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Red is a great Christian rock band. What songs are their best?
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1 Already Over

Please realize, it's far better than Breathe Into Me. It has everything. It's addictive, but Breathe Into Me, with their lyrics and feel, is awesome. I prefer listening to both of them rather than judging them. 1. Breathe Into Me. 1. Already Over, all I can say.

By far my favorite song by them. I think the lyrics and the way they're sung are beautiful. And the music is awesome too. It's not too hard but not too soft either. All in all, this song is great, and I highly suggest you listen to it.

Red is one of my favorite bands of all time, and this song is one of their greatest! It's not their best song, but it is one of their signature songs. The Linkin Park influence is also very apparent in this song.

2 Breathe Into Me

Haha, it's already over, so let go of this faceless contest. Don't feed the machine, and leave this list in pieces, or else it may be the death of me and I'll be lost! So don't lie to me forever, and just hide the mystery of you because then you'll never be the same. Which song's the best? Let it burn, come to the ordinary world, start again, and vote for Breathe Into Me!

This song is beautiful and has very meaningful lyrics. My boyfriend introduced me to this song, and I fell in love with the acoustic version. They did an amazing job. It flows together perfectly. The best song to ever listen to for a relaxing summer drive.

This is THE Red song! To be honest, I am seriously mad that this is not number 1, because this song is the one that got me into Red. It's also heavier and more popular than Already Over! I guess to each their own. But as far as I'm concerned, this is number 1!

3 Feed the Machine

Feed The Machine... oh gosh, where and how do I begin? Undoubtedly the heaviest track off their entire discography and also right up there on the list of the most brutal songs I've ever heard. Currently, it is my favorite Metal Song, even after having explored and listened to a plethora of great bands like Opeth, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Tool, Ghost, etc. I lost count of how many times I've battered the damn replay button. Particularly, the scream in the chorus followed by the breathtaking guitar blast. Michael Barnes puts so much passion and emotions while singing, and especially screaming ("GIVE UP, GIVE UP, FEED THE MACHINE!") it's hard not to get carried away.

One of their hardest songs to date, and one of my favorite songs of all time. Yeah, it has screaming in it, but it's not what you're thinking. Michael Barnes's vocals are out of this world. The guitars, added to the singing, will melt your face off.

4 Let Go

This song is incredible. The second half is one of the most beautiful sounding pieces of music I have ever heard. The whole song incorporates multiple genres, seamlessly sculpted together to create a melodic masterpiece that I can't help but love every time I hear it.

I love the fading in and out. I wasn't for it at first, but the fact that it's a long song really gets something going for it. By listening for a while, you don't realize you fall in love with it until it gets down to the ending chords. It leaves you wanting more.

It's like the band's theme song. Let Go is the internal fight of your heart, soul, and mind. The message is that it's okay to be afraid or show anxiety, but just realize that soon it will all go away and that life is much better than you thought.

5 Fight Inside

This song should be equal first with Breathe Into Me. Fight Inside consists of amazing lyrics, soft verses, and heavy choruses and bridges. The vocals and guitar work are absolutely amazing as well.

I was surprised that Fight Inside wasn't among the top 10.

The beautiful combination of strings and metal, of passionate singing and desperate screaming, the contradictions - it's a work of art.

The way he sings and screams the lyrics is just breathtaking! And the lyrics are absolutely perfect! One of the best songs I have heard in my life.

6 Death of Me

Great song, but I interpret it differently than most people. Just because Red is a Christian group doesn't mean every song has to revolve around God. I think this song is about recognizing that some people are fake - they claim they care about you but only want to screw you over - and letting go of them.

This song is awesome! No other song the band has made sounds like it. The dark side of our nature is the enemy that it speaks about, and we have to identify and fight it. It has such an epic feel, what with the heavy guitar riffs and the violins. It's also the most resonating song for me.

It's about the battle to identify and be rid of your darker nature that tries to destroy your life. The combination of fierce guitar riffs and violins makes this song monumentally epic.

7 Pieces

I'm probably a little biased because of a personal connection I have to this song, but it really says something when an artist that's primarily metal can make a song using piano and cello, having it still be as good as their other work. And it really is, if not even better. Definitely my favorite Red song.

This song dissolves you into its melody. It melts you, it molds you to fall in love with it, and just everything. It is so much more than what I can describe. It is surely one of the best songs that I've heard in my life. It's just PERFECT.

How is this song not number one?! This song has gotten me through many rough times in my life. This song is GORGEOUS! The guitar and cello pieces are BEAUTIFUL, and this song brings out so many emotions. It is definitely their best!

