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Since bursting onto the scene in 1994, Muse has been nothing short of a musical revolution. This British power trio has orchestrated a spellbinding blend of rock, electronic vibes, and classical grandeur, crafting a sprawling discography that defies boundaries. Think epic anthems that fill the air like cosmic dust, heart-wrenching ballads that tug at your soul, and mind-bending experimental tracks that transport you to alternate dimensions.
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1 Knights of Cydonia

Knights of Cydonia might not be my favorite song by Muse because I don't really have one. However, this is definitely their best song. This comment is more objective than subjective.

It's not my favorite, but you can't deny its epic nature. The song has everything: a good intro, an epic ending, a catchy guitar riff, a cool video, and an amazing live performance. It's clearly Muse's best song.

Genius. This is an epic prog metal song - an adjective I don't throw around lightly - that will transport you to a world of cowboy-knights on Mars. The album version is fantastic on its own, but the song also has a cool music video.

In my opinion, the Live Wembley version is even better. Muse is one of the few bands that can outdo themselves live. Easily, this is their best song. Uprising and Time is Running Out shouldn't be ranked above it.

2 Hysteria

I first heard this song on the radio, and it was stuck in my head for days. I finally found it on the internet, and it's what got me into Muse. It's been my favorite song for years now. The lyrics are fantastic, the bass riff is insane, and I'm learning how to play it. It's their best song.

This song just edges out Citizen Erased in my opinion because it's incredibly catchy. The solo is incredibly melodic, despite the song being mostly chromatic. It has the best bassline I've ever heard, overshadowing the underrated awesomeness of the guitar riff. The harmonies from the vocal overdubs are genius as well.

3 Uprising

I've been listening to Muse since 2008, and this was the song that stood out to me. The guitar at the intro reminded me of Doctor Who's title sequence and the tuning of the guitar overall. The drumming was amazing.

If you've listened to this song and thought the drumming was slow and easy, you're wrong. Look at a live show. Dom's doing some fast and steady drumming in the background to build up the structure of the song.

Great lyrics, good giant drums, great normal drums, and a fantastic tune!

Some people may think we guys just like Uprising because it's probably the most famous Muse song today. But listen to this bass line, these drums, and Matt's voice. Just astounding.

Even in all the other albums and B-sides, Muse can't reach this level of awesomeness. Anyway, I think Time Is Running Out and Knights of Cydonia still make a great choice for the top 3. Personally, I'd put Knights of Cydonia second and Showbiz third.

4 Citizen Erased

Citizen Erased is a true masterpiece, in my opinion. It's a very underrated piece, yet truly astounding. I consider it as the Bohemian Rhapsody of this generation. Three brilliant songs are combined in such beautiful harmony that it is indeed unbelievable to think that this amazing melody was created when Muse were only in their early twenties.

The heavy riff is awesome. The softer rock-esque verses are chilling, and the piano outro is just mesmerizing. This gem can satisfy both hard rock fans and the more alternative-progressive ones!

5 Stockholm Syndrome

The best way to describe this song is as the meeting of chaos and beauty. The track is charged with metal riffs but backed by synth arpeggios and a hauntingly pretty chorus. There is no Muse song that blows me away more than this one every time I listen to it.

I love the incredibly hardcore drumming skills - probably one of their hardest head-banging songs. Not to mention the amazing guitar, keyboard, and lyrics that all contribute to why this song is one of their absolute best.

An emotionally charged song with an absolutely brilliant riff. It's the type of song that will end with you hitting the replay button. If you haven't yet heard this, you are missing out.

6 Plug in Baby

Amazing riff, ranking in the top 50 riffs in the world. I like most songs by Muse, but this one is exceptional. You can sense the passion and talent of the band through it.

This song is beyond amazing. Just the beginning of the song drives me wild, even without hearing the powerful lyrics and vocals. I think it has got to be one of the best songs Muse has done.

The riff in this song is one of the best, most epic riffs of all time. The lyrics are also stupendous. There's just so much emotion in this song.

You can sense the anger and the pain that went into it. Interestingly, Matt admitted to having been on shrooms while writing this song.

7 Time is Running Out

A band's best song should be the one that best showcases their abilities as songwriters, musicians, and performers. I believe that of all their best songs, Time Is Running Out rises above the rest.

This song shows off their ability to write a catchy, groovy pop song in a perfect alt-rock style. But it also presents Matt's signature vocal style and his alternation between singing and playing either piano or guitar. Plus, there's the classic zipper bass riff, perfectly showing off Chris's sound and Muse's emphasis on the bass.

And of course, Dom's drumming is A+ as usual, always packing a near-metallic energy and force with such a groovy feel. Sure, other songs bring out other elements more prominently, but none combine so many of their strengths so beautifully and seamlessly as Time Is Running Out. It's both their best and my favorite.

8 New Born

I've been a Muse fan ever since I first heard them. Although I love all of their songs, this one is by far their best creation. For those of you who don't know, this song started off as just a jam riff that they would play during the Showbiz tour.

Towards the end of the tour, when they were writing songs for Origin of Symmetry, they decided to take this riff - which is the main riff of the song - and turn it into this heavy rock song. I think it's the best guitar riff of all time. New Born is even better live, especially the solo, which is killer, I must say! Muse rocks!

9 Supermassive Black Hole

I absolutely love this song, and for some reason, it's just so funny to me. I love The Office as well, so every time I listen to this song, I literally say, That's what she said, to every single line! It's amazing - just amazing.

God, that song is just so impressively dark, strange, and seductive. Seriously, you feel each of your cells moving and vibrating while listening to this. It makes you want to dance, cry, shout, and fly.

My favorite Muse track has a drive that takes you riding on a wave of euphoria. Thumping bass and strong vocals - just a wonderful track.

10 Starlight

This song captures the feeling of growing apart from your loved ones so well! It is not overly dramatic and just speaks the truth of how we feel inside. We don't want to leave our loved ones, but life seems to always separate us.

Although it's a horrible thing, somehow everyone thinks it's the normal thing to do or to happen because it happens to everyone. What would we really want to do with our loved ones? We couldn't hold them in our arms forever, but it feels like we just want to hold them in our arms forever. It's an absurd yet so relatable feeling.

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11 Map of the Problematique

If I say Matt Bellamy has the sexiest voice, I wouldn't be lying. He really turns me on, especially in this song. The whole song is so sexy - the intro, the tempo, it's got such strong energy and feeling.

Matt is playing with the microphone like it's his lover. He actually does it in most of their songs, but here and in Resistance, it's most remarkable. I heard this song years ago but still listen to it often - at least once or twice a week. It just never bores me!

It's hard to tell whether a song is truly great or not, but Map of the Problematique stunned me the moment I heard the combination of piano, drums, and techno. Its lyrics are chilling and existentialistic.

Overall, it isabsolutely captivating. In my opinion, it's the best Muse song and one of the greatest of this generation.

12 Showbiz

Easily the best Muse song. If you haven't listened to it, go listen to it now! It has great vocals, Matt is great singing it live, and there's a great build-up for the end with high-hitting notes. Muse shows their raw talent in this song.

Brilliant guitar playing and solos, deep lyrics with meaning, really good percussion. Dom's drumming is extraordinary, and Chris' bass is amazing as always! This song deserves to be number 1. It's pure Muse, from their first album and the title song. It deserves so much recognition. It has a brilliant build-up and is a brilliant song overall. It definitely deserves to be in at least the top 5.

13 Butterflies and Hurricanes

Picking Muse's best song is hard because they have so many great ones, as can be seen from the split opinions of the voters. This is my pick, as I feel Muse has done everything right with this song. The title is awesome, referencing the butterfly effect, where a simple flap of a butterfly's wing can cause a hurricane.

The lyrics are powerful and incite listeners to take action: "You've got to be the best, you've got to change the world, take this chance to be heard, your time is now." The band's full abilities on all instruments and vocals are on full display, featuring powerful riffs, amazing guitar and piano solos, as well as slow sections. In my opinion, this has to be Muse's masterpiece. Even Muse themselves agree, as they had this as the lead single on an album that includes fan favorites like "Hysteria" and "Time is Running Out."

14 Exo-Politics

A classic riff, an amazing guitar solo, and a drum beat that is both catchy and complex. The lyrics manage to be both powerful and mysterious. The bass and guitar parts go so well together in this song.

It also has a really cool spaghetti-western space rock vibe that I felt throughout Muse's album Black Holes and Revelations. Exo-Politics captivates you from the start and has an astoundingly emotional and ambiguous ending. This song is very underrated, extremely catchy, and definitely worth a listen. It undeniably deserves a spot in the top ten. Go Muse! You guys rock the universe! And I do mean that literally.

15 Resistance

This is such an awesome song. I don't even care if this was in Twilight or not! This was maybe the first Muse song I heard, and I was hooked on them. This just shows the awesomeness of Muse!

I'm not sure why this only got 3%. Come on, guys. Time is Running Out is definitely not as good as this!

I loved this song from the first time I listened to it. I can't believe I hadn't heard Muse until now. This is the song that introduced me to their amazing music. I love them!

It's one of the best-type songs. But among Muse tracks, it must be in the top three, along with Time is Running Out and Supermassive Black Hole. Do it - vote!

16 Bliss

This list is a mess. I can guarantee that most of the votes here are from "new" Muse fans who have no idea that "Origin of Symmetry" was by far the best album. "This," "New Born," and "Citizen Erased" should be much higher!

How are "Starlight," "Supermassive Black Hole," and others better than this? Listen to this and vote!

Bliss is a really beautiful song. I love the piano intro as much as the fade outro, and the bass riff is really catchy and fun to play. The joyful lyrics are perfectly coupled with the music.

