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This is a Top 10 of all Disturbed songs, ranging from "Down With The Sickness" to "Inside the Fire".
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1 Down with the Sickness

This song is beyond orgasmic, it is godly. The drumming sends shivers down your spine, the riffs are perfect to say the least, and the vocals, god amazing doesn't begin to describe them. And they bridge, Disturbed made a big risk with putting a bridge as shocking as that into it, but it's a risk that paid off. I literally can't describe how great this song is, it's been my favourite song for over a year and I highly advise you check it out.

This is the song that showcased who Disturbed was. That they were a force to be reckoned with, and that they would dominate the planet as one of the greatest metal bands of the generation. This song helped push The Sickness over the age and helped Disturbed reach huge levels with only their debut. This song is the pure essence of Disturbed, and is without a doubt their best song.

Best song ever for disturbed. They really overdid themselves with this song and this will always be the best one ever made. Disturbed for the win!

There are five hard rock/metal songs that everybody has heard and thinks are amazing they are Blind by Korn
Afterlife by A7X
This Song
Chop Suey! By System of a Down
And Duality by Slipknot.

This song is one of the darkest songs with one of the best beats ever!

2 Stricken

This is my favorite song of this band. Down with the sickness would be my favorite, if not for that weird abuse part. Those are Disturbed two best songs. However, with Down With The Sickness, the abuse part really kind of ruins what the song was building up.

The best solo I've ever heard! The Song has great lyrics, obviously great vocals, great music and extraordinarily remarkable Solo. A good job by all 4 of them and David as rocking as always.

Most meaningful and emotional song of theirs. Down with the sickness is the very definition of Disturbed its like their theme song. But stricken is their best and I could listen to it anytime. Just a great song. Lets get it to number 1 guys

In my opinion this is Disturbed's best song, the emotion behind it is unreal. It left to be interpreted in multiple ways. Draiman sang his utter best on this track. The solo is amazing. Easily their best.

3 Indestructible

"Indestructible". I song title with a message! Previously stated on several other bloggers' comments, Indestructible is Disturbed's best song. It has a great motivational purpose, and (as always) a great tune. Potentially, it has the makings of a great workout video/motivational video/amv (Anime Music Video). This song is the origin of my enjoyment for Disturbed's songs. I have heard a few of their songs before, but "Indestructible" put my interest in to a whole new category; Very Intrigued. So to not put this song as the best, in my eyes, is a real let down. So all onlookers and Disturbed fans, please reconsider.

You feel like you are filled with pure raw power when you list to this song, especially if you are listening to it with headphones on and doing something challenging, like doing an obstacle course, or playing games online. A definite A on my list. I mean, songs of Disturbed are gold labeled, but this takes the cake for me nowadays. Disturbed changes with the times, so this is why I am Disturbed.

This song, as stated on several other's previously entered comments, is their best song. It has a great motivational purpose, and (as always) a great tune. And it's not only thy who accompanies this intriguing thought process. My closer companions deeply consider this a masterpiece. In a sense, this is a prime factor of dedication, a rejecter of abnegation, if you will. Thanks for reading.

It is hard for me to say which one is the best.
Don't get me wrong, Indestructible is great.
But for me, the greatest songs from Disturbed is.
Ten Thousand Fist.
Land Of Confusion.
Another Way To DIe
I don't really like Down With The Sickness, Sorry, I don't say it's bad, but for me it's not the best

4 Inside the Fire

I love this song, it has such a sensitive topic (suicide) and I think that it demonstrates quite well that if someone you know commits suicide, you shouldn't be driven to suicide. Besides, the chorus is amazing and the song is fast paced.

I really like this song because its about what happend to him when he was 18. What happend was he was dating somone and she was addictind to somthing so he broke up with her. Then they got back together at a spring party but she was still addicted to somthing so he broke up with her again. After that happend she killed her self. David said when he at her frunaral he had thouts of suisid him self. And worst of all the girls parents blame David for her death to this day.

When I listened to this song I was like wow, this is the song that defines Disturbed! It's an amazing song, whether you love metal or not, and it should be at spot two at least!

This is EASILY the best song, it's so fast paced and powerful, the chorus is awesome! The riffs are great too! Vote!

5 The Night

I always here that down with the sickness is the best. It is a good song indeed, but The Night is my all time favorite to listen to by Disturbed and it's also fun to play on guitar.
The Night idis one of the best metal songs ever recorded, I mean listen to the solo its badass Dan Donegan is truly a underrated guitarist. Another thing I like about this song is the music video its epic with Dan Donegan strumming his guitar, andvthe speakers blasting sound waves causing the screen to shake rapidly, Awesome, just truly a perfect song.

