Top 10 Best Adam Lambert Songs

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1 Whataya Want from Me

Love this song a lot. Adam Lambert is hella good. I love him and his singing a lot. Since I've listened to this song, I've loved it a lot. I can't get it out of my head. Keep on going, Adam Lambert.

It is great to hear a song like this that expresses your feelings. These days, people are trying to make you do things that they want, and they don't care about you.

Ahh, I adore this song! It marks my life. It is amazing, fantastic, catchy, and awesome. His voice rocks. It makes me sing and dance to it all day! I really cannot get it out of my head!

2 Better Than I Know Myself

Can't stop listening to this song. The lyrics are so amazing, so emotional, and transparent. It's a song that tells a story, and I've lived in such a situation. So far, this is my best song.

Plus, Adam's voice is unbelievable, and the music and his tone make you live this story and get moved. It made me cry. Just thank you for this amazing voice. Love you, Adam.

I love Adam. His voice is so gorgeous. This is true. I listened to this song at least 12 times daily. I hope Adam will continue and present his fans with new songs and truly entertain us. Love you, Adam.

3 For Your Entertainment

Very cool song with a special evil style, and it's way different from today's music. Adam definitely looks and sounds his best in the music video. Keep rocking, Adam, you're today's king of pop!

So hot and sexy. I love the music video! Adam Lambert is the best guy in this whole world. Go gay rights! Adam inspired me to be open about myself, and this song kept me going strong. Love this!

The amount of sex appeal in this song is just electrifying! This is the song to turn to when you need a little confidence boost.

4 If I Had You

This is my favorite song in the world, and I have never loved another song as much as I love If I Had You. Adam Lambert is also my favorite singer, and I think he is at least in the top 20 best singers.

I just love the beat. It's catchy, and I can't get it out of my head! The lyrics are also fabulous! This song can make me feel pumped and happy, no matter what mood I'm in.

I think this song should be number one! Great song, Adam.

I listen to this song every day. He is just so hot! The emotion he shows makes you see he is not just a singer but an actor as well. This song makes you want to dance!

5 Mad World

The lyrics, vocals, emotion, and everything about this song is truly amazing. I can listen to it again and again an infinite number of times. Love you, Adam.

It's one of the few cases where a newer version of a song is better. The vocals are so raw and emotional, not to mention the phenomenal use of the piano.

I get goosebumps when I listen to Mad World sung by Adam Lambert.

6 Never Close Our Eyes

This song is extremely amazing! Although my favorite is For Your Entertainment, I think this one totally describes the way every single teenager feels.

I don't listen to Adam Lambert much, but this song really caught my attention. It's so catchy, and I have so much love for this song.

Great song! I like this one too. I love listening to it. It makes me feel better when I'm upset. My friends and I love you, Adam!

7 Time for Miracles

This song really shows off how amazing his voice is. The beginning starts off soft and sweet, but the end is so energizing and simply gorgeous. The video is great as well. Go, Adam!

Awesome song! Adam should keep the look he has in that video. Wicked sexy!

This song is so emotional and great. His voice is a miracle.

8 Runnin'

My favorite song off Trespassing, and tied with Whataya Want From Me for the best song by the one and only Adam Lambert! (And If I Had You, Time For Miracles, Mad World, Never Close Our Eyes, Aftermath... all his songs are amazing!)

Also definitely the most underrated. It's hard to showcase the billion notes Adam can reach with his extraordinary voice, but in Runnin' he ascends like three octaves, no sweat! Such a shame not many people have heard this. If they had, it would be voted high up in the top ten where it belongs!

9 Outlaws of Love

This is the first time I have ever cried over a song. The soft, sweet emotional vocals with the beautifully soft instrumental melody line, plus the touching and honest lyrics, make this song perfection.

It is such a simple little song with so much meaning in it. This lets you see the pain Adam Lambert and millions of other LGBT people feel. Words cannot describe the actual beauty of this masterpiece.

