Top Ten Best Story of the Year Songs

Alternative Emo Screamo Band. Try to listen to their songs before voting.
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1 Until the Day I Die

This song is absolutely incredible.

2 I'm Alive

'I'm alive
But I'm barely breathing now
So place my heart under the ground
Lay me down... '

First song I've heard of them, and what got me hooked. The way it's sang is just powerful and emotional. Really, you have to listen to this.

3 Anthem of Our Dying Day

The song itself is pretty consistent on lyrics and music... At first I thought that t'was just another rock music but as I listened to it more, the song itslef got under my skin. It's a pretty badass song. Suggest you listen to it

Very emotional and their most popular song. Also their best.

The song is brilliant, and touches a metalhead at that place so hard to reach... Our hearts.
Definitely one of their best songs to date.

Better than the best.

4 The Antidote

First Story of the Year song I've heard. The overall song was good (although there are other songs below the list that I've liked better than this one), but the BEST part about this song that beats all others is the ending. That part was full of energy with all the screaming. Loved it, and I fell in love with Story of the Year after listening to this song.

The day I listened to this song was the best day of my life... I heard this song on a halo tribute video on YouTube and was one of the best song I've ever heard...

Best rock song ever. Good voices, heavy chords, a good solo... And of course... A flying sidekick.

Awesome song, need to be first, and second should be Until the day I die..

5 The Black Swan
6 Wake Up the Voiceless
7 Wake Up

Haha! Number 5? Are you kidding me? This is not only THEIR best song but THE best rock song ever. Poor rating really. I'm very disappointed!

Much better than the others, if I do say so myself, you can't realisticly say that this one isn't the best, unless you haven't listened to it.

This should be on the TOP of the list. This song not only rocks, but it rocks hard.

8 And the Hero Will Drown

This song must be number one!

Number 1 of course

9 Just Close Your Eyes

How this could be here! It's defiantly on the top 5.
Very powerful guitar playing and drums too, just a masterpiece! And the lyrics are so meaning and touchy, one of my favorite rock songs ever!
Give it a try and you won't regret!
SOTY rocks!

A great song... Am glad its in the top ten.. Though it should be higher... Perfect for Christian's peeps...

Best song in wwe and by this rock band...

Best song ever

10 Take Me Back

Amazing lyrics, spectacular solo. Has a lot of emotion while delivering tremendous power behind the solos. Number 10? Now that's injustice. Must be on top 5.

Great solo, awesome lyrics. The lyrics is the best part of the song, and it has a very deep meaning. Loved it. Must be on top 5.

The Contenders
11 Sidewalks

Beats nearly EVERY Story of the Year song I've heard in terms of lyrics. The acoustics were just amazing. This song's got a lot of feel to it. Now I know there are loads of awesome Story of the Year songs to choose from, but this is definitely no less than the top 5s mentioned.

This song is definitely one of there bests. I deserves a spot in the top ten. Trust me. If you do not agree with me then you are just missing out on one heck of a good song. You really should vote for this song. Especially if you like Story of the Year.

The best song ever from Story of the year. Love it. Unbelievable. I remember it playing on One Tree Hill. This song always describes my life. Those lyrics! The rhythm! It's amazing.

Every time I remember this band, only this song I repeatedly listen. The rhythm of the music and lyrics blended into this colour of story of the year

12 Terrified

This song is just so awesome! Speaks of love, past mistakes, the small incidents that took place in the small town it refers to... Totally worth listening!

13 Page Avenue
14 The Ghost of You and I

Totally great riffs and solo.
Deserves to be in the top 5.
Whats wrong with the people. Please do give this song a listen and VOTE for this song.

Keep Rocking Story Of The Year!
-A great fan.

That song is nice

15 Tell Me

How the hell is this not number one? I was captivated when I heard this song, it's so incredible! I love the huge sound and his voice is very impressive.

Listen to the lyrics! They are amazing

16 Swallow the Knife
17 Choose Your Fate

This song is my number 1! For now. The song is extremely amazing in the middle. It puts an unusually deep screaming voice which is just so amazing and sounds like chaos. You might not like the beginning, but listen to the middle to end part. it's great

GUYS THIS IS MY NUMBER 1! For now. The middle part is beyond amazing. It brings in a crazy part that you must hear. You might not like the beginning because it sounds a little screamo. But the middle is amazing.

18 The Truth Shall Set Me Free
19 The Dream Is Over

Don't know how this song is only at 0.6%. I consider this song one of the best that they're made. Probably even top 5. Guess no one has heard of this song or else it would be at the high end of this list.

20 In the Shadows
21 Burning Years

Maybe not number one, but this song definitively deserves a spot on the list for everyone out there to see.

22 Holding on to You

Incredible melody, powerful buildup, very instrumental and emotional. An underrated masterpiece.

23 Razorblades
24 We Don't Care Anymore
25 Save One

Though only featured as a bonus track in their album "The Black Swan", it really is a great composition featuring both reflecting and heartbreaking lyrics and melody. Though not the standard SOTY rock song, I feel that this is an extremely underrated and memorable song, and deserves to be among the top 5.

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