I love disturbed mainly do to the guitarist Dan donegan, he inspired me to pick up the guitar and play his songs, even Dan donegan himself says that this is one of his favorites to play on the guitar, the solo is bad ass, the chorus is bad ass, even the music video is bad ass, it's dark and overall probably one of disturbed's most heaviest songs, and was the song that started my addiction with disturbed.

Down with the sickness is a classic and everybody who is breathing knows about it, but with that aside this is the best disturbed song EVER! It pumps me up!

This song has gotten me through some dark times. It is without a doubt one of their most meaningful songs, and unfortunately also one of their most overlooked songs. The chorus is incredibly deep and beautiful (it makes for a great piano cover) and the riffs are just catchy in the right way. Other great overlooked songs are "Crucified" and "Surpentine.)

6 Stupify

I think that this song Is my new favorite on a playlist that has mettalica, nothing more, ac/dc on it. This disturbed song just is amazing and the beat goes so well with the vocals. If you think that down with the sickness is better than this song than you are dead wrong this is a kickass song.

The beginning part just sounds so amazing! Then the chorus just completes the rest of the song. And when he vocalizes before "and don't deny me, " it's so beautiful. I was never a big fan of Disturbed before, but listening to this song got me interested in their music, and now I absolutely love them! This song should DEFINITELY be numero uno.

Yeah! This is a typical Disturbed song! Should be at least second in this least. But I personally rate it higher than Down With The Sickness... The riff is just awesome in this song! I really like it!

First Disturbed Song I have ever Came across, and Loved it! Disturbed has just gotten better and better with their newer Albums (loved Asylum). I really hope they come back to make new material, look in my face and in my soul, AND GET STUPIFIED, RA!

7 Ten Thousand Fists

This is one of Disturbed's heavier songs. Much better than Asylum. This song is much more powerful. If you don't listen to this song on full blast, you're doing it wrong. It's in your face Disturbed metal at their best.

People can no longer cover their eyes
If this disturbs you then walk away
You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of
Ten thousand fists in the air!

I fail to see how the general consensus is Down With the Sickness is the best of their songs. 10K fists is just so powerful! It really makes you want to stand up & shout "Ten thousand fists! "

One of my favorite songs! I love the idea behind this song! But, why on 8th? Should be 6th really... Come on, do something to save this brilliant piece of sound...

8 Prayer

You can't leave out Prayer. I know the song is more "main stream" but that is like Black Sabbath fans thumbing their nose to "Paroniod". With out "Parnoid" Sabbath may not have not been around to create other great riffs like "Symptoms of the Universe, or "Bloddy Sabbath" or one of my favorite., "The Writ". Who knows, there may not have been such a great band like Disturb if "Parnoid" did not put Sabbath on the map.

I love this song! The lyrics are amazing! It makes me feel so alive
I think this song should be in the top ten, This would be in my top 5 for the best disturbed songs. David's lyrics are amazing, especially : The Night and Inside the fire
I love disturbed

Prayer is my favorite disturbed song, I mean I like all disturbed songs but this song defined disturbed,and was the first song I ever learned completely on guitar, it's perfect and downright heavy and kick ass, definitel would choose this over asylum any day.

Fantastic song by a fantastic band. Lyrics and vocals are superb, I love the chorus. Believe is such a good album, Prayer NEEDS to be in the top 10!

9 Asylum

This is my favorite song from Disturbed. The music, the lyrics, the raw emotion is top notch. Nothing before or since touches the greatness that is Asylum. This is my favorite song from any artist, any genre. It it the perfect Disturbed song.

I enjoyed this song very much. Though there are other trademark songs, I keep listening to this song again and again. The music is terrific. The lyrics seem hellish but I just like to listen to this while blasting my earphones away.

Asylum is Disturbed's only good song. I know I might get hate for this but it's true. Their stuff is pretty much the same and it's the same sub-par stuff except this song.

Asylum is the most awesome song of Disturbed... Lyrically best! Perfect rhythm! Very organized composing! Guitar work is very decent...

10 Land of Confusion

This was number 17 when I voted... That's so wrong this is an EPIC song and while there are plenty of other good songs by Disturbed, Land of Confusion stands above the rest. It's just one of those songs that excites me from the moment it starts!

This song definitely belongs in the top five immediately. Down with the sickness isn't even that good in my opinion, I got to stop my workouts when ever he starts bitching about his mom in the middle of the song like what is that? "Let us feel these men of power are losing control by the hour! " ya! Now that's the kind of music I want to hear! Swap this out with "down with the sickness" and we'll have our selves a list!

Greatest cover I have ever heard. And one of the greatest music animated videos ever. I can identify with this in the world that we live in

Currently, this is arguably the best song ever made. Yet on this list it can't even get close to the top ten. This is wrong...

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11 The Game

This is my favorite song from Disturbed, my favorite part, the bridge when David is singing during Dan solo, this part is so unique!
I must said that the lyrics and intrumental fits perfectly together!

