Top 10 Best Taylor Swift Albums

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1 Speak Now

This is my favorite Taylor Swift album. The magical and fantasy theme of the whole thing perfectly describes the feeling of love like no other.

Enchanted is the most painfully relatable song I have EVER heard. Sparks Fly never fails to fire me up and get my adrenaline rushing. And Back To December is just emotional and heartfelt.

Every song seems to leave its own impact on the listener.

Lyrically, it's the best, and that's saying something because it's all self-written. It's an amazing album.

The third verse of "Ours" is better than anything else she's said, well, except maybe "she's better known for the things that she's done on the mattress."

Here she shows that she has matured from Fearless and is an adult woman, not a crybaby teenager.

2 Red

To me, Red was the most outstanding.

She didn't just stick to one genre. She explored different styles and melodies. She captured the essence of love and what it feels like to be deeply involved with another person. The album may not have sounded cohesive at times, but it was truly a masterpiece. Each song is so carefully constructed, and you can connect to each one in different ways.

She explored pop music, rock, electro, folk, and more. Each song is perfect and unique in its own way. My personal favorite songs are: All Too Well, The Lucky One, and Red.

3 1989

With Taylor's albums, it really just depends on which type of music you like.

1989 is the perfect example of what a pop album should be. Red and Speak Now are a mix of country and pop, and her debut album is just plain country. I personally would never vote for her debut because I just don't like country. We don't talk about Reputation even though it's good. It's nowhere close to the perfection of 1989.

My point is, if I were to name my favorite Taylor album, I would obviously name 1989. The lyrics are deep and well-written, and everything is catchy in a good way. There's a reason it sold so many copies. Literally, every song could've been a single, and the deluxe tracks are SO GOOD. Please, vote for this one. It needs to be #1!

4 Reputation

Yes!!! Repu! We love Reputation. Her songs, Look What You Made Me Do, Ready for It, Call It What You Want, and so much more. We love her!

I absolutely ADORE her new style! All the songs are amazing, but I have a few favorites.

"Getaway Car" (probably my #1 favorite) made me feel like I was being chased by the police in a car without a roof at night, screaming with laughter and feeling free. "Gorgeous" describes my crush exactly, and the "run away with me" line from "Call It What You Want" makes me squeal every time.

"This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things" is savage, and I would LOVE to see a music video for "I Did Something Bad." I get chills just hearing it.

5 Fearless

Fearless has to be high on the list since it is the album that made her famous, which is not undeserved! This album is the perfect mix of country-pop and makes me feel nostalgic for some reason.

I think this album resembles their high school years for many people, especially girls, because of songs like "Love Story," "Fifteen," and "Fearless" - all dealing with topics like forbidden love, realizing the mistakes you made in the past but having learned from them, or simply, first kiss/first love.

I love her voice, her lyrics, and her melodies on this record!

6 Folklore

Folklore goes beyond your average Taylor Swift album (all being great in turn too). It's a complex, cathartic yet engaging album in so many different ways. Its intricate storytelling, haunting melodies, and the fact it was made remotely during quarantine give it this cozy, homemade-yet-professional touch that really makes it stand out from the rest.

I am delighted to call this gem both the soundtrack of my lockdown and my favorite Taylor Swift album to date. Beautifully done.

Originally, I wasn't too keen on Taylor Swift. This changed when I started listening to this album, along with others.

This is such a beautiful album. I really like how Taylor Swift changes her style into indie and makes an album filled with cozy, dark, emotional, and wonderful songs. This also kind of makes me want to imagine stories inside my head set in the forest.

7 Taylor Swift

This album just describes Taylor. She came from a background of love, laughter, friends, loneliness, and bullying, but she can channel all of those emotions into some truly incredible songs.

This album was not only the first insight into her incredible music, but also the album that we relate all her other music to. You may say you want the "old Taylor" back, presumably meaning this album, but most of the songs on this album are closer to Reputation than any of her other albums.


8 Evermore

The continuity of this album surpasses all her other works. It may not have the mainstream radio earworms, but its gorgeous lyricism, vivid imagery, and mesmerizing melodies combine into one of the most glorious listening experiences imaginable.

Having Willow, Champagne Problems, Ivy, and Right Where You Left Me all in the same album? What did we do to deserve this?

This is a great continuation and sequel to Taylor Swift's Folklore. Both albums have this very cozy and snuggly warm vibe, especially in the winter.

9 Lover

You have to be joking. Lover is not nine. Lover is the best album ever! Cruel Summer, The Man, Cornelia St., Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince, London Boy, and Lover, so yeah, change it.

By the way, my name is Lily.

I stayed up until twelve a.m. waiting for this album after I woke up at three in the morning before, and it did not disappoint! It has a song you play during Christmas time, a song you dance to, a song that you can cry to, and MANY more!

I would be complex, I would be cool. They'd say I'd played the field before I found someone to commit to.

10 Midnights

Midnights is such an amazing album because of the vocals and the lyrics.

I'm not a huge Swiftie, but I like maybe 65% of Taylor's songs. I LOVED this album. All of the songs were actually good. All. Of. Them.

The Contenders
11 Red (Taylor's Version)
12 Speak Now: World Tour Live
13 Fearless (Taylor's Version)
14 Beautiful Eyes
15 The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection
16 Speak Now (Taylor's Version)
17 The Tortured Poets Department
18 Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection
19 1989 (Taylor's Version)

This is such an amazing album! The vault tracks are so perfect it makes me sad that they didn't make it to the original.

Also, can we talk about how "I Know Places" is the perfect definition of Red to Reputation?

20 iTunes Live from SoHo
21 Hope for Haiti Now
22 Love Drunk
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