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1 Burn It Down - Linkin Park

Best rock song of 2012, But this song was in n.100 in the billboard hot 100, bull ,Should have been n.2 instead call me maybe should have been n.100 or never should have make it in the billboard hot 100,call me maybe a piece if bull garbage, Burn it down is badass awesome rock song of 2012

Whoever likes one direction and call me maybe... Shut the hell up, because that ain't proper music, great thing that LP is catching up,
We are young should be under this, as second (already is) so just swap call me maybe with this and evry1 will be happy

Linkin Park is back! I wonder what took them so long o_O
The album is definitely worth every penny.
And burn it down deserve to be number one on the list!
For those who said "I don't like it" I know you lied

The song is best they had played in thire entire life. They are burning the world into the ground because LP knows how to do it. Their next album Living Things wil be the biggest Hit.

2 Payphone - Maroon 5

The best song of 2012 is Enrique Iglesias's Finally found you in my opinion. This one would probably be 2nd, or 3rd though. Somebody that I used to know sucks so bad. I can't believe it was actually 1 to MTV and others.

I am at a payphone... Trying to call home... All of my change I spent on you... Great lyrics and melody... Maroon 5 at it's best... A real song from a broken heart... Should be on 1...

I am listening to this song right now! This has amazing lyrics and I hope it gets to #1!

This song is nice but the logo of maroon 5 is really annoying.

3 We Are Young - Fun.

I understand how the scar lyric can be questionable, but this is all in the past tense. If you can take a questionable decision, and reflect on it to form a story, and turn that story into a song about having a drink and not thinking straight because of these past flaws and the atmosphere of this bar, backed up with one of the best vocal performances in a number one hit, bombastic production, a glorious hook, and extra points for nostalgia, yeah, I dig it. 6/5

The band Fun is really great and I wish that We Are Young was ahead of the others. This song is so catchy and a really great song to dance to. Everyone should try to listen to it because it has meaningful lyrics and, it is in the band's name, FUN!

Linkin Park is in the past... No offense, guys... This song was an anthem when I heard it on the radio. Besides, Burn It Down got #100 on the Hot 100 Year-End. We Are Young got #3.

NO! WHY IS 1D on this list?! I really hate them! Fun. Wrote a good song here. Deserves to be higher. Not higher than the RHCP, though. They rock. (Red Hot Chili Peppers).
So help these people.

4 Somebody that I Used to Know - Gotye

This song never gets old, no matter how many times I listen to it, it still sounds awesome, than, it gets stuck in my head, and I still don't mind!

This song is by far the best song so far this year. It has this ring to it that just gets stuck in your head. And that is what makes a song popular.

Wally somehow collaborated with a no name singer named Kimbra to create the best break up song of all time.

This song will be timeless.. Always makes me sing... Awesome! Keeps playing in my head... And I love it!

5 Some Nights - Fun.

Nate is comparable to legendary singers like Brad Dell and Freddie Mercury on this single.
Some Nights is arguably the best motivational song of the 2000s. The opening lyrics are incredibly meaningful and the chorus is a fantastic song along.
Please come back fun., everyone with a good taste in music loves you.

This song is great! It has great harmony and lyrics, but the auto tuned thing at the end of the part c was quite strange and might have done better without it... Other than that, it was just about perfect!

Epic song. Way better than We Are Young.

This song is not annoying like the rest.

6 Lost In the Echo - Linkin Park

A good quality Linkin Park song. Vocals and rhythm are good. But not enough to match burn it down.

7 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift

WANEGBT is an understatement to her talent, and doesn't really represent Red for what it is.. but she's still absolutely amazing. It's really quite a sassy song and one that many people can relate to whether they admit it or not.

Taylor Swift looks so beautiful. She sings awesome. I love her. Just remembering the words "We are never ever getting back together". Can't get this song out of my head. I love you Taylor Swift

One of Taylor's worst breakup songs. 1/10

And this is why I praise Reputation for Taylor switching up her style, because it's for the better.

Super amazing song. I'm a Swiftie forever. She is super fantastic! When I first heard it I loved it. I didn't realize it was her. This shows I'm unbiased. Go Taylor

8 Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Ah! I love this song. So here's my vote so you're the best. Best song ever in the whole world. You rock who ever did this. Love you

I love this song. Carly Rae Jepsen is such a good singer. This song became popular in America.

This song is so good that I cannot stop hearing it again and again... Its march 2013 and I am still listening

I heard some guy say this was the best pop song heard in 10 years. I absolutely agree

9 Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson

This song should be in the top 3. Come on guys! The song has a great lyrics and superb vocal from Kelly. Plus nice and very inspirational video

A true Kelly Clarkson masterpiece and striking lyrics and vocals.

I love this song. It is very inspiring. Kelly Clarkson is a good singer.

10 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

"Radioactive" is a song that creates a feeling of a change- an immense, almost incomprehensible transformation- coming about and does it without overdoing it. Graced with a generously killer beat and a fittingly heavy bass line, the only that could improve on this song is somehow managing to fit in some acoustic guitar. And what does this single do? Exactly that. The single is made even better within the context of Imagine Dragon's now two year old record, "Night Visions". All in all, "Radioactive" is the best 2012 has to offer and should surely make it to the top of this list.

