Top Ten Best American Idol Performances

Out of every performance of every season of American Idol, which is the best of all time? I started it off with ten of my favorites, and I really want to know what everybody else thinks are the best performances.
The Top Ten
1 Adam Lambert - Mad World

Such a beautiful performance. No wonder he got the first standing ovation from Simon. I still remember the look on Simon's face when they announced Kris Allen won. Simon couldn't believe it. Poor Kris has been trying to overcome it ever since.

Adam sung this song with so much emotion. His beautiful voice gave me chills. I was speechless when he finished and so was Simon Cowell apparently. He had no words but a STANDING OVATION! It was evidently the first time Simon had done that and this was Season 8. That speaks volumes right there!

2 Clay Aiken - Bridge Over Troubled Water

I loved Clay singing grease...he was out of his comfort zone and I could tell he was uncomfortable doing his hip shaking. This is what made me watch him week after week, and he just got better every week. No denying the kid had talent. Even more impressive was his need to help children. Later I found out he started The National Inclusion charity.

It looks like nobody is going to match Clay's level of talent in 15 seasons. Some had more commercial success (Carrie) and some found their niche (Adam) but for sheer versatility and beauty, no one can touch Clay.

3 Kelly Clarkson - Natural Woman

Starting off the song in a soulful voice, in a low range was difficult enough to do, but it sounded amazing. Then came the chorus, where she belted out the big notes like she's been performing her entire life. The bridge led up to a pitch perfect, beautiful sounding G6 whistle note, straight into the final chorus where she belted it out again with some chilling riffs, leading into the end of the performance, and the massive audience reaction including an obessive fan running on the stage to congratulate her.

4 Caleb Johnson - Dream On
5 Haley Reinhart - House of the Rising Sun
6 Haley Reinhart - Bennie and the Jets
7 Carrie Underwood - Alone

Although she's been the fan favorite, as well as the judges' favorite for a while before this performance, Carrie needed to prove that she could be a versatile performer and vocalist. That's exactly why she picked this song, and she did exactly what she intended to do.

The only American Idol performance that gave me shivers (and still does). I think Carrie launched herself into the finals with that performance.

Simon was 100% right! I absolutely love her!

8 Fantasia Barrino - Summertime

Fantasia proved that a little bit can go a very long way. Sitting on the stage, Fantasia gave a classy, and unforgettable performance, which was compelling and moving as well.

9 Benny and The Jets - Haley Reinhart

This performance was simply fantastic and so fun to watch. I watch it many times a day because her rendition was, in my opinion, better than elton john's. She is awesome.

HALEY's defining performance! She was sexy in this. No one should ever ever try to sing this song again. She set the bar that high. Loved it so much!

10 Candice Glover - Lovesong

Goosebumps for this lovable performance..

Excuse me, but why is this not higher?

The Contenders
11 David Archuleta - Imagine

Randy called it one of the best performances he's ever heard, and Simon called him the one to beat after this performance of the John Lennon classic. He took a simple song, with a limited range, and turned it into a vocal masterclass. He has sung the song many times before, practicing it as a kid, and it all paid off when he performed it on the idol stage.

12 Pia Toscano - I'll Stand by You

Pia inspired me to be a performer with this touching performance. She has an amazing, huge voice and she doesn't only have talent, she has also soul and heart. I admire her so much.

13 Haley Reinhart - I Who Have Nothing
14 David Cook - Billie Jean
15 Katharine McPhee - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Katharine started of the performance in acapella. The first part alone had a big vocal range, and riffs that she nailed perfectly. Then she went on with the rest of the performance, which she knocked out of the park.

16 Jessica Sanchez - I Will Always Love You

It wasn't only a perfect performance vocally, it was also a memorable moment of AMERICAN IDOL, that people will remember for many years. Jessica is awesome! Good job, Jessica!

Jessica Sanchez is AWESOME! I'm sure she will do AMAZING things in the future. She is extra talented. This song was her best performance. I wish I could sing like her.

I wonder why it isn't number 1 or 2. She sing it perfectly and the song have many view on YouTube. She made thousand of people cry for Whitney Again

17 Blake Lewis - You Give Love a Bad Name

Blake Lewis's You Give Love a Bad Name showed that he really wanted to win and he just let it come out. It was awesome. I also loved Hayley Reinhart's House of the Rising Sun, and Lee Dewyse's Hey Jude.

18 Jordin Sparks - You'll Never Walk Alone

Next to Fantasia's Summertime, it ws probbly the most emotionl performance ever, and next to Kelly's Natural Woman, it probably was the most powerful vocal ever. If anybody underestimated the young contestants on the show, they didn't anymore.

Really an emotional performance. An inspiring song as well.

19 Elliott Yamin - A Song For You

The song has been remade many times by many different highly accomplished artists, and Elliott knew what he would be compared to, and he stepped up to the plate, and delivered the performance of a lifetime.

20 James Durbin - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

What is James doing now? I heard he was screaming his head off for some metal band.

To hard to pick just one. He was great every single time.

21 William Hung - She Bangs

Admit it, his singing is the most entertaining.

Not to mention that he is confident at what he does, and he does not act so robotic and stiff when he performs. Charisma? He got it!

22 Bo Bice - In A Dream

Added to the fact that singing a song with no background music in front of 35 million people isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to do, it was also sung technically perfect, with great vocals, and an unbelieveable amount of emotion behind it. America had no choice but to send him to the final two after this.

23 Melinda Doolittle - My Funny Valentine

Melinda chose a simple ballad, and her pure voice shone through. She became the top contender after that performance.

24 Tamyra Gray - A House Is Not A Home

What an amazing performance. Very heartfelt. Watch it on utube.

25 Jena Irene - I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

I am in SHOCK. I just can't believe this. This is the best performance idol has seen in that season. Her range. I can't even...

This is the performance, by far, of season 13. It is just so beautiful and Jena's voice just complements to the meaning of the song

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