Top 10 Best Jay Sean Songs

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1 Down

Outstanding song! It's one of the best songs I have ever heard. Love you, Jay Sean! Ride It and other songs are also good, but Down is the best!

I want more songs like Down because it's fantastic, and maybe everyone loves this song by Jay Sean. Jay Sean is one of the best singers in the world, and I love it so much!

It's the best song ever. I believe from my heart that this song will one day be the best song ever in the whole wide world, which it apparently is.

I'm glad that the song is by Jay Sean because, in my opinion, he is the best singer ever. I love Jay Sean. He rocks! Young Money Cash Money.

2 Ride It

It is a very good romantic song. When you hear this song, it will touch everyone's soul. It is such an amazing song. The music and lyrics are really awesome. Jay Sean looks very smart in this song.

Why is this song not in the number 1 spot? I hope that it will deserve the number 1 place.

This was the best love song I ever heard in my life. Whenever I listen to this song, it always touches my heart. I think this is the best among all the songs.

Jay Sean always rides it, and it always touches my soul.

Awesome song. Just loved the rhythm and mood of the song. Music is also too good. Hats off to the guy. Deserves the No. 1 position.

3 Stolen

Very different from any other Jay Sean song, but I still liked it very much. Thumbs up for Stolen.

Awesome song with a retro beginning. Great lyrics!

The guitar and the voice! I can't stop listening to this beautiful and amazingly well-sung song! One of my top favorites!

4 War

The question I ask myself every time I listen to this song is, is there such a love like this, or is it just words?

This song describes real love, and I love it so much. Love you, Jay Sean.

How come they don't play stuff like this on the radio? This is just as good, if not better, than any Usher song!

Simply amazing. Best Jay Sean song by far. The instrumental is just so calming, and the lyrics are sweet.

I could listen to this all day.

5 2012 (It Ain't the End)

Even though it's already 2013, I still love this song! It's amazing. It's for sure one of my favorites by Jay Sean! I love him and all of his songs.

Well, it's a really hard choice... I mean, Down, Ride It, and DYR were some of the most successful songs of all time, but with 2012, Jay Sean takes it to a new level. It's so inspirational, and Nicki Minaj is awesome.

And yes, Jay Sean is hot and an amazing singer.

This song is so soothing and melodious! Really nice one and one of my favorites. Jay rocks!

6 Do You Remember

It's the best song of Jay Sean... It's really full of emotions, and as you know, Jay has a very good voice quality...

Very beautiful song... I love it!

One of his best songs! I love "Down" too, so I think this song should at least be in the second position!

I do remember this song, and I remember it was one of the best! Sean Paul's West Indian rapping was epic!

7 Hit the Lights

This is an awesome song. Man, this is my favorite Jay Sean song. And Jay Sean is my favorite pop star. Love you, Jay Sean, and keep up the good work.

Excellent instrumental, man. Jay, this is my favorite song. STARTERS GOING OFF. It's so hot these girls just take all their clothes off. So take a picture of this moment with your iPhone.

Cause I don't want to forget tonight. Best EVER!

Great music and song! Wow! Jay Sean is an awesome singer, and Lil Wayne supports him very nicely.

8 I Won't Tell

What's happening, guys? Didn't you hear this song? It's one of Jay Sean's most amazing songs I've ever heard. But it's out of the list!

You guys must be joking.

It's the coolest song ever by Jay Sean. He rocks! I'm literally in love with it!

Told ya! With Sway, Jay has done an amazing job.

9 Eyes On You

Awesome song! I heard it in a showroom and I loved it so much that I came home and downloaded it! It's really nice!

This is the song that made Jay Sean so famous. It was his first song that went to the top 10 in 2000.

Listen to it once. It may come under the top 5.

This is an awesome song! It has hip hop mixed with exotic tunes. Vote for this man!

10 Neon

This should be number one and the best song on the new album and one of the best ever made by him. Keep going, Jay Sean, you get better with each album.

This song can replace Down if published properly. It's just an amazing song sung by a beautiful voice with awesome music. Thumbs up!

The Contenders
11 Stay

This is one of my favorites. Jay Sean has a great voice. The beats of the song are really great. Jay Sean has done a great job.

This should be in the top 5.

This is one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking songs I have ever heard.

The best Jay Sean song. I can relate to this song so much that it's freaky!

