Top 10 Best Jason Derulo Songs

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1 In My Head

I think that Jason is a very wonderful and amazing person to listen to. He always tries his best and always thanks God for his blessings. This song is definitely one of his best works.

May God bless you, Jason! And I will always pray for you to achieve more in life. I think that this song is really a masterpiece and it really shows how much Jason works.

Why isn't In My Head number 1? It's an amazing song that's way better than any of his other spectacular songs. The beat is awesome, the lyrics are awesome, and his dancing is awesome!

2 Whatcha Say

I love this song. It makes my day amazing even when it starts off bad! I have to hear this song at least once a day. It is fun and keeps you smiling! It is easy to sing along with, and I just love it! I love Jason Derulo, but I think I might love this song more than him!

Well, it's a great song, no doubt about that, but it was inspired by another great song. Don't get me wrong. This is an awesome song. The chorus was just inspired by another.

I love this song. It is so nice to listen to, especially when you're breaking up with your love. Wow.

3 The Other Side

Love this song! This should definitely be in the top 3. He describes the song as "about becoming lovers. You know if you have a best friend, there's nothing better than having that same person be your lover as well. And it only takes that one kiss, that one moment, that one drink, that can change everything and change things to the other side."

"In the beginning, I never thought it'd be you." Jason, our favorite! Way to go, Jason. The song is just flawless, beautiful. It's a real shame it isn't No. 1 on this list, 'cause it really is. Listen to this song, people, and get this song to the position which it deserves!

4 Ridin' Solo

The best breakup song ever! The lyrics are just too good, and combined with the music, they are sure to get anyone humming it!

My favorite song ever and forever! I love this song so much! I will like it forever! Go Jason Derulo! That song is amazing and it clearly deserves to be in the top ten songs.

Awesome song that makes you feel free to celebrate your life and freedom. Timeless song. He has many awesome songs.

5 Don't Wanna Go Home

Well, let's see. This song rocks! Jason Derulo is my favorite singer. The first song I ever heard him sing was The Other Side. I loved that song. Then I heard Ridin' Solo, and that one was even better than The Other Side. I don't like The Other Side anymore.

Then I heard Don't Wanna Go Home. Man, this song is so awesome! This song should be the number one song in the world! Jason Derulo is awesome. When I get hurt, I put this song on, and it makes me feel 100 times better. Don't Wanna Go Home is the best song in the world. LOVE IT!

6 Talk Dirty

This song has to be number 1. It is probably the best song I have ever heard and is very catchy. "Been around the world don't speak the language, but your booty don't need explaining when you talk dirty to me!"

This song has an amazing tune, and it's fun to listen to. It has an amazing and easy beat to make dances, dubstep versions, and more.

The first time I heard this song, I knew I already liked it. The intro is just amazing, and its impact lasts.

7 It Girl

I love this song. I heard it, and I was like, This is my new favorite song. I think it should be number one or two on the top ten Jason Derulo songs. I believe I listen to this song every time I get on the computer because it is so good.

If you have never heard this song, go to YouTube and type in It Girl by Jason Derulo. You will love this song or learn to love it. It is so catchy, and the lyrics are not that hard to memorize. Jason Derulo makes some of the best songs.

This should definitely be in the top 3, let alone be in the top 10! It is extremely catchy and very easy to learn the lyrics. So, tell me, what is there to hate about this song? Vote for it! Jason Derulo is amazing. He just keeps making hit after hit and will be remembered for a long time.

8 Marry Me

I can never place any other artist above Jason. I so much love all his songs that I've listened to. They're so amazing, but Marry Me is my best... keep moving forward, Jason!

I could listen to this song all day and all night without getting tired.

Absolutely love this song. One of his greatest songs ever made.

9 Trumpets

This song indeed gives goosebumps. Surely the best trumpet song ever made. In addition, Jason Derulo's voice suits the song perfectly.

Wonderful trumpet sound in this music. I can't decide which is better, Trumpets or If It Ain't Love.

Trumpets is one of his best songs ever. I love Jason. He has a great voice and amazing talent. This song really shows it. Maybe because it's new, people didn't know about it, but I believe this song should be at least #1 or 2.

10 The Sky's the Limit

This song is awesome. I love it, and Marry Me would definitely come second. I love everything about The Sky's the Limit: the beat, lyrics, and, of course, my man was too emotional in this song.

This song makes me want to run into the streets and sing my heart out! It's probably the most exciting love song I've ever been introduced to!

Man, it blows my ears. What an awesome song. This is surely one of Derulo's best!

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11 What If

This song makes me emotional every time I see the video clip. It basically means that you have a choice to keep the perfect life but suffer the consequences or forget what you love to make you a better person. Also, don't text and drive!

I love this song! It has so much meaning, and anyone can relate to it, no matter their age. I love the beat, and the lyrics are amazing!

A song that tells you that you can change the past and see the future. It is the best song I have heard. Quite a sad song.

12 Fight for You

His use of Africa's lyrics drew criticism, but just like Whatcha Say, I appreciate that he references other artists in his music. He's not stealing from them. He's referencing them. It's like when you're reading a good novel and they quote an excerpt from a previous iconic work. Also, the song's catchy.

Fight for You is a great song that I really can't help but sing along to when it is playing on the radio. This is his best song since It Girl, and it really deserves to be in the top ten. VOTE FOR IT, GUYS!

His newest song and one of his best. I'm only voting for this because I want it to be in the top ten because it is very underrated and it needs to be voted on. So please vote for this song now!

13 Undefeated

This song is so good. It pumps you up so well, too.

14 Want to Want Me

Really good song to dance to. I danced to this song for an audition and got into a dance school. This song is just amazing!

This song is just amazing and deserves to be in the top 5. Please vote for this song, guys.

In the future, I want this to be the only song people have from my generation.

15 Breathing

I came across this lovely song through a celebratory video montage for the great British actor Jeremy Brett. I hope you enjoy it too.

The best song ever by Jason Derulo! Listen to it, and I swear you will love it to the core! The chorus is just too awesome!

Absolutely savage song. I love it to bits. Best song so far from Jason Derulo. Keep doing what you're doing!

16 Be Careful

This is my favorite song! His first album is extremely underrated, and I'm not sure why he started to sing all of this newer music.

I could listen to it all day and still love it as much!

17 Blind

This song has a good beat that you can't get out of your head. It makes you want to hug Jason and tell him, "I'm sorry!"

I love the way this song sounds live with little instrument, just a simple guitar and him.

This should be first. Vote it up, guys. This is the best song ever. It touches my heart.

18 Cheyenne
19 Stupid Love

My best friend let me know about this song. It's really lovely.

This and Talk Dirty are his best songs. How are they at 11 and 27?

This is one of the best songs ever, seriously. The lyrics are amazing, and the video is so emotional that it makes you cry. This should be in the top 3.

20 Encore
21 Fallen

This song is the bomb. I love it. I think this song should have been in the top 10, if not the top 3 hits. It is amazing. Good job, Jason.

I love this song. I liked this girl, and I wasn't sure if she liked me, so I sang it to her. It works miracles.

22 Strobelight

This is such a sweet song! Brilliant!

23 If I'm Lucky

He needs to make more songs like this one!

24 Wiggle

Awesome lyrics. Awesome music. I love this song. I can't stop dancing whenever I hear it.

The lyrics are awful, but the music and the tune make it one of my favorite songs!

Good song. "Whatcha gonna do with that big fat butt... Wiggle wiggle wiggle." It deserves 8, not 78.

25 Insomnia

This song is unrecognized by many. How dare they? They are missing one of the most outstanding singles by Jason Derulo.

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