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1 Boyfriend

Big Time Rush is an American boy band. The song Boyfriend with Snoop Dogg are video me and rest of the guys go to the future have a good time Logan said. We're drinking a milkshake creator creator I guess like she eats it Then we laugh about have a good time and join our milkshake said Kendall

Kendall is my favorite Big Time Rush Character? Because the song Boyfriend is about is your boyfriend can't fight that Let me down, you know, I'm coming right back I don't care what all you done before All I really want is to be your?

This is a catchy song my favorite. Is like nobodys around but that's not a choice si I just picked this do you like this song cause I do but its not my favorite. Btr is a good band and I just think you should try it I know it is good super catchy I wish I could vote for all the songs cause there al so good its just so catchy that I can't stop saying the sentance it's so catchy

Boyfriend is my fave song of all the BTR songs... Cause the song is also in my fave episode.. And, Kendall sings most of the parts... P. S. Kendall's my fave, I so totally like his voice and his also cute!

2 Til I Forget About You

How is this even possible. I got all the songs on my phone but that's just not the best. Whatever... they broke up,Jonas Brothers 2, One Direction is thought to do the same. All the ex-Disney stars are going crazy like Miley Cyrus and Selena, ex-Nickelodeon better than ever some of them the other do what the Disney stars do, proud of Ariana Grande. They were a big part of my childhoo, but they're all going nuts! Is beein on a fam army WORTH IT (Fifth Harmony)? I just love to listen to all the best singers and greatest songs.

I love this song! Then again who doesn't. It's touching that they're saying, "I'm going to go through so much before I can forget about us. " They're voices all sound great and I love how it gets louder too when they start singing, "Dance hard, laugh hard, turn the music up now! " Overall best song on the album.

This song was my childhood and I will never forget how epic they made all of these songs. I saw them when I was only 8 years old and here I am 6 years later listening and loving it more than ever. much better than 1D by far.

I love this song so much I could listen to it for hours and never get bored of it! Xx I love btr!

3 Worldwide

I Love this song so much. I saw the episode when they first invented this song. It based on Kendall's girlfriend that is moving to New Zealand because she has to shoot a movie there. So, they make this song to kinda inspire her, so she wouldn't be so sad about leaving. And, the lyrics are just so beautiful.

My favorite BTR song for sure! Still gives me the chills like it did when I would listen to it like 2 years ago. I wish these guys got more recognition than what they get now because they are so talented! I saw them in concert in 2012 and they sounded amazing live! One of my favorite concerts

Amazing lyrics. If only every girl in the world could know there's a guy thinking this about them. This is by far my favorite big time rush song! It always makes me feel good when I'mfeeling down! A to big time rush for this song! L listen to this song 24/7!

I think that worldwide is the best song on the first disc because it is dedicated to Jo. It also made me feel sad. It told me that kendell is a very nice guy by singing worldwide to Jo. Lots of love, your best fan Gloria!

4 Halfway There

I just simply love 'Halfway There'! It's one of the few song with addictive melody that actually make you feel hopeful and make you smile with the encouragement as well as get on your feet and move to the beat!
Once you listen you'll never be able to leave it behind!
N I love the way it was perfectly timed to when they were Halfway There! All in all, love you guys n I really REALLY love their song 'Halfway There'!
10 out of 10 both critically and as a Big fan! BTR ROCKS!

Oh my gosh! This song rocks.. James I love you! Carlos and Logan.. You guys r awesome! Don't worry Kendall I did not forget bout U.. Your also so cute.. Wow I would just want to be Katy for just one day! Just to spend time with BTR.. It would mean the entire world to me!

It's the best song ever.
The melody is also inspirational as well as the words.
It's just an amazing song

Its just awesome.
Like pure awesomeness

5 Any Kind of Guy

I'll admit, I think this is mostly a dumb made for TV boy band aimed at Nickelodeon preteen girls. But this song is so smooth. Love the jazzy Fender Rhodes piano at the beginning

The BEST song ever! It's so cute when the guys sing it to Jo in that episode! I totally wish they'd sing it to MEE! I would love them forever, but I already do!

Love this song! Especially when there's episode when the boys sang this song to JO! