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1 Hey There Delilah

One word for this song - BEST!
So many memories are attached to this song. No matter how many new songs are released and no matter how good they are, none of them will ever be able to beat Hey There Delilah!

Vote guys! This is definitely the best.. Not just by the band but the best song ever! This is a must listen...! The lyrics, the music, the voice and the love in the song make it the best.

Undoubtedly, the best by the band.
This song is very much underrated, it actually deserves a lot more respect than what it gets at present...

2 1, 2, 3, 4

This song is my all time favourite! I love this song and this is probably better than Hey There Delilah! This truly is amazing and it rocks! Hats off to Plain White T's! They did an absolutely brilliant and remarkable job!

I love this song.
It's like when I'm listening to this song,
I feel as if I'm in love again
This should be the number one

Love the lyrics, love the melody, love the song, love this band.

3 Rhythm of Love

This is by far my favorite song by them. I love 'Hey There Delilah', but this one is just amazing. Whenever I hear it, I always smile and I often find myself falling asleep with this song on repeat! This song is just perfect.

This song is song relaxing to listen to! I get that warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach every time... Plus, it's really fun and easy to sing! My favourites are this one, Hey There Delilah, Map of the World, Cirque de la Rue, and Irrational Anthem.

Goodness, I couldn't choose from Boomerang or Rhythm of Love. But, well, my friend loves this song. This has a lot more memories to it. I love it- as well as Boomerang. And, everything else on this list, to be honest.

4 Our Time Now

Not even top 5!? This song is so upbeat and always puts me in a good mood! Definitely deserves to be top 3

I haven't heard anything like this...a masterpiece

5 Figure It Out

It's not so bad really. But seriously dude, it is really overrated. It deserves a lot more. At least top 5

6 Hate (I Really Don't Like You)

It's awesome... Helps me fight through life. Helps me fight through my break up...

My favorite question to ask people:
Lyrics = "Love, love, love,love, love--"
guess the title.
they always say love, when I tell em it's hate they never believe it.

I dedicated to myself.. Really love it

7 You and Me

It's so cute... Yeah I love this song... I'm fan of plain white..

8 Let Me Take You There

In my opinion this song is Plain White T's best song ever!
Amazing melody and amazing lyrics when I listen to this song I really feel amazing! How can a song make me like this?!
I love their all albums but I think Every Second Counts is their best album!

9 Map of the World

Everybody voting has only ever heard Hey There Delilah or their more popular songs. This song is amazing, really heartfelt, and true, but no one on here has even heard any of their music!

10 Boomerang

This is the best song I heard in my childhood. Simply fantastic with their amazing songs it inspiring to see and learn from the best band ever please vote for this and make this in the top 5!

This a new song, so this hasn't made it to the top 10 yet. But believe me this song deserves to be on the top position on the charts at this moment. Listen to this song and you will realize why.

The first time I heard this song was in line at a six flags ride, and this song always reminds me of the good times I had with my friends, not to mention the just plain amazingness of the song!

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11 Make It Up as You Go

I swear their entire "Wonders of Younger" album is just so beautiful and circus-esque. I love the song "Cirque Dans La Rue" and "Welcome to Mystery" also. Surprised they aren't on the list!

12 A Lonely September

Why isn't this in the top ten!? And rainy day is also an amazing song! Bit honestly... All plain white ts songs are good. Best band in the history of great bands

This song is epic. I can listen this my whole life. One of the best acoustic song I've ever heard.

Honestly like one of the best love songs there is.

13 Revenge
14 The Giving Tree

This song is amazing. It is a new song but definitely deserves a listen. It is the best song for broken heart people.

This song is really great. The music is beautiful and the lyrics are just as good...

Good tunes, love the guitar, lyric and the voice. Amazing!

15 I Really Want You
16 Take Me Away

Easily. Top 3 should look like this:
1. Take Me Away
2. Revenge
3. Hey There Delilah
Get it sorted people, and why hasn't Revenge been added yet!?

17 Airplane
18 Our Song

Love this one! I imagine a guy at a hotel because he has to travel for his job but he wants to go home to his wife.

19 That Girl
20 Natural Disaster
21 Radios in Heaven

What the heck! How can such few people vote this beautiful song.. Starting music is full of musical orgasm. It takes me another world and definitely the greatest love song of all time. Listen everyone you will like this one. You will not regret it's my promise and I'm a man of my words..

22 Write You a Song

Beautiful song, yet it's at twenty-two. It at the VERY least, should be fifteen.

So sweet and perfect could listen to it forever and ever!

23 Should've Gone to Bed
24 Last Call
25 Making a Memory
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