Best Xzibit Songs

What are the Best songs from the Famous rapper X to the Z XZibit!
The Top Ten
1 X
2 Lax

I had not even heard of Xzibit but after
I listened to this song I was a fan.

Love this Song it the Best... Yes I Made this group thanks for Voting!

It's an okay song

Yeah, , your my man

3 Don't Approach Me
4 Front 2 Back

X to the Z Xzibit.. Wildest gangsta rapper ever

5 My Name

Eminem's opening verse is awesome and Xzbit's is quite good and oh god Nate Dogg's chorus is amazing like usual! He just has that voice!

Best song of xzibit

6 Alkaholik

This list is all messed up! How is this not top 5? Lot of questionable places here...

You spelled the title wrong... Its Alkaholik not Alcokolic. And hoe id this not top ten

Well, I'm an alcoholic too, so why not?

It's a great song with great flows, a catchy hook and a good beat. gotta love it

7 Multiply
8 What's the Difference
9 Paparazzi

This has to be 1 it is one of the greatest overall songs of all time not just xzibit

This is not only the best song from X but it's the one that will stand the test of time

10 Losin' Your Mind
The Contenders
11 Concentrate

Amazing song. This song was a big single and was one of the best songs of 2007! Xzibit is a mad rapper and one of West Coast's finest! Pimp My Ride was one of the best shows ever

The best song, simple flow, easy to understand lyrics and great performing by Xzibit

12 Spit Shine

Seriously? No one likes it? Come on it's one of the best songs for Xzibit. King of the jungle humbly stays honest, sleep with the lions swim with piranas.

Its one of my favourite rap songs.

Spit Shine is an awesome song!

Mad song from x

13 Bitch Please II
14 The Foundation

It's just so well written, and the flow is great.

15 Carry the Weight

The majority of the songs being voted for aren't his best work and were just semi-popular songs. His early work was his best, and this is one of the highlights from his earliest material

16 Scent of a Woman

By far one of Xzibit's most sinister beats, can't believe its not higher!

17 Best of Things

Xzibit turn your vital sign to a straight line
Never seen a dog bite and bark at the same time

18 Klack
19 Thank You
20 Hey Now (Mean Muggin)
21 3 Card Molly
22 Get Your Walk On

Any one who doesn't vote for this seriously need to get their walk on!

Best xzibit tune. That is all.

This should be number 2 right behind x, this is an absolute amazing track,

23 Bitch Please

Most badass song ever.

24 Been a Long Time
25 U Know

The best song with x to the z xzibit and dre with their gangster beats

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