Top Ten Members of Hey! Say! JUMP

The Top Ten
1 Ryosuke Yamada

Yamada-kun is so talented and handsome I can listen to his voice all day and stare at him all day! He is also so hardworking, and charming and sweet. He is also a marvelous portrayal, and I especially love him as Amakusa Ryuu in Tantei Gakuen. Firstly because I loved Ryuu in the books, which is why I love him too when it comes to the show! I am also amazazed how someone so cute and outgoing, funny and sweet, can portray someone quiet and deep, intelligent and mature like Ryuu so wonderfully I think he was perfect for the role! Yamada-kun is why I know of Hey Say Jump in the first place. Haters gonna hate but I will always love Ryosuke.

2 Yuto Nakajima

Yuto is a kind boy. Many Yamada fans may say Yamada works so hard so he achieve what he want but let's just think about Yuto. He was in the top when he was a kid but he just keep on falling because he is not as popular as Yamada. When all of these happened, Yuto was just a secondary school's student. Just think about how brave and strong he is to face such a cruel reality. So Yuto, stay strong and always smile! All your fans will always by your side!

My eyes instantly focus on Yuto when I first knew Hey! Say! Jump. In my opinion his idol aura caught me the most. Other than just very talented and funny, I think he is the most charming and manly among the others. Through out the show I feel that he is a kind, trustful, and dependable person, that you can easily going with.

3 Hikaru Yaotome

Hikaru is finally in the top 5. YAY! He is the cutest. I love it how his cheeks are so chubby and when he smiles, it makes everyone smile. He is a mood maker which is good because in my opinion, without Hikaru, hey say jump wouldn't be smiling as mood. He is so funny. I love him so much and meet him in person.
I love you, Hikaru!

:) SUPER CUTE, Handsome and Very hardworking! Although I guess some may dislike him because of his teeth but his very cute. I can see that his always trying to make everyone laugh. Everyone in Jump is putting there utmost effort! Hikaru Yaotome you are a very talented man!

4 Yuri Chinen

He's very cute who can even pass the cuteness of a girl.
He can the dance jazz (since 3 years old) and do turns, hip hop and other kinds. He can also do variety of acrobat move like cart wheel and so on.
He's a dubber since a child and also a child actor. So I believe he can surpass the other older members.
While Ryu hasn't return yet. Chinen will be the youngest now (don't you think so? ).

And also, Chinen had a high pitched voice which was very useful when they first debuted, unfortunately because of puberty, his voice got deeper and in the past years it somehow sounded horrible though now it sounds very sexy but still cute.

5 Kei Inoo

Although he get the least solo lines among the members, he always stay calm. Being himself, he loves to fool around and every words that come out from his mouth always makes me laugh. He's really cute/beautiful and his randomness is his special point, I guess? Haha But, I just love him!

Inoo chan is by far the best for me! He pulled off studying in college for 4 years while staying in Hey Say Jump and being an active member. He's funny, cute and sure to put a smile on your face! I hope in the future he'll get more screen time and solos because he totally deserves it!

6 Daiki Arioka

Daiki will always be my number one JUMP member. People may not think he is as good-looking as Yamada Ryosuke. However, He is the cutest guy that ever walked on earth. Just the thought that we are both under the same sky makes me smile.
He is incredibly nice.
He doesn't have an anger problem.
He can act, sing, dance, and Walk on a tight-rope.
He is the romantic type.
I mean who would want to deny his cuteness?

Huwaa Dai chan so cute x . He has babyface . I love Dai chan. He was like a little kid! His face was like a baby . He's young and cool! I love his voice, especially in his single titled Kimi to Boku no Future . I love that song too. Although he was not handsome like Ryo chan or cute like Chii, I still love it . My friends mock Dai chan Ugly , stupid , etc but I still love him. 5 years my love to Dai chan never get bored

7 Yuya Takaki

Because he's the leader, the born-to-be star, the leader for junior and ya-ya-yah, the one who has been struggles in Johnnys for more 8 years, the one who can pull everyone together, the one with the best voice!

At first I didn't really have an opinion about Takaki but I somehow really grew to love him. Caught my eye in Gokusen 3 and wow he really is so adorable. Has such a cute face and is surprisingly silly!

Yuyan is the BEST!
He is handsome, cool and sometimes really cute
He has awesome and sexy voice!
He is my favourite member of Hey! Say! JUMP!
I love him so much and I always support him!

8 Kota Yabu

Yabu Kota is the eldest in Hey! Say! JUMP and as the eldest he is thought to be the big brother figure within the group. Out of all the members within Hey! Say! JUMP Yabu has the most experience when it comes to singing and dancing, as this is attributed by the length of time he's been in Johnny's.

In his younger days Yabu was a very prominent and successful a Johnny's Junior, where he also held the highest-pitched singing voice within the agency. There was also a particular performance where, Yabu a Junior, had his seniors as backup dancers; which at the time was very rare during a Jr's performance and the first of it's kind.

Yabu has extraordinary control over both his singing voice and it's range whilst his dancing ability is amazing and has been refined during his years as a Johnny's Junior. Yabu's solo performances or performances with Ya-ya-yah and Hey! Say! JUMP illustrates that he is talented, skilled, knowledgeable, disciplined and committed.

Yabu's talent in acting has been illustrated in the theatre plays or shows he has been in which is another aspect of Yabu's many talents as a Japanese idol from Johnny's. Moreover, he also produced Johnny's stage show called "Johnny's World" which attributed his talent and knowledge in a more engaging and professional role.

Hey! Say! JUMP may not have a leader officially but it's safe to assume that Yabu handles that role almost undetectably, I just hope Johnny himself realizes that and makes Yabu much more of a prominent member, like the golden era of Yabu's tenure as a Johnny's Junior in the past being a junior that led the other juniors through is amazing and memorable performances.

9 Keito Okamoto

Because he is awesome, special person, good friend and happy, he is very intelligent, he has a good talent with the guitar, I love him so much! I love him smile and spirit energy

He's my niban..
I love his dame-nande aura it makes me want to help him..

10 Ryutaro Morimoto

He is so young, but he has debuted already, making him the youngest to debut amongst Johnny's boy until last year. He is so handsome, cute, and funny, and he has a wonderful personality. He is also more mature than any other boys in the same age as him, even though sometimes he also has his childish side.

I always laugh so hard whenever I hear, watch, and read about him, and I go doki-doki. Thanks Ryuu, for making my days.
No matter what you are doing right now, I'll always support you! Be the best of what you like now. Love and miss you

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