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Talking about Dio isn't just about mentioning a vocalist. It's diving into the world of a bard of metal. Each Dio track isn't merely a song. It's a spellbinding chapter in a grand, mythical narrative replete with dragons, mystical rainbows, and even poignant heartbreak. Whether you're journeying through his iconic stint with Rainbow or riding the lightning of his unparalleled solo career, Dio crafts stories within the thunderous embrace of heavy metal riffs. And let's not forget that voice - so powerful it could awaken the departed and electrify the souls of the living. Truly, Dio's vocal artistry stands as an unrivaled testament to his genius.
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1 Holy Diver

Yeah! This Dio classic is in its rightful position. This song is an epic heavy metal track and features a 'Dioan' style of singing. The guitar riffs and solo are excellent. Don't forget the drum beats heard throughout the song. Dio is at his best in this song. Rock on.

I completely agree that this is his best song. This song is truly a joy to listen to every time I hear it.

I think it's better than Rainbow in the Dark because this one has a better riff and a better solo.

2 Rainbow in the Dark

Rainbow in the Dark should have been on top. Excellent guitar and sound effects. It will always be my favorite Dio song of all time. Thanks to Ronnie James and the entire Dio band.

Definitely the most amazing song by Ronnie James Dio. A great song anyone would enjoy hearing again and again.


Deserves to be here, but if this list were ranked "Top Ten Dio Solos," this would be at the top from all eras. Go Dio!

3 The Last in Line

This song is practically perfect. The riff, the bass, and especially the solo, which is one of my favorites, are perfection.

Holy Diver has the better riff, but this is the better song. Probably the greatest heavy metal song of all time.

One of the best metal songs of all time. Awesome vocals, great storytelling, tempo changes. It's got it all.

4 Don't Talk to Strangers

Always gives me an incredible feeling when I hear this song. I don't even have to touch anything.

Definitely the darkest Ronnie Dio song, with an incredible solo.

I love this song. The lyrics are some of the best ever.

5 Stand Up and Shout

Truly #1. This song is the best Dio song, not counting his work with Rainbow. The best Ronnie James Dio song is Kill the King from Rainbow. But from the band Dio, this is #1 without a doubt, followed by We Rock, The Last in Line, and Holy Diver.

Truly an amazing song. It should be way higher than this. One of my favorites and will remain so throughout my life.

My favorite Dio song, my favorite Dio album, and my favorite album artwork.

RIP Dio, metal god.

6 Lock Up the Wolves

Best song! Classic Dio. Also, I'm sorry to point out that the Gates of Babylon song should be in Rainbow's top ten.

Epic song that is very underrated.

7 We Rock

Great song by Dio. Should definitely be third or fourth up there with Holy Diver and Rainbow in the Dark.

Why? Because it rocks!

Amazing riff, hard and fast drums, and an unbelievable voice. Do you need more?

Awesome tempo, nice and thrashy, and proves Dio makes some of the best metal ever.

8 All the Fools Sailed Away

A seven-minute masterpiece that has yet to be outdone by any artist. The mood changes, and the weird keys in the middle - all amazing.

One of my favorite songs ever. A true masterpiece.

9 Wild One
10 Egypt (The Chains are On)

Best song Dio has ever produced. It has that magical flow about it that's just unquestionable. Ronnie's vocals are amazing, as always.

This song has one of my favorite Dio riffs.

Epic track blending power and mysticism that epitomizes R.J. Dio.

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11 Rock 'n' Roll Children

If there was a "Top Underrated Dio Songs" list, "Rock 'n' Roll Children" would be number one.

Undoubtedly the best Dio song.

12 Strange Highways

Come on, this has such a doomed-to-death feel to it. It's such a powerful song. The tempo, vocals, everything. Astounding song.

The riff and bass are doom perfection. A fire song.

Not a fan of the whole album. However, the doom of this song is so good! It has a dirty, slow pace, which just works so well for it.

13 Mystery

This song is so special and mysterious, yet it pretends to shed light on the mysteries, opening minds and advising that "It's always a mystery, not what it seems to be." It recommends not being too confident in this strange life where we live. It does so perfectly, with excellent lyrics and excellent keyboard parts, like those in "Rainbow in the Dark."

14 Twisted
15 My Eyes

Best of the best. This is amazing.

16 Sacred Heart

Dio has many killer tunes, but this is my favorite. It needs more credit.

Good lyrics and good tunes. What more do I really need to say? This song is epic!

Powerful. Just a great heavy metal song. Awesome vocals, great guitar - Dio rules!

One of the best songs from Dio. It deserves to be higher.

17 One Night in the City

Dio can also write non-fantasy lyrics while still sounding epic with great storytelling.

It is totally one of the top ten.

18 Gates of Babylon
19 Between Two Hearts
20 Walk on Water
21 Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
22 Hungry for Heaven

Just give this one a listen. In my opinion, it should replace Sacred Heart. It should be your opinion too.

This song really needs to be higher. It's really good.

23 Dream Evil

This song's lyrics include rainbows and dreams. It has keyboards and a robotic/distorted voice effect - that's pure '80s Dio. I lost a bet that this song was on one of the A Nightmare on Elm Street soundtracks.

24 Hey Angel
25 Blood from a Stone
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