12 Worth It All

I thought it's an amazing, mind-blowing song. If you have ignored this song and you are a big fan of Jay Sean, then be ashamed of it.

Jay, you have such a good blessing from God. I like your voice. Your voice is so sweet. Your voice can touch everyone's heart easily.

I like your songs.

What am I seeing!? It must be in the top 5.

13 Lights Off

This song deserves not to be in the 1st position but should be beyond the list of top tracks by Jay Sean. Love this song!

Well, my favorite of all Jay Sean songs. Jay Sean is my favorite singer. Damn, they just rock. And the last part of this song is certainly the best!

Top-class song. This song deserves to be in the 1st position. Kindly reorder it.

14 Mars

One of his best! Please listen to it, guys, and bring it to the top! Really awesome song by him!

Please vote for this song. It's one of the best songs of 2013.

One of my favorite songs! I love Jay Sean!

15 Don't Rush

This song actually shows his talent. How come it's so low? It should have been at least in the top 3!

I listen to this song every day. I love it so much. It's so full of energy and everything. It's just wonderful! I love Jay Sean so much. I'd die if they didn't exist.

There'd just be no me. This song makes me so happy. I can't believe it's only number fourteen.

The best song by Jay Sean. It should be in the top 5. People, go vote for him!

16 If I Ain't Got You

This should NOT be in last place! It's probably my favorite on the album, better than the highly overplayed Something Just Like This, which I saw at the bottom with this one a while back but has now risen to a high place on the list.

So why hasn't this incredible song? I just think it deserves to be in the top 50 at least, if not the top 20!

The haunting chords are too mesmerizing. This is the best of Jay.

17 I'm All Yours

Hey Jay! Awesome song, man. This song is awesome. Feeling very, very good. This song is very suitable for parties because when I listen to it, I start dancing automatically!

For that reason, please vote for this song. Ride It, Stay, Do You Remember - those songs are very good, but they are old. I love this song forever.

See, the sky can fall down. You, we can roam around like this, like that, with all the other pop, but I'm All Yours made me your fan, Jay Sean!

Jay Sean's best song. It's awesome, feels like listening to it over and over again.

18 Maybe

The list maker has just seen Billboard charts and made the list. Come on, songs like 2012 (It Ain't the End) and I Made It shouldn't be on the list.

If you listen to Maybe, you'll know that it's Jay Sean's best song till now. Listen to Maybe and then decide whether it should be at the top or not.

Nice one, Jay. I love it. Should be given the number 1 spot. Awesome song, man.

One of the best by Jay Sean. Should be listened to by everyone at least once.

Maybe this will be in the top 5 if people actually listen to this amazing song! Definitely one of his best!

19 The Way Love Goes

The Way Love Goes is one of the best songs. Very much the best lyrics and an awesome song. Top 5.

Great song, extremely enjoyable and fun. Probably one of the best Jay Sean songs of all time!

20 I Made It

Love this song, it's all about how they made it to the top! Kevin Rudolf says, "I told you to let it rock." Jay Sean says, "And now the sky is falling down." Lil Wayne says, "I might drop the world if I change hands."

Connecting to their biggest hits, making a hit 20 times better - I MADE IT!

By far the best Jay Sean song out there because it's a mix of RnB and Rap. It is also very catchy.

Great song. It feels like a power booster.

21 Where You Are

Best of Jay Sean. I can't help it. I gotta be where you are.

It's a mesmerizing song. It must be in the top 10.

22 Like This, Like That

Probably 90% of my music play is Jay Sean, and I understand everyone has differing opinions, but how this is not in the top 5 Jay Sean songs, I will never know.

A mistake, surely?

This is one of the best, most awesome songs. I don't see why it's all the way down. Kudos to whoever posted this.

Nice lyrics and the best song of all time. It's very much the greatest song.

23 Tonight

This song should be number one. It sounds so fantastic, so emotional. It's the best song from Jay Sean. It's also a great comeback after 3 years.

It's so awesome. Keep doing what you're good at, Jay Sean.

24 Stuck in the Middle

The long-awaited Stuck in the Middle is finally here. This is my favorite so far.

25 Do You

It's the best song of Jay Sean, yaar! It deserves to be in the 1st position!

Wow. Keep on killing it, Jay. You're my best. Ibrahim Ibrahim EL.

Don't stop killing me, Jay. Ibrahim Ibrahim EL.

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