Best Luke Bryan Songs

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1 Play It Again

This song will get stuck in your head and will have you singing it over and over again. Love it!

Good beat, good lyrics, captures the listener, good song.

Surprised at how low this is on the list! Fun song!

2 That's My Kind of Night

That is an awesome song! Keep singing and be cute!

This is a very good song! Love ya, Luke!

3 Country Girl (Shake It for Me)

Again, it's me, Goldie Henson. I forgot to tell you something. My favorite song is Country Girl (Shake It for Me).

I must agree, it's his best one ever! Not to mention when he's on stage shaking his butt!

The only song of his I can stand. I hate country music so.

4 Drunk on You
5 Drink a Beer

Solid, sad feeling kind of song, very close to the heart in meaning, that's for sure. Often when I'm feeling lonely and drinking a beer, this song is in my head.

Love this song! The lyrics are so well written!

6 I Don't Want This Night to End

Luke, you are the best in country music! My wife and I listen to you all during the day and night. Please don't stop what you're doing. Keep the fans happy.

Luke Bryan is an amazing singer! Love this song. It's the best!

7 Rain is a Good Thing

Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky! Love Luke Bryan.

8 Kick the Dust Up
9 Most People are Good

Are you kidding me? I like this song so much. It should be at number one because of how important it is. Just saying, not being rude.

This has the best lyrics of any Luke Bryan song. This song is so meaningful, it's awesome!

The lyrics and message are very nice and cool.

10 We Rode in Trucks
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11 Someone Else Calling You Baby
12 Crash My Party

This is not Top 10? I don't know what else it takes to reach this point.

Really good, and why is Roller Coaster so low?

13 Dirt Road Diary
14 I See You
15 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

This is by far the best! I can't believe it's at 24!

16 Blood Brothers
17 Roller Coaster
18 Muckalee Creek Water

Now, I'm a metal/rock fan, but I have nothing against country. In fact, I love country. I grew up listening to it and still do. The years from 2005 to 2010 were the best years in country, in my humble opinion.

Now, these other comments don't seem too sophisticated to me, so I'll try my best to make an accurate evaluation. This is the song I cast my vote on. Right off the bat, at the start of the song, you can tell it's going to be good. It has a sort of Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N Roses vibe to it.

I don't have enough time or patience to analyze the entire song part by part, but this song just really struck me as good. The top three, I believe, should be Muckalee Creek Water, I Don't Want This Night to End, and Rain is a Good Thing. Tailgates and Tanlines is obviously his best album.

19 Do I

Quite possibly still my very favorite country song! Believe me, it's good.

20 Knockin' Boots
21 Been There, Done That
22 You Don't Know Jack
23 Move
24 One Margarita

This one is a catchy song that needs more overall love!

25 Strip It Down
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