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1 Made to Love

This song came out right after my son was born. I felt what it meant. I loved my son so strongly and could feel his love for me. The light of Gods love for me and my love of Him was stronger because of this.

This song gets me up and going. It makes me remember that God is there to help you out along your path. I would recamend this song to non- believers to get them excited about God

This song reminds me to look back to the rock from where I was carved every time I stray. To get back on track and to the purpose of my existence.

2 Me Without You

This is actually my second favorite song. First goes to Made To Love, but bravo, tobyMac! Pulls out another amazing song!

This is the BEST song ever! I also like Speak Life too! This just keeps me going and I know that God is always with me.

Simply best song. Listen it once you will surely thumbs up for this comment.

3 City on Our Knees

Such an amazing song, and I dedicate it to my city and hope that God will bless it!

I like how it was first slow then goes a bit faster and it seems so cool...

This song is so awesome! Love the way he sings it!

4 Speak Life

I love this song! Every time I'm thinking about being rude to my brothers, I listen to this. Sticks and stones can break my bones, and so can words! Speak Life! Not death, don't put others down.

It shows how treating others can put them down, and how many bad people there are. However there are people like us that can "Speak Life"!

Speak life rocks! It makes me feel like there will always be people speaking out for those who are mistreated.

5 Steal My Show

This song has a lot of meaning to me. A lot of my friends don't believe in God and I try to tell one of my friends about him cause he's gay and doesn't believe. So I
Every time here this song I pray God please steal my show and help me.

You're the best Toby, I love your music so much. Its inspiring, upbeat, full of the love
of our Lord & Savior. Kudos!

Let God take the show once in awhile... It's amazing! I love it!

6 Lose My Soul

I think Lose My Soul should be higher on the list!

Mandisa and Kirk Franklin are in this one.

Great Christian rap song. Should go to # 1.

7 Ignition

It's fine... Just annoying if all you do is shuffle tobyMac songs... Oh my gosh I just heard myself out loud. I'm such a loser.

Great song, should be so much higher in the list, catchy beat, leaves you always wanting more.

Man.. This song should be in the top 5.. Best rap by toby..

8 I'm for You

Why is this so low on this list?
Why? Why? Why?

9 Get Back Up

This song tells me to get back up after I fall! Toby Mac is one of the best singers ever!

This is the best song from Tobymac. It has awesome lyrics and music!

Its been my favourite song for so many years. It gets me pumped up.

10 Forgiveness

Tobymac and lecrae work wonders in this song! Love singing it with my family on car rides

This is by far Tobymac most underestimated song! The fact that it fts. lecrae makes it that much better!

It is close, but as my opinion this song is the best!

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11 I just need U.

This is a powerful reminder that whatever is on going on in our life the Lord Jesus Christ is with He "saith I will never leave the nor forsake the" that is comfort when people around us will walk away sometimes we might have to stand alone for what is right. know that Jesus is with our we don't have to fear no evil nor anything for in I John 4:4 said "greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.So let us go froth in victory rising above all that God have in store for us.

12 Undeniable
13 Lose Myself
14 This Is Not a Test

This should be number one it is a great song. I think the reason people do not like it is because it has nothing in it about God.

Love this song so much... My third favorite how in the name of cars is it not in the top ten!?!?!?!

This one climbed up almost thirty spots in under a month thanks for supporting

15 One World

How this never made it to number one I'll NEVER know! :)
Love me some TobyMac! God bless him and his ministry

16 Burn for You

This song is one of my favorites. I can't say I like it more than made to love or city on our knees but I felt that it should definitely be up in the charts. We'll see if the new Eye On It cd can beat this classic Toby

Easily my favorite song Tobey's solo career. Comes off to me as the perfect blend of classic dc Talk and modern tobyMac.

It's a very catchy song, with great lyrics and vibes...

17 Extreme Days
18 Thankful for You

This song is honestly the best!

19 The First Noel

Love this song! It is totally my jam I can listen to it all day long. Good Christmas song but changed up.

20 Backseat Driver

This is way better than #27...moving up!

Best song ever always in my mind!

21 Eye On It

I just love this song! I don't know why, but it just has something about it. It's past "Made to Love" only just though!

I went to a place and I heard this song and danced to it and I only recently found out it was Eye On It!

This song makes you want to dance until you FALLOUT at dawn! This song is awesome!

22 Tonight

I love every TobyMac song I have ever heard. Great voice and awesome music. But I think that Tonight is notas good as Tonight ft. John Cooper from Skillet. It is an amazing song by itself but with John Cooper in it, it just makes it that much more amazing. I love it. Even the songs with his son Truett (Tru-Dog) are awesome.

My new favorite song. It is really good and helps me through the day.

How in the world is this song not in the top 3?

23 Boomin'

In my opinion the best song to get me going and ready for the day. I love how it's slow then fast and loud then slow again.

Because were boom in out the stereo system this goes out to anyone listening

24 O Come All Ye Faithful
25 Til the Day I Die

" yeah Til I die and they put me in the coffin
Doesn't matter if I'm at my home or I'm on a calling
Tell me what you think about me that really ain't important
What I'm reprisenting if who I'm for
I only got one life I'm not kidding through
This is not an act, not a movie, not a T.V. show!
Not to ground me and put me in the studio
Do it for the king whatcha now about that say your going harder
Um I doubt that
Say you gonna work but they ask you where they couch at
How ya gonna work when your at the couch, huh?
God is not a crutch that you can use him when ya wanna
You only look to heaven when you're going through some drama
And you're going through some problems
And that's the only time you call him
Guess I don't understand that life
Cause I'm all in...

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