Top 10 Best Limp Bizkit Songs

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1 Rollin'

I think what reason why this song is best for you guys is Undertaker theme yea? I don't like all their songs and limp bizkit isn't cool anymore! I'm just laugh!

All right partner, keep on rollin baby... You know what time it is...

Limp bizkit is one of the best band.. Rollin its best song. Its song are just amazing.. Fred durst voice if awesome..

This music is so classical "move in now move out, hands up and hands down, backoff backoff tell me what you gonna do now!

2 Break Stuff

This, you guys, is the BEST anger song ever.. If you're very angry, this is definitely the best song to listen to. Just one remark: don't go throwing with real stuff though!

Best song.. It is always refreshing and what a kick ass song! The feeling you get is amazing. Easily the best song. This song has created riots, that's the power. The lyrics can easily get you going!

Just awesome. Best song by L.B. Lyrics-angry, guitar-Furious everything just perfect.
Give me something to break. How about your face.

Without a doubt the best Limp Bizkit song ever.
It got me to school on the dreaded early mornings!
Gutted it's not number 1 man!

3 Take a Look Around

Amazing Lyrics..

-Life's just a blast, that's moving really fast, better stay on top or life will kick you in the ass.

-With the good comes the bad, the bad comes the good, but Imma live my life like I should.

-Does anybody really know the secret or the combination for this life and where they keep it, It's kinda sad when you don't know the meaning but everything happens for a reason.

-I analyze every second I exist, beating at my mind every second with my fist.

Damn this is tough between this one, Rollin' and Break Stuff. The chorus of this song is awesome and I bang my head to it every time. Great lyrics about today's prejudice not just about famous people, but also ordinary people with their issues. Perfect bass line for Mission Impossible 2

Come on guys-this is way better than my way..!
Infact much better than rollin as well...
So vote it guys and make it the number one-because that's where it deserver to be..!

Easily one of the Best songs I've heard of Limp's. The video's really good too. Definitely worth looking at again once in a while.

4 My Way

This song is really awesome.. I was pretty confused about all the songs on this list. And tell you what I pretty much like their "Results May Vary" album too. BUT seeing SHOTGUN at this rank.. You voters are hopeless. GoldCobra has already tasted the dirt even after they are back to their normal self. It is just because of the ads and publicity is why Shotgun even make the list.
Top Songs from NEW ALBUM (Gold Cobra):
1. Bring It Back
2. Gold Cobra
3. Walking Away
4. Loser
5. Shark Attack

Mostly people hate it but I liked AutoTunage too (inspired from Results May Vary album)
This album is experimental... Mixture of 3$ and RsultsMayVary!..
First 3/4th album songs are 3$/starfish style and others 3 are Results May Vary!...

But do check them!
Mostly critics have turned the album down!
I myself gave it 2.5/5.
""I will be disappointed if ANY GoldCobra song make the cut to ...more

I think why My Way is their best song, because the lyrics. TIf we watch only the music, then maybe we can say that Rollin' is maybe kind of the best, but I think My Way is way better than anything else from the Bizkit. If you wanna create a real classic, then you have to make a lyrics, what's actually has meaning. And this song has meaning.

Love this song the very first time that it was introduced to me. I listened to it all day long even when I went to work. One word... Awesome. I still listen to it today...

Best Song Every!
If one song had to represent Limpbizkit for what they stand for! It's My Way! A powerful song that has a deep full meaning that anyone can relate too.

5 Nookie

No Doubt, old school. The Real 90s wrapped up and presented. you will be getting up every time you hear it.

Definitely Bizkit's best. I'm not a Limp Bizkit fan in general but I love this song.
The melody flows so well and is such a headbanger.

Great song. Nookie is an old school word. Always love their lyrics.

Why is this lower than Break Stuff! Nookie deserves to be in top 2.

6 Behind Blue Eyes

One of the most beautiful limb bizkit songs ever made... The music amazing, thumbs up!

This is the best one no doubt in that... It's so melodious and runs slowly... You can just feel every beat and every moment

WHAT? The best song of this fabulous group place in 5th. Really, this is best song of Limp Bizkit!

Their best song is a cover, and even that is a mediocre one. And when DISCOVER LIMP comes I'm out.

7 Gold Cobra

Sexiest Song ever...!
This is an awesome song vote for it it should be at least in top three. Common every one this is an appeal and a request vote for it or first listen to it it is damn good you will love it...!

This is an awesome song vote for it it should be at least in top three. Come on every one this is an appeal and a request vote for it or first listen to it it is damn good you will love it

This was the song that made me love Limp Bizkit- that guitar riff? Brilliant!
Can't believe it's not higher up on the list.

This was my first song of limp bizkit that's what made me love this band!