This song is one of the best Disturbed songs that I have ever heard. There's just no reason not to vote it up! Hope to see you playing again, Disturbed!

Amazing fast lyrics and a really good song in general, definitely a song that should be listened to if you like fast heavy rythmnic musi. Personally my favourite disturbed song.

This song is great. It got me through a difficult time. Said how I felt with my ex. Beat is awesome just a great song.

12 The Sound of Silence

The range of his voice as well as the dynamics are wonderful! It is powerful, so powerful. This is the only song I have heard by this group and I will be looking for more.
I also love the "velvet" sound of his voice, which he can turn on and off at will; to then listen to his raspy voice hit all of the high notes with such power. It's beautiful!

This cover is so amazing. Disturbed shows that they actually have an ear for music with this. This song has emotion and is so perfectly exectuted. This song should be number one, the only reason it's so low is because it's still new. But everyone, whether they're a Disturbed fan or not, needs to listen to this song.

WHY is this song at #51? This song deserves to be in the Top 5 at least. This is an awesome cover song that I actually cried at the end because of how beautiful they made it sound. Plus, it's also their highest charting song on the Billboard Hot 100.

Best demonstration of lead singer vocal range. Hauntingly beautiful song. Better than original version, but maybe one of the best songs ever written. This version finally gives the song the passion that it was always missing.

13 Haunted

Remember and you might be welcomed among the heartless monsters you surround yourself with.
Feeding off the pain and misfortune of others.
A maniacal unit of sub-human parasites warped into a feeding frenzy at the smell of fresh BLOOD,
Open your eyes and see the creatures for what they are.
A swirling mess of hatred and envy.
Don't be native enough to think you're uneffected.
The conversion has already begun.

This is my FAVORITE Disturbed song! Why its not in the top 10 is a good question. I love the intro to the song and the lyrics. This defines Disturbed at its best and easily beats "Down With the Sickness". Don't get me wrong, it's a good song, But... Its not their best even though it's their most popular..

The lyrics in this song alone surpass any of their previous work, and probably any thereafter. Only "The Night" can surpass this song in regards to the song's personality. Easily one of, if not their best song.

Strange how this song's not even on the top ten! Awesome lyrics and music compilation... Songs like this don't come out very often and stands out among the very best!

14 Another Way to Die

This song is pretty kickass. I like it that it has like a dark, scary, doom metal like intro and then it turns into your average awesome song by Disturbed. Not their best song in my opinion, but definitely one of my favorites.

I would think this song deserves to be in the Top 5. Aside from the very well orchestrated rhythm and flow, the songs lyrics are very meaningful. They describe a reality that is possible.

This is should by all means be in the top 3, it's in my opinion the best song EVER!
When this was released I was listening to it for 2 months straight
They should keep up making songs like this

This is my favorite Disturbed song, one of the best metalcore songs ever. It's up there with Freak on a Leash and Duality as the best Nu Metal songs ever should be number 1.

15 Voices

Simply amazing and one of the best disturbed songs ever created! I just can't get tired listening to this one and honestly, this should be among the top 10.

Seriously? Come on! Nu metal + Slapping on bass! This is one of the reasons why Fuzz is one of the most underrated modern metal bassists!

Top 5 disturbed song. One of the best songs by disturbed. Even though the lyrics don't make much sense, but it's a great song.

This is their best song ever. It deserves a better place than this. It should be anywhere in the Top 10 of this Ranking.

16 The Vengeful One

This one is simply amazing. It was perfect for a hiatus ending single. This song is powerful and showing us how the world controls us. I listen to this practically endlessly. Top 3 worthy

This song really suits with our current situation. I can't believe that Disturbed really sang the present in a magnificient way

This song has a beat and attitude different from Down with the Sickness and more like Glass Shatters or even Just Stop. Of course this song being better than those two.

HANDS DOWN the best of their new songs. HANDS DOWN. This is the song that sticks out in this album. The lyrics are powerful and extremely dark, and I love them.

17 Perfect Insanity

This is one of the best songs off of Indestructible. Surprised it's not top 15.

Awesome song + great drum beat = Top 10 at least!

How isn't this song in the top ten!

How is this not in the top ten? This is my favorite disturbed song

18 The Animal

Great lyrics and very powerful singing make this song great for letting out all your anger. Makes me feel like no one can mess with me.
It has my favorite Disturbed solo too. The steady stream of fast notes with an eerie atmosphere really does well in this song. It may not be phrased very well (or at all) and it isn't the longest but it keeps the fast pace of the song and delivers a really nice melody. I love how the rhythm guitar mixes with the lead at times during the solo, creating a a nice harmony and chorus effect. Also love how the drums mesh with the guitar riffs to them even heavier.

