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1 KROQ-FM - Los Angeles

Great station during the 80s and OK during early 90s. God awful since the buyout/merger with CBS. Use to listen to Rodney on the Roq on Sunday nights during the 80s. He played a lot of good punk rock, new wave and local bands. The Poorman was also legend. Dude had me cracking up all the time.

Isn't this the Station where Stone & Digital Dave got their start doing overnights?

2 107.3 The Eagle - Tampa, FL
3 97 Country - Lakeland, FL
4 Q105 - Tampa, FL
5 US 103.5 - Tampa, FL
6 99.5 WQYK - Tampa, FL
7 K92.3 - Orlando, FL
8 105.9 Sunny FM - Orlando, FL
9 WXRT-FM - Chicago

WXRT has been the best station to listen to for years. They have unbelievable large amount of content, from current hits, old classics, blues, etc. The DJs are all very good and will always say the name of the song and artist afterwards. (I realize many players will display that information now).

XRT is brilliant radio station. It's a throwback station. The DJs still choose the music they want to play, and there's no pressure to play the Top 40 garbage. Their tag line is 93XRT... Chicago's finest rock. This is true, but I think people everywhere would find their brand of radio very refreshing. Big shout out to KFOG in the Bay Area as well. Similar format.

I was born and raised in Chicago and in some places the station was hard to receive because the transmitter tower was on the NW side of the city. It did not matter. We did what we needed with wire, coat hangers and tin foil to listen to the best station in the city all day.

10 Y100 - Miami

Wow number 2 is at 9% and 1 is at 31%.

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? The Colorado Sound KJAC 105.5 FM - Colorado
? Radio Milwaukee WYMS 88.9 FM - Milwaukee
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11 Radio 1 - United Kingdom

Come on, does any other Radio have the family-like group of presenters that make the radio and music humorous? Also, name another radio station with the smexiness of Zane Lowe or Dan and Phil? I think not!

Just the best this should be number one the others do not match or even come close to radio 1 defiantly and simply the best radio show in the world!

Nick Grimshaw, Fearn Cotton, Chris Smith, Scott Mills along with Chris Stark's, Greg James (The 1 of the best), Zane Lowe, Pete tong etc Makes BBC radio 1 the UK's #1 radio station.

12 98.7 The Gater - West Palm Beach, FL
13 WNEW-FM - New York

WNEW FM 102.7 Was the only station I listened to because of their Free Form broadcasts. The on air personalities had no restrictions as to what they could play. From Zep to Back and anywhere in between. For many years it was voted as Americas top radio stations by Rolling Stone Magazine when it was worth reading. Right now I wouldn't line the bottom of a bird cage with it if I had a bird. RIP Allison Steele the woman who pioneered in radio for other women to follow. Scott Muni the Professor, Rosko Dave Herman,Jonathan Schwartz, Peter Fornatale,Zacherley

Doing things no other radio stations were doing like broadcasting live show like the final Night of the Fillmore East as well as other shows. Sponsoring live concerts on the Sheep Meadow in Central park

LONG LIVE WNEW FM the place where Rock Used to Live.

One of the first US stations I ever heard and at a time when we never had anything like it in the UK. My fellow NY students said do not go home without listening to WNEW. It took one track to get converted to this American institution.
WNEW as an album rock station sadly no longer exists - but no one has ever beaten it. (Happy 70s memories)

14 Wave 92.7 - Vero Beach, FL
15 Ukhozi FM - South Africa

I love ukhozi fm is th number one radio station! They have good team, they can deliver! They really care from about human life to Environment! UKhozi cares, I like their slogan of its not just a slogan but they do physically practice it!

No. 1 in Africa, they on point and can interact with their listeners. Continue being no. 1 Ukhozi fm

Ukhozi fm is the power radio station in the world they take care of they listeners. BIG UP

16 WABX-FM - Detroit

They were the gold standard of the free-form FM era. There will never be another like it.

How bout w4 too

17 KMET-FM - Los Angeles
18 100.7 The River - North Carolina
19 WMMS-FM - Cleveland

Lived in Cleveland until 1992. During the 80s and 90s they played great stuff. Great radio station and great on air talent back then. Kid Leo has one of the best voices ever on the radio. The Pretenders and some other bands come to mind as having the first airplay on this station. It is not the same station today. Much more corporate sounding.

This station broke some of the biggest acts, like springsteen and rush,

20 103.1 WIRK - West Palm Beach, FL
21 KMPX-FM - San Francisco
22 WMMR-FM - Philadelphia
23 KSAN-FM - San Francisco

The Jive 95. Rock 'n Roll will make you rant and rave, and put you in an early grave. Wow!, What a way to go! The City late 60's thru the 70's. Free form radio, San Francisco Bay Area.

24 KISS-FM 106.1 - Seattle, WA
25 Cool FM - United Kingdom
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