8 Counterfeit

Awesome introduction, an actual meaning, great guitar rifts, and well performed. This should be in the top 5.

Limp bizkit greatest hit must be in top 10
That's not fair. Freak me out you wear a mask called counterfeit. Such a numb lyrics.

First song I've heard, My first love!
How much is impressing the starting?

I'm sick of U2! I'm sure they didn't mean the band, but that's the beauty of this song. and that's why I love it so much

9 My Generation

What!? How is Behind blue eyes ahead of this song! This is one of their trademark songs, this is the REAL LImp Bizkit, Limp Bizkit at their best - Nu-Metal! Get this in the top 3 ASAP! Do it now! My Generation!

My favorite song from limp bizkit. An epic song to be precise. EPIC.. It makEs yoU wanT to shouT and sing along to the lyrics. This song is pure ear candy and my personal favorite from the boys

How is this song this low? It is by far the best limp bizkit song. Better than behind Blue Eyes

Old School! One of their best songs. Should be in top 3.

10 Hot Dog

Every Limp Bizkit track is amazing. However, this track is bar FAR the best song they have ever produced.

This track is off the chart. It's so amazing and brilliant should be higher for real

I love how it references a bunch of Nine Inch Nails songs.

One of the best riffs in nu metal!

The Contenders
11 9 Teen 90 Nine

It's the most underrated masterpiece.

This single song represents most of what you need to know about limp biskit. That smashing guitar sound in the end almost kills you. Limp bizkit may look bad-ass, but their music can't help but impress the hell out of you.


12 Re-Arranged

Re-Arranged is the unique and powerful song I will ever hear in my entire lifetime. The guitar work in this song cannot be replaced or redone by any other cover or live performance of this song. This is TRULY the best ever LB song!

Ye! Man! Re-arranged tells what it is aimed for & its video worth a billion $ too... Love L.B. 4 ever.

Can't believe this is so low! I LOVED this song back in the day, and I still listen to it all the time!

This song should definitely be up in at least the top 3. The lyrics are some of their best and the bassline is awesome.

13 Shotgun

Classic Limp Bizkit. I don't know why Limp Bizkit fell out of favour with the general populace. This song put the right back on the radar for me.

"You hear that... That's the sound of a SHOTGUN! Everybody jumps from the sound of the shotgun, in my neighborhood everybody got one. "

Epic guitar solo by Wes Borland, this song unbelievable. My new favorite.

I love other Limp Bizkit songs, but this is my current favorite.

14 Pollution

Greatest song from their greatest album. Opening riff is so powerful. Rock your socks off metal, straight up.

Their greatest song

15 Eat You Alive

I ain't no fan of this band but this song is really awesome. It's funny to see that songs like my way are up there instead of this gem. I dunno maybe I'm not in this kind of music and I liked this because it's a departure.

I love this song. It's so manic and sexy. It's definitely a favorite of mine and the video is pretty cool too. Check it out if you haven't already.

Whaat! This song is not even in top ten!
This is their best song so far!

16 Boiler

I love the rhythm of this song and how you can feel the anger of Fred Durst. It feels very real. Which is often underrated nowadays.

Anyone who knows a fair bit about Limp knows Boiler is definitely up there.

Boiler is One of the best songs they ever released must be on top ten!

Das bisher beste Lied von Limp Bizkit. Unglaubliche Melodie I'm Refrain. Up to date the best track of Limp Bizkit. The Chorus has an incredible melody.

17 Livin' It Up

I love this song, it should be higher rated. It's so random, but it's a good random

It is a really good song, I love the raps and the riffs.

Groove and metal... What more can I ask for?

Just freds performance alone gives this underrated song a special mention

18 Walking Away

In my opinion the final song of Bizkits musical evolution, first half makes me cry, then comes awesome solo by Wes and the song ends with the best scream of Fred Durst and after listenning I feel like new born person...

Honestly, this is their best song. Excellent performance, good range of emotion, great lyrics, with a great solo by Wes and screaming by Fred.

Best LB song ever. Love the Guitar riff by Wes. Lyrics great as well.

19 Faith

It's one of the best songs guys, no.28? Come on

This needs to be top 5 for sure!

This is actually

What the? It's surely on 5th

20 Indigo Flow
21 Full Nelson

This track just rocks! The lyrics alone make it the best Limp Bizkit song ever in my opinion

Great song! In my pre match playlist for wrestling

22 Stuck

Best! Why so low?

23 Stink Finger

That beginning though

24 Just Like This
25 Build a Bridge

Why is this not in the top ten? Someone tell me why? It's a legendary song!

When people say they never had any good songs, I show them this...

Underrated song with amaIng drumming and guitar work, different from amy other fs or lb song, catchy and not about hoes or money. Well made sir

This is one of the best song. Make me powerful

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