This should be in the top ten... it's unbelievably good. Some of David's best singing in Disturbed is found in this song. Really showcases his powerful voice. Guitar riffs are just mean sounding, solo sounds pretty sick, drums and bass are nice and catchy too. This one gives me chills, like it's one of their best, alongside Asylum, Indestructible, Stricken, and The Night. Disturbed just has so many good songs though that it's almost impossible to rank them. Where's Perfect Insanity?

This was the first Disturbed song I listened that wasn't accompanied by a plastic guitar and teenage acne. Great rhythm and a very well thought out set of lyrics with just the right amount of that low, rough, and melodic vocals that David Draiman has utilized to skyrocket Disturbed into the seat of the number one Metal band of all time.

What the HECK is this song doing outside of the top 10? Just give it a listen and you'll see! It's just badass. The Asylum album has some of Disturbed's best songs ever, such as Asylum, The Animal, Warrior, Another Way to Die, and The Infection!

19 Decadence

First time that I heard this song was in Need For Speed: Most Wanted. It's an awesome song. It was also the first song that I heard from them.

This is the first song of him I've listened before! It has the best lyrics I've ever read and listened! I don't know why this is #11! It must be one of the best songs!

For me, ever since NFS Most wanted, this has always been a driving song. Every time I hear it I always picture myself passing other cars and negotiating tight turns. Also a great workout song.

The chords are so powerful and nice to listen to. As a person who is not the greatest fan of metal music, this is such a quality song. Loved it.

20 Remember

Honestly, this song is the most life-changing song they've ever released. A perfect blend of amazing rock music and melody, this song deserves a much better spot on the list.

How is this not rank higher? This must have been forgotten, because most Disturbed fans have this top 5. Give it a listen, it's my favorite!

Please tell me that this is a sick joke that this is ranked so low. Very sad because this is #1 in my book.

Ironic that fans forgot about this song called Remember. It is their best.

21 Meaning of Life

Although most people dislike the stronger lyrics, the undertone of the song is strong and powerful. Also, the repetition is real catchy, and really I htink it should deserve at least in the top 15.

This is one of there most famous songs but people don't know the name... I love this song and think it's better than most

Most crunk song they've made.

The best for me.

22 Liberate

Waiting, for your modern messiah, take away all the hatred that darkens the light in your eye, still awaiting I. This song should be in the top 3 with down with the sickness and asylum. This website SUCKS, doesn't even give a proper ranking

So it's not my all time fave by them but it's definitely the one that got me into them! Got a chorus that just makes you NEED to sing along!

Why is this so far down? liberate is AWESOME. I think its as good (or better) than down with the sickness. should be farther up ther!

How unfair, the chorus of this song kills me. Deserves more than this

23 Hell

Definitely the best song ever as it at first begins by repeating amazing sounds in the intro then moving into juxtaposition of high and low sounds near 2:40. The Night is definitely overrated as it lacks the gut anger displayed in many of their songs and down with the sickness may be classic, but it also is too musically chaotic.

This song is one of their best. I find myself listening to it more often than most others. It's has an energetic rhythm coupled with very dark, yet melodic vocals to make one of the best composed Disturbed tracks to date.

I think everything about this song is brilliant, from the powerful intro to the 'chug-chug' rhythm guitars! Draiman outdid himself in vocals, and Dan's guitars are pure sex. This deserves way higher man!

How the HELL did this get 1% of votes!? Best vocals, Awesome guitar, Smashing drums and great electro intro!
Either people don't know what good music is or they are all sheep.

24 The Infection

I think it's not fair that most of the time the oldest songs get the most credit, just because some people didn't hear the newer albums so far. Infection is one of the best songs in heavy metal ever made. And especially one of the top 3 songs of Disturbed at least!

Seriously guys, why is this number 20?! Combined great riffs, lyrics, and guitar solos, this song should at least be in the top ten.

One of their more catchy songs. The lyrics are really cool and that guitar solo is awesome!

This is the one of the best Disturbed songs. It should be in the top 3, if not the first!

25 Warrior

Can not believe this isn't easily #2. You guys need to look up this song RIGHT NOW! It is better then all disturbed songs in my opinion. And no, this was not the first song I heard from them and Yes, I have known about disturbed for months, ran across this song since I don't own the whole album and was like 0_0 what Have I been missing out on!?!?

Listen to it... Then listen to it again... Then listen to it again...

How is this NOT top 3? This song is the most blood-pumping adrenaline-surging @$$-kicking song out there.

This is the best Disturbed song out there. Yes, I realize how much of a statement that is. I've been a Disturbed fan for years; I've heard every song. This one's the best.

Had this song stuck in my head but I couldn't remember the name of if, I had an idea that it was from the asylum album though. Great song, should be higher on the list.

Looking at this list reminds me how much good music this band has made. Many hard choices for top ten but this is one of my all time favorites.

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