This is what you get when you mix emotion, honesty, and beauty into a song sung by the best modern-day male vocalist. Perfection in the most breathtaking form possible. The first time I heard this song, it practically destroyed me.

I still cry every time I hear it, even after listening to it so much. It's one of my favorite songs ever.

10 Marry the Night

I like Adam Lambert's Marry the Night better than Lady Gaga's version.

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11 No Boundaries
12 Aftermath

This is the one and only song that can be labeled "rock" rather than the glam pop that the rest of "For Your Entertainment" represents. This is, hands down, my favorite Adam Lambert song.

Are you guys mad? Why is this song so low? This song is so awesome and has so much feel. Please vote for it, people.

This song is the bomb! The vocals are so intense, and the harmonies are crazy tight. This is Adam's best song!

13 Can't Let You Go

A very deep song, and Adam's voice is just killing it. So much drama and so expressive. And, of course, technically perfect. That's the kind of music that Adam does best!

This is my favorite song because it tells my story. I was in love with someone who left me, but I couldn't let him go. Now, I'm okay and so cool, thanks to Adam for giving us this song.

Adam Lambert's songs are just so awesome. I listen to them every night. I just love his voice, and he also has a good sense of fashion. He is very stylish. I love his songs.

14 A Change Is Gonna Come
15 Sleepwalker

Best Adam Lambert song, period! His live performance of this song at Glam Nation is even better! This guy is ultra-talented. He sounds better live than in the studio. This song should be at least in the top five.

This song... I have no words! It's one of the best songs by Adam. Honestly, it's a masterpiece. The lyrics, the beats - this song is poetry, full of emotions!

This is my favorite song, no doubt. I heard it on the radio a few days ago and can't stop listening to it. 14th place? Come on, this is number one.

16 Fever

This song is amazing because it has an awesome dance vibe. It's really sexy, so fierce, and it just contains so many Adam and Tommy feels! Amazing song! I personally can't choose a favorite Adam song. They're all just so amazing!

Lady Gaga wrote this song when she was between 17 and 19 years old. She gave it to Adam when she was asked to write a song for him because she thought it really suits his voice. Gaga and Adam equal perfection.

Why is this not on the list yet? It gives me goosebumps and sends my heart pounding! His voice has a gravelly quality that I just love.

17 Take Back
18 If I Can't Have You

This song was awesome. When I saw his performance on American Idol, I was so impressed!

19 One
20 Sure Fire Winners

Can't really pinpoint what I love about this one. Just can't stop listening to it.

Listened to it in my boyfriend's car for the first time and fell in love with it.

This song is tremendous. It is one of the best songs I have ever listened to.

21 Nirvana Nirvana was an American grunge band that was formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. The drummer of the band, David Grohl, went on to start the Foo-Fighters, an alternative rock band... read more

Super song. It must be higher on the list, at least in the top 5.

22 Ghost Town

We almost waited like three years just for this song, and when I heard about its release, I was almost the first person to hear it. This song has an amazing beat and deserves to be his best.

You can never pass a day without hearing this song. You guys will love it for sure.

This song is one of his best! You have to listen to it more than once to really feel the vibes from it!

What? Only 31? Nope, this song deserves a better place! I love this song!

23 Master Plan
24 Cuckoo

The beat is so addicting, and I love the theme of the song about throwing self-control to the wind. It should be way more popular than it is.

25 Trespassing

Hey, this song is the best. What I don't understand is why it isn't at the top of the list?! "When I was walking for some time, I came across this sign saying, 'Who are you and where are you from? We don't like when visitors come. No trespassing,' that's what it said, at least that's what I could read. 'No trespassing, get my ass. Where do you plan to load me?'"

This song is all kinds of awesome. I fell in love with Adam when I first heard it, and now I am a die-hard fan!

Definitely deserves to be higher. It's one of his songs that's a bit harder, a bit more kinetic, and fun. I love it.

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