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1 Skepta

Compared to the Danish grime scene (where I'm from), this rocks the others. We can follow in Denmark, but this is another level. Personally, I love King of Grime. That's just crazy.

Skepta is number one at the moment because he's mashing up the UK scene, but there are many others who have great potential to be number 1 like Dappy and Wretch 32. Even though I don't really like Chipmunk, he should be at least 1-2 on this list! Skepta is the boss.

Skepta has the bars, followed by the beats. He symbolizes the grime movement in England. He has brought more popularity to grime, being rated highly by Drake and A$AP Rocky in America.

2 Dizzee Rascal Dylan Kwabena Mills, better known by his stage name Dizzee Rascal, is a British rapper, recording artist and record producer. A pioneer of grime music, his work has also incorporated elements of UK garage, bassline, British hip hop, and R&B.

Boy in the Corner... Best grime album out there. The beats are hard, and Dizzee's flow is so unique compared with other artists in the genre.

Boy in the Corner was the best grime album ever released. It did a lot for grime. Definitely top 5.

Boy in the Corner, enough said. He goes in on all tracks, and his flow is unique. No one can say he's a sellout. Dizzee was spitting when grime didn't have a name, and Devlin above him? Ahaha.

3 Wiley

Wiley is number 1 and always will be, not because he's the creator but because there isn't a spitter in Britain on Wiley's level in grime. Wiley rinsed and shut the whole movement up and has made people famous. His bars and flow seem to only get better and better, and his style is unique from anyone else. Not just that, but he produces music on top of this, making instrumentals that are still used today.

Wiley is the godfather of grime. It feels like the guy has been around since my grandmother was a teenager. He never fails to disappoint with constant bangers and the consistency of dropping albums. He made grime today.

4 Jme

You cannot compare anyone to JME. He's different from these other grime artists in so many ways. I stopped listening to grime a long time ago (if you could even call the stuff out now grime), but the only person I still follow is JME. Serious.

JME. This guy redefined grime, and he is original. He brought something new to the table. Check out his sarcastic lyrics and sarcastic voice! Brilliant!

He brings an unrivaled, different dimension to grime. It's a comical, less serious vibe, but nonetheless, it's serious heat. He's a true legend.

5 Devlin

One of the best artists to ever come out of the grime scene has recently been seen coming back into the limelight with a few collaborations and his album, "Devil In." Give him a couple of years and a couple of good grime bangers, and I don't see why he can't overtake Jme. I'm comfortable with Wiley and Skepta at the top spot.

I saw this guy on F Radio back in the day, pirate radio sessions, and Westwood. He was always in a league of his own and never had a problem spitting against the best in the scene. Using complex lyrics, he's a true wordsmith with the bars. For those who haven't heard, check out "Art of Rolling" or "Tales from the Crypt," or any of his early F Radio stuff on YouTube.

6 Ghetts

The greatest. Every other grime MC wants to sound like Ghetts! Wiley may be the godfather of grime, but Ghetts is the Grim Reaper of grime. Put him up against anyone, the outcome is yet another MC getting sales just because Ghetts has dissed him and said his name on a track. It's the only reason they side-swipe Ghetts, hoping he'll get annoyed with them and do the same. P Money, you owe a lot of cash to Ghetts, and you know it!

Ghetts should definitely be number 1. He spits bars to any beat and keeps the flow perfect. Another thing is that he has his own style, unlike many grime MCs who do the same style. Finally, Ghetts doesn't need to run around trying to merk anyone because he does murk everyone.

7 D Double E

Lyrical father. Veteran in the game. His flow is unique and just a massive force in the genre. Definitely top 10.

How isn't he in the top 3?! He could obliterate all these MCs, and he's been a vet for 20 years now, along the caliber of Wiley!

This is the guy who everyone else on this list would say is the best.

8 Tempa T

Gives it all his energy and brings grime alive. It's more than just a beat.

9 Tinchy Stryder

Realistically, terribly underrated. The guy has the bars and the flow. Definitely should be top 5.

10 P-Money

A true veteran when it comes to the grime scene, he has popped off bangers left, right, and center recently. And you've got to give credit to him. He knows how to mix them up, with some being real talk about life experiences and some street-related. The best on the scene, as the guy can blast bars like an engine on 5000 RPM but can also have more meaningful ones that hit home. Straight up, top 3 definitely.

Just the best. Versatile, original, smart lyrics, can rap, clash with anyone, confident, real talk. He keeps grime moving and all other artists on their toes. Always fresh.

The Contenders
11 Professor Green

One of the best grime artists. His beats are sick!

12 Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah's alright, but I can't help but feel like he's a sell-out. For real. But still, I can't really blame him. You gotta get to the top somehow. I just don't think he's as real or original as he was when he first started out.