How can it this be ranked lower than demi lovato and taylor swift's songs? Seriously guys; I shudder to think this represents the preference of the voting majority. ! Demons and Radioactive should be in the top 10!

This song's on the radio all the time. Don't know what is wrong with you all.
Best song of 2012 for sure! I understand linkin park, but this at the 69th place? Seriously?

The utter POWER and terrifying howls coming from Dan Reynolds holds you frozen in your seat and make you feel like you can achieve the impossible.

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? Show Me This Life - Poets of the Fall
? Throw Dem Gunz - Lil Ugly Mane
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11 Starships - Nicki Minaj

Starships is such an awesome and colorful song, and it is really catchy. Nicki Minaj's voice is beautiful. The song just draws me in.

Really a fun song that make you go to your happy place. Plus it was really big on Mainstream last year! She is a really good rapper!

One of the biggest songs of 2012 and I really like it. Definitely a good Pop song from Nicki Minaj

I like this song

12 Wild Ones - Flo Rida

This song is stunning! Flo Rida is a great rapper.

13 Demons - Imagine Dragons

45? How is this behind... NICKI MINAJ?! I've lost faith in this website. Seriously, nicki minaj is trash. She isn't even an artist.

#14 isn't high enough. It should be first. More meaningful than everything up!

This song touches my heart. Good lyrics, powerful rhythm...
Must be in top 10.

How is this so low? Seriously, it's arguably the best song on this list.

14 Wide Awake - Katy Perry

This song is great. It describes how Katy was in her 'Teenage Dream' with Russell Brand until they divorce which at the time, she's wide awake and realize that this is dream and Russell Brand is not what she dreaming in her 'Teenage Dream'. Such a great song from Katy Perry.

For me this song shine the most than other song... Why? Because we humankind inspired if you listen to this song.. First and foremost in this song see that katy the killer queen end her illuminati practices that is only my OPINION.. !

All these songs except the one in commenting on are reasons I wish I lived in the seventies and the eighties when good songs were on the radio an none of these songs fun. Is only famous because of the super bowl Katy Perry I like and I'm an eleven year old boy I think she's trying to get all the the teenage girls to get into pop rock

This songs should be at #1! Katy is the best!

15 Hall of Fame - The Script

Brilliant song! Its been in the top 10 for ages and should be included in the top 10 at least! Inspiring song with all the lyrics that can make your day feel much better!

One of the most meaningful song I came across!

This is my favorite song, everything IN this song is awesome, from the intro, to the last verse, it deserves a higher spot

I love the Script.
And is way better at rapping than he is at beat and music production.

16 Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Jackie Evancho

From Jackie's second PBS Great Performances "Music Of The Movies" concert as well as her "Songs From The Silver Screen" album. Also performed at "A Capitol Fourth 2013" 4th of July celebration on the Capitol lawn in Washington D.C. See the YouTube videos.

17 Take Off - Conor Maynard
18 Powerless - Linkin Park

The best song of 2012, a combination of all their softer hits, and it rocks

The perfect way to end their album "LIVING THINGS" because it is a truly emotional and spectacular track, also waiting for 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter'

I was SO happy to hear this at the end of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

One word - awesome!

19 Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I really like songs that go outside the norm and diss their own style.
Case in point, Thrift Shop.
Ryan Lewis's catchy as all hell saxophone loop, Macklemore's stellar rapping with thought provoking lyrics, and Wanz phenomenal baritone all add up to create one of the best rap songs of this decade

imagine if Thrift Shop was made in 2020, or any gate after 2017. the world would be even more shaken then when they heard this masterpiece in 2012.

Took a struggling indie rapper to platinum and opened people's eyes to the rest of his music (which is also good), but bottom line you go find me a song that's easier to get stuck in your head.

Seriously? How has this not been added yet? This was literally the 3rd best song of 2012 (according to the charts) and it's amazing! Great music, lyrics, it's amazing!

20 Skyfall - Adele

I have never been famillar with Adele until "Someone Like You" but she is talented in this. Espically if the songs was Oscar/Golden Globe won and it was featured in a James Bond Movie and the best one ever. This is even better than Gangnam Style

Very few artists can claim to have won Academy Awards. Adele is now in a eite group.

It's a Golden Globe and Oscar winning song.

Should be first.
I love this song a lot.

21 M.A.A.D. City - Kendrick Lamar
22 Castle of Glass - Linkin Park

Awesome chilled song from Linkin Park. When they came to South Africa to promote Living Things I was disappointed they didn't play it but they did play other songs from their other albums that I love (Given Up) so it didn't bother me too much. This song deserves a spot in the top ten

Deserves the top 5 position. It has an awesome music video which can touch anyone's heart. I would request people to vote for this song. Linkin Park is back!

It gives the feeling of what a child feels when his father was in an army! TOO GOOD!

One of my favorite LP songs. However, only 49 on this list? Deserves much higher.

23 Die Young - Ke$ha

This is my favorite Ke$ha song, and to be honest how can you argue me?
It is the most infectious of all Ke$ha songs with a great rap section and a chorus that you'll never feel ashamed of to sing loud wherever and whenever you are or at.
Great job, Ke$ha.

I miss the old Ke$ha. Before she canged the $ to an s, sounding passionate and didn't whine about white straight men, when she is rich as all hell.

This is her best song

It is crappy, to be honest.

24 Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert
25 Bangarang - Skrillex
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