8 Faceless

When I first heard this amazing song, it was around 2 AM, and I loved it so much that I just had to hear it again and again. Later that night, when I actually woke up at around 5:30 AM, I just couldn't prevent myself from listening to Faceless one more time. I know there are songs way better and deeper than this one, but at least I will remember it for turning me into a MUSIC ADDICT.

What? This is the best. Among all singles of them, this song deserves to be in the top 10. First, listen, then vote on this page. This is the best one.

This song should definitely be number one. This song describes everything about me. I used to be lost and didn't know who I was. This song saved me. This and Not Alone.

9 Not Alone

I really love this song. It has a very sweet message, and I love the music. It's softer than Red's usual but it's beautiful. After listening to this song, you feel like there are others out there like you, there are people who are with you, you're not alone.

"I will be your hope, when you feel like it's over, and I will pick you up when your whole world shatters, and when you're finally in my arms, you'll look up and see, love has a face!" Definitely the best song lyrics ever, and the best song by Red!

One of my absolute favorite songs of all time. It is so powerful and uplifting, with the perfect build-up of tension being released at the right moment. A very cathartic experience listening to this, especially when I'm feeling down.

10 Darkest Part

This song had a profound effect on my life. It can eloquently describe the dark, introspective thoughts I feel when I ponder the cosmos and how the human race fits in it (I don't really like people). Both philosophically and musically, this song is perfect. It should be number one.

In my opinion, it's the greatest song ever written and recorded. Songs have never gone this deep into the human experience, and it really sets this song apart from all the others. If this song had been by The Beatles or Linkin Park, it would have been so popular, but because it was from a band that isn't that well-known, it will forever be a hidden gem.

WAY TOO LOW! Darkest Part easily takes the #1 spot! The entire sound of the instruments together with the lyrics is breathtaking. This song could also relate to tons of people in so many different ways.

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11 Lie to Me (Denial)

This song is just magnificent. It should be 3 or 4, definitely one of their brilliant songs, and more recent. So it's 12, for God's sake? Seriously?! This is a great song. Vote for it!

This has been my favorite song out of any artist, album, or song ever! I love how it starts out with an amazing intro. The lyrics are amazing, just everything is PERFECT.

It's just so amazing, the way he sings and the music. I can't even explain it right.

12 Mystery of You

Wow, I was looking for this song for the longest time. I had to use this list to find it, and now I'm so damn glad I did.

Really surprised this isn't higher. Like one reviewer mentioned below, it gives me chills every time I listen to it.

I get chills every time I listen to this song.

13 Shadows

I'm listening to it right now and, by God, this song truly is one of my favorites. I certainly have no idea what it's doing all the way down here, but if you have yet to listen to it, then listen immediately. I just can't get enough of this song! Talking about your shadows...

This song is so underrated! It talks about the internal battle that everyone goes through. Finding that inner peace usually comes through another person. Some say their significant other, others say God. Either way, this song is truly amazing!

This underrated song has some of the best guitar and vocals, in my opinion. By the way, it was co-written with Breaking Benjamin, so that's a win right there.

14 Buried Beneath

Give this song a listen. Think "Break Me Down," but with the more refined style attuned to the rest of the "Until We Have Faces" album.
This is everything Red. The Linkin Park, Chevelle, and Christian rock influence just explodes in this song.

Their most underrated song. It really is amazing. Just listen to it.

This song is amazing! It should at least be in the top 10.

15 Lost

I agree this is for sure the best song I've heard by Red so far. I am a new Christian currently looking for songs listing the best songs by Christian bands based on this song. Then I find it at number 12 on here. Just listened to the first 5 of these songs on YouTube and I have to say the lyrical content is great, but musically this one is way better. Maybe it's because the breakdowns don't impress me as much as I like August Burns Red type music when it comes to breakdowns.

People, listen to it and connect it to your lives. I bet you will vote for it. Epic emotional scream, epic lyrics. No one can scream and sing emotionally like Michael Barnes. Love you RED!

Just sheer musical genius in this one. Perfect implementation of the violins, perfect melodies, and Michael Barnes hits tenor C several times. This one stands out in their catalog and should go down in history.

16 Let It Burn

Well, this song made me love rock songs when my friend posted it on his Facebook profile to show me how he felt when he didn't find me when we decided to meet. The song was really expressing what happened exactly, and I felt like he was singing the song. I really felt like I fell in love with him when I heard the song, and I think he had the same feeling, trying to say it to me.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is their best song ever, in my opinion. While Red's discography is chock-full of sensational songs that can blow anyone's mind (only if one possesses a decent taste in quality music), this one just puts the rest of the songs in the shade.

