Best Memphis May Fire Songs

Top 10 songs by post-hardcore / metalcore / southern rock band Memphis May Fire.
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1 The Sinner

Ridiculously amazing breakdown in the beginning of the song. Has a great meaning too. This song's the one you sit on a bus and head-bang too while everyone else is like "what is that guy having a seizure? "

These two chorus are just amazing. They can make you fell the beat, like something was hitting something, I don't know

The music video for this song drove me to buy the album.
Amazing band...

2 Vices

This song is amazing... All the elements, the music, screams, growls and the captivating chorus.. All comes together so perfectly.. This is their best song to me! Number 1

This song deserve to be the top 1! Growl and screams are awesome..
And the chorus sounds so great.. and he was right..
Perfect combination..

I love the guitar part in the beginning. I also love how low Mullin's voice gets.

3 Alive in the Lights

The first 45 seconds of this song will rip your head off.

Amazing vocals with a powerful message. should AT LEAST be number 6

4 Prove Me Right

This song. Holy god. Words cannot explain how I feel about it. I love to listen to it when I'm angry.
"I see the greed in their eyes, well I guess I'm nothing but a dollar sign."
It should definitely be in the top ten.

5 Ghost in the Mirror

I love this song because of their original southern sound and also Matty's screams and vocals plus the steady beat definitely puts this song at least in 2nd place!

6 No Ordinary Love

A song caracterized by a sad story match with amazing sound going back and forth on the scream and soft voices.

I can't believe this is in 28th place! Its super catchy and awesome.

7 Miles Away

I love this song, it's one of my favorite songs in the world. It has a lot of meaning, especially for me personally, because I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. It's one of the nicest songs that MMF have written. I mean, I love all of their songs, but sometimes all of the screaming and drums and guitar gets a little overwhelming, and when bands throw in songs like this, it really makes it so much better. :3

This song sounds very, very cool in the first go itself. Plus, Kellin Quinn is like a cherry on top of the cake. But yeah this one is a superb song and so according to me it should be number 1.

8 The Victim

Silent when we needed you!, just amazing.

9 Legacy
10 North Carolina vs. North Atlantic

I personally think it's their best song. Has a few great screams and a good beat!

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11 Beneath the Skin

Absolute lyrical meaning involved within this song and its beautiful to see how this relates and addressees the problems with isolation as almost a relief to the suffers of the condition...brilliant

Should be at the top...This is the most melodic,most beautiful and lyrically deepest Memphis May Fire can get...apart from the fact that some of it's lyrics contradicts it is definitely the best MMF track so far

12 Deuces Las Cruces

Love it. Makes me want to head bang every time

13 The Abandoned

What! It should be placed at top 5! Best riffs!

14 Be Careful What You Wish For
15 The Deceived
16 The Reality
17 The Redeemed

"Let go of everything" and "These bones are only temporary" really make me chill.

What?! Why isn't this song on here? It is ' awesome. Go listen to it now. I demand it.

Best underrated song by them by far, As if this song is this low in the rankings

18 The Haunted

This is the first song I ever heard by Memphis May Fire, and I instantly fell in love with it. It's got great energy, a good vocal/scream mix, and it's incredibly catchy. Even Matty must think The Haunted is one of the best, because he references this one in Jezebel on Challenger.

19 The Commanded

My favorite song from The Hollow. This song is most likely referencing what soldiers experienced on the battlefield during the civil war, or possibly one of the world wars, which is interesting in my opinion

Probably the most aggressive song from The Sinner, hands down. That's why it's my favorite.

20 The Rose
21 Speechless

Wonderful song with great lyrics!

22 Losing Sight

I find it pretty easy to appreciate the meaning and quality of this song alone but it so does not hurt that it's so well performed and put together. I think personally what I like most about it is how well Matty manages to grip the listener and put them in his shoes. It gives a great perspective (I think) on the struggle of an artist and how best to give back to the people who've done so much for him. Just such a good song.

23 Stay the Course
24 Carry On

This is one of my favorite songs on the new album, means a lot to me because I had problems with people who wanted to mold me into a person that I didn't wanted to be. And when I listen to this song I remember how strong I was to don't let them win. And I feel really good about that.

25 Sleepless Nights
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