One of the best, and he's making good money financially because of his six number 1s.

13 Stormzy Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., known professionally as Stormzy, is a British rapper, singer and songwriter.

To be fair, I am American, and I have just recently been exposed to the grime scene, so clearly my opinion shouldn't hold too much weight because I don't know much about it. However, Stormzy is the reason I have even begun listening to grime.

I have done my research and listened to a few tracks from big names like Skepta, JME, Wiley, Kano, Devlin, Chip, Bugzy, and Wretch 32. I'm not saying Stormzy is better or worse than any of them, but I gotta say he is in a similar class as a few of these artists, and most of those guys are at the top. Therefore, how is Stormzy so low? I'd say his flow is definitely up there with some of the best, but his lyrics could use a bit more substance if I'm honest.

14 Bugzy Malone

He's the best there is, no questions asked. Repping the North. Huge fan of Aaron Davis, A.K.A. The King of the North, Bugzy Malone. He will kill anyone who disses him. FACT!

26? He seriously needs to be 10th at least. I think he's the best right now. Definitely going places.

Meaningful lyrics, good beats. He definitely has every piece of a good rapper.

15 Lethal Bizzle

Absolutely dench-magnificent. He has his own clothing range and has also released classic grime songs such as Pow, Fester Skank, Leave It Yeah, Rari Workout, and The Drop. Dench Gang!

Lethal Bizzle needs to be higher! His Pow song is just amazing!

This guy is a boss. Check out Fester Skank!

16 Kano

Should be number 1, even Jigga said so. Maybe he's not the most consistent, but Home Sweet Home paved the way. His acting career produced some good classics. He has a few mediocre albums in the middle, but then he birthed Made in the Manor.

Although not purely grime, in my opinion, it's one of the best British albums. He was robbed at the Mercury Awards. Made in the Manor was far superior. Granted, Skepta may have done more for the scene due to his label and consistency, but in terms of bars, lyrics, and flow, Kano is the best of all time. Flow of the decade.

17 Giggs

First grime artist I ever heard, and since then, he's always been the best. Pure legend, man!

He has the grime scene on lock. Done, no contest!

He's the best there is. He's calm and old school.

18 Lowkey

The only reason he is not No. 1 is because what he raps about isn't deemed fit to suit the mainstream narrative. Lowkey spoke out against apartheid, oppression, and injustice wherever he saw it in our world.

Lowkey was undoubtedly the best independent MC/rapper in the UK and one of the best in the world. He worked hard to build a genuine fan base without any major financial backing (unlike many artists on this list). That fan base stayed true to him throughout his career, supporting him even during the beef he had with Ghetts and Chipmunk. The UK scene witnessed Lowkey's raw skill in his 'Top 1 selected' diss track, where he basically demolished Ghetts. Lowkey took the high road and even invited Ghetts to his album launch to end the feud.

I've never seen such a dedicated fan base like Lowkey's. During the Chipmunk beef, all of Chip's videos were bombarded with dislikes. He has made a huge impact politically as well, helping young kids realize the power we have to create change. It is no surprise that so many people want him to come back!

19 Chipmunk

Chip's lyrics are among the best. No rapper actually wants to challenge him, and he can get his work done in any flow or beat. Man's a legend. I'd say he's at 4th or 5th at least.

Not top 3 but top 5 easy. Just needs to find a balance between grime and chart. One of the few who could do both, unlike Tinie.

Chipmunk took on the grime scene, Chipmunk won.

So who is the king of grime?

20 Wretch 32

He's a legend when it comes to laying down some phat lyrics. Brilliant wordsmith.

21 BBK

Boy Better Know should be higher because JME, Skepta, and Wiley are up at the top.

22 AJ Tracey

He's got live bars. AJ Tracey and Dave, future kings of grime.

23 Dot Rotten

Why is he so far down the list?

24 KSI Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji, better known as KSI, is an English YouTuber and rapper. In 2019, he was ranked second by The Sunday Times in its list of the top 100 UK influencers. He is also part of the British YouTube group known as the Sidemen.

How is he rated over Chip or Frisco? Wastemen who have been following grime for 10 minutes class anyone who can rhyme two words together like him as grime.

A lot of potential in him - his second verse on Lamborghini was fire. Just because he is a YouTuber, he gets way too much criticism. This guy could be the next stage in grime.

I love the guy's flow and his rise from FWB (Friends with Benefits) and Lamborghini to Pull Up and Down Like That.

25 J Hus

He has so much talent and always manages to switch it up so we're not constantly listening to the same thing repetitively. For example, "Dark Vader" and "Bouff Daddy" are polar opposites, but they still manage to be fantastic tracks.

Great rapper, my personal favorite. Sad he's in prison now, but he'll come back stronger.

I've been listening to him since 'Did You See'. It's been nothing but good music.

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