In fact, the change of tonality from C minor to C major in the chorus is very clever. I perceive a fantastic and magical atmosphere every time I listen to it. It's simply the best.

17 The Handler

My current favorite song of all time is overtaking "Citizen Erased." I love how dark it is. I love the slow, repetitive baseline. I love the lyrics, and I love Matt's voice and how his screams came back.

I pretty much love all of it. The instrumental could be shorter as it is a little repetitive and goes on for slightly too long, but I can look past that for how amazing the song is and how it makes me feel.

My favorite part is where Matt screams "AGAIN" at the end. The second verse is amazing too, for its bass and drum only.

18 Reapers

How in the world is this song this low? My God, it's so good! I absolutely love it and can't resist bopping my head along with it, regardless of the vehicle I'm driving, be it a bus or my car!

Practically everything I love about a Muse song is congealed into one item. "Drones" is top-heavy, but this song is at the forefront of their library for me.

While my favorite Muse song is probably Knights, I'm voting for this one because it is easily in the top 10 and currently it's really low.

19 Undisclosed Desires

Everything about this song is amazing. The vocals sound great, the lyrics are cleverly written, and the beat is immaculately composed. There isn't a single fault with this song.

You really live for the chorus in this one. You anticipate it with a sense of excitement, and then a sense of relief occurs when it begins. You don't get that often.

It really is impossible to pick a top ten Muse list because every time you look at it, you realize you left out about 20 other songs that deserve the number 1 spot. They're all fantastic. Some stand out more than the others, but Undisclosed Desires is definitely part of the brilliant works of Muse.

20 Feeling Good

Feeling Good isn't just a cover. It's a brilliant cover and the best one done for this legendary song. The intro is soft and slow, typical of Muse, and then it becomes properly rock-and-roll. It was the first song I heard by Muse, and I've been hooked ever since. It's amazing. Go listen to it now on YouTube!

Amazing song. It should be number one! They remade this classic perfectly and elevated it to a new level. If you've never heard it, go listen now. It'll be worth your time.

I love this song so much. While the Nina Simone original was great, this song adds just the right Muse-y twist. It's such a great cover.

21 The Globalist

This song is great! It's a really fabulous tune, but I think people are overlooking it because of the super-high expectations set for it. I mean, when Matt calls a song a ten-minute prog rock nightmare and a sequel to Citizen Erased, you expect a ten-minute prog rock nightmare that'll at least be as good as Citizen Erased. But that didn't happen.

The first part of this song is awesome. The middle guitar riff is absolutely incredible, and then it all comes down at the end. In my opinion, if the band had decided to cut out the last part and instead have a five-minute head-banging metal solo, this song would have been Muse at their very best, no doubts about it.

But with the path they chose for this song, there's definitely going to be some hate directed towards it. That's okay. It's still an awesome song that deserves to be in at least the top 15. Vote for The Globalist!

22 Assassin

Learning this song on the drums is an absolute challenge. It's fast, technical, and, at times, very complicated. I'll never forget the amazing, simplistic, yet unique guitar work, and the chorus is just absolute perfection.

The way Matt recorded his voice multiple times to create a barbershop quartet feel, mixed together with the instrumentals, creates an absolute masterpiece.

Absolutely fantastic. The music really gets into your head, something you can come back to over and over again. The Grand Bosses Edit takes the already amazing song and turns it into something approaching musical perfection.

23 Micro Cuts

I don't usually like songs sung in too high an octave, but this song is unbelievable. The chorus gives me goosebumps as Matt Bellamy reveals his true potential. For me, it should at least be in the top 10.

This is their best song. The originality, the intensity, the insanity of it all - everything is turned up to 11. This is space gothic opera rock. You could start a whole genre off this song alone.

I first heard this when they played it at Wembley. I didn't think much of it until I downloaded it on iTunes. Now it's one of my favorite songs!

24 Unintended

I love all Muse stuff, so I'm not into picking favorites. Hell, I can be critical in a way only a Muse fan can, really nitpicking at unimportant bits that totally don't matter, but anyway. 'Unintended' is one of the most underrated of all their songs. It's a little like Queen's 'Love of My Life'.

Fans know it and generally love it, but that's it. 'Unintended' has great everything, but it is what it is - unassuming, not in your face, and not a song to hold up as what pop fans know of Muse. Each fan, unless they are as gifted as Matt, will eventually find their own way to sing this in an acceptable way. It's amazingly difficult to sing!

25 Muscle Museum

I upvoted this because some new Musers will definitely overlook this song if it's not in the top 20. And it's a real banger. Very good song, just start the track and thank me later.

The song is about how invisible they were - singing in crowds, but no one would look. In the dictionary, Muscle comes before Muse, and Museum comes after. Muse was literally ignored, even in the title.

This song is their most underrated masterpiece and truly shows their origins and humble nature. Listen to the acoustic version. It truly gives chills. It will always hold a dear place for Muse fans since it's so inspiring.

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