserves at least 6 th spot.

Maybe you think this song is just ordinary. Keep it up. I like it the way it is. Not too much improvisation, but hit my ear.

24 If Time is All I Have

Very sentimental song... That song oblige us to thing in what we really want with the persons that we like/love...

And the video clip is so real... When I see this video clip I always thing that he is singing in real time.

Awesome song man. Has to be in top ten.

25 Give Me Some Love

This is one of the catchiest songs by James Blunt. And you can really feel what he wants to say.

I Really Love This Song.. So Touching.. Please, This must be on top 5 after you're beautiful, tears and rain, 1973, and Carry you home.. <3 #Coinoboro

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