Best Porcupine Tree Albums

A list of the best albums by English progressive rock band Porcupine Tree.
The Top Ten
1 Fear of a Blank Planet

SO tricky to choose a favourite but I do feel like the band were on absolute top form with this album - the atmosphere and production, the musicianship and memorable melodies, and despite the long track lengths it never feels overblown or pompous - it's a stunning achievement. I genuinely don't understand how this band never made it huge, I really don't.

Here the concept of the album is clearly visible, and today's youth can easily relate to the themes of the album. There are only six songs on this album but they are quite long and excellently arranged. Very good balance between heavy and soft parts. Deadwing is a joke compared to this or In Absentia. Actually I prefer any other PT album to Deadwing. Deadwing was a misstep, tough it was not as horrible as I just made it sound. =)

2 In Absentia

No way would I put Fear of a Blank Planet at the top, so it's between this and Deadwing. Both are very close in quality in my mind, and Deadwing has a much better structure, and concept (and ASBNH is better than most In Absentia songs). But In Absentia as a whole is still extremely well constructed and has better songs on the whole, I would say there's 0-1 weak spots on this album. Also, the surreal, ambient, and creepy factor is definitely higher on In Absentia than Deadwing.

I call this album the embodiment of the modern intelligent music. This is a brilliant prog-rock album in all aspects - The lyrics is fascinating and you feel that every guitar riff is telling you a whole story except for being a part of a genius melody writing. -MASTERPIECE-

3 Deadwing

There are certainly some phenomenal songs across all of their albums, but as an album on the whole, Deadwing easily triumphs. I really hate the way they portray the protagonist of FOABP, The Incident as a whole is quite uneven, and so on with other criticisms. But only Deadwing flourishes in concept, even pace, and is just musically gorgeous.

So hard to pick a best one. Deadwing however is probably the most accessible album of their latter day career. It exhibits a whole range of styles and genres yet feels complete as any great album should. This album is never far away from my CD player and the songs are always there in my head.

4 Lightbulb Sun

Also there are some very sad songs on this album, particularly Feel so low. I'm fairly certain it's about his girlfriend that broke up with him and he put his emotions into song. Great album.

The period between psychedelic debut albums and prog metal later work is the best in my opinion. This album has no weak track, and some masterpieces like "Russia on Ice" or "Hatesong". Almost flawless album.

This is the album that got me into porcupine tree, followed closely by stupid dream. And WOW! Fantastic escapism through their music. It was like being a teenager again (I am not)..

5 Stupid Dream

I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the songs on this album, but to me this is (along with Lightbulb Sun) where they perfected their sound, without the overbearing metal influence of their later works or the unnecessary psychadelic tangents of earlier albums. The last few songs flow together in a near flawless masterpiece. The album manages to incorporate just enough of PT's psychedelically influenced roots while still producing memorable individual songs.

I know this might sound a little elitist and brass. But any true PT fan and Serious music lover would pick this album as number one.

6 Signify

Great album in many people's opinion their peak. At least listen to Dark Matter that song is amazing.

Great. Not for those who need 'melodic breaks, on their menu.

7 The Incident

Am I the only one who deems this to be their undisputed masterpiece? It has everything, and while I think that Deadwing gets a little too passive in the second half, this one is fantastic all the way through.

There are mind-numbing riffs like "Blind House," "Octane Twisted," and "Remember Me Lover," melancholic masterpieces like "Yellow Windows of the Evening Train" and "I Drive the Hearse," and absolutely stunning and cathartic solo parts like "Time Flies" and "Drawing the Line." Hell, even disturbing songs like the title track and "Bonnie the Cat" are in here, and everything fits together perfectly.

In my opinion, only "In Absentia" is probably better.

8 The Sky Moves Sideways

Cool psychedelia. People label this as "carbon copy of pink floyd" I believe this is unnecessary, because its steven wilsons own thing. I actually bought this album for the soul reason that it would be a 90s floyd album, but what I ended up getting was something completely unique, even to porcupine trees other albums. This album is not one to disappoint.

I was blown away by the quality of this album. the title track is perfect and and the other tracks are noteworthy too. Since I'm a pink floyd fanatic I believe this is the closest you could possibly get to pink floyd.

9 Up the Downstair

This album is one of their best, maybe where they began conscious of their strengths.

10 Recordings

Their outtakes are superior to most bands main output! Even by Porcupine Tree's high standards these songs are stunning!

The Contenders
11 On the Sunday of Life
12 Nil Recurring
13 Voyage 34

Come on! this is one of their best works! I'd put it at number 6, replacing the Incident, but I just don't like that one. I agree with the top 5

Great chill out record. Reminds me of pink Floyd in places, so one of my favourites.

14 Anesthetize

Probably the best live album of the last 30 years.
Awesome band in top form with brilliant array of songs.

15 Futile
16 Metanoia

An obscure live fully improvised instrumental album in a similar vein to Krautrock, yet undeniably Porcupine Tree!

17 Closure/Continuation
18 Coma Divine

One of the finest 'space' live albums ever released on record (gives Hawkwind a run for their money)!

19 Atlanta

Another fantastic live album. Although the limited audio discs that came with the Anesthetize box set are much better, this is in no way less than brilliant!

20 Ilosaarirock

An extremely limited and highly sought after release, that has a near flawless track-list. Perhaps shadowed by Anesthetize.

21 We Lost the Skyline
22 Transmission IV

This is moonloops full song which is like 40 minutes but I like the regular version better cause its not as boring. makes me want to fall asleep but not bad

Contains a single song 'moonloop'. That is, the full un-editted version of moonloop in all it's spacey ambient glory!

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