This is the best song ever, so if you have any problems with life or something, listen to it. After I heard this, I decided to step up my game with life, come out of my shell, and make friends and stuff. So, this could do it for you too.

17 Break Me Down

I think this is one of their most underrated songs, even though it's clearly one of their best, other than Buried Beneath!

I think this is a really good song and deserves to be higher up in the list.

My first experience hearing a Christian rock song I identified with in 7 years (since "Comatose" by Skillet)! I think I'm officially addicted to a band instead of drugs (I'm a "recovering addict").

18 Who We Are

There is just so much that is done right with this song, it's hard to even talk about it. The guitar is simple, but extremely awesome, and the vocals on this song (in my opinion) are some of the best by Michael Barnes. And if any of you Red fans have seen this song live, then you have seen one of the best performances by modern rock artists.

My top 5 songs by Red are:
1. Who We Are (obviously)
2. Death of Me
3. Mystery of You
4. Let It Burn
5. Already Over

No. 32?! This song deserves to be in the top 5. This is one of the most awesome songs I have ever listened to. Amazing vocals, amazing lyrics, amazing guitar, and so catchy. Definitely one of Red's best songs!

Who We Are is my favorite Red song ever! It has great guitar, great beat, and great lyrics. I'm surprised that people don't appreciate it more because it is a lot better than #26.

19 Never Be the Same

This song is one of my favorite songs, not just by Red, but in general. It's certainly a different song for them because it's not as intense as some of their other songs, however, it's not as slow as their slow songs. I feel like this song is the happy medium between the two different styles and really showcases all of their abilities. SHOULD BE #1.

This is the most amazing song I have ever heard in my life. It reminds me of the girl that I love and how amazing she is. This song should be number 1, not 15. It easily is their best non-screamo song. I love Red. They help me keep my faith. All of their songs are great, but none of them can top Never Be the Same.

This is the first song I've heard from them, and they have become my favorite band ever! They are simply the best! This song should be in the top ten at least!

20 Forever

I heard this song on a video my sister was watching. It had hardly any views, with no one knowing the song. A few months later, I was listening to some music when I noticed Red - Forever in related. I clicked it and heard the song. This song was the first one I heard from Red and, in my opinion, one of their best.

When I listened to this song the first time on Pandora, I couldn't stop. I am extremely surprised it isn't number 1 because it's too damn good not to be.

21 Out from Under

This song should be at the top. The fact that it isn't makes me question this whole list. Easily one of their best. I get chills listening to it.

I love this song. It's different, crazy, and full of the awesome guitar and mayhem Red is known for.

Not sure if people just don't know this song, or if it's just underrated. Everything about this song screams greatness.

22 Start Again

This song is just incredible. It takes the best parts of Already Over and adds amazing lyrics and an even better beat. By far, the best song of Innocence and Instinct.

I am very surprised that this song is so far down on this list. Amazing chorus, stunning instruments...

I don't really like this type of rock, but this song is just amazing. The vocals just take you to another planet.

23 Of These Chains

This song is definitely one of their softer songs, but it's still beautiful nonetheless. It has a good mixture of piano and violin throughout the song, with probably the prettiest soft male voice I think I've ever heard. The song itself is absolutely enchanting, and I wish that it was somewhere on the actual list.

Great song. Michael has a magical voice.

Red's rule has begun...

24 Shadow and Soul

Beautiful masterpiece! This is definitely one of RED's best works. This song tells a remarkable story. It's about not knowing where to go. 'Should I go back to who I used to be? Or should I join the dark side?' The chorus is very captivating, a beautiful sound. When you hear this song, it's impossible not to feel an immense emotion.

The reason this is now my favorite RED song so far is merely because this song is the ultimate struggle, the internal battle, the struggle to find out who you were and who you are. Shadow in this case refers to the evil, and soul is the good. The tragedy, although still beautiful, is that you eventually fall into the shadows once again. But there is a part of you, a small part, that still remembers who you used to be. I give this song 10/10.

This song should really be in the top ten, in my opinion. Every time I listen to it, I just melt. I think I listened to this song on loop for about 2 hours straight. This song, along with the rest of "Of Beauty and Rage," is one of their best albums ever.

25 The Outside

One of the best, I don't understand why this song is Number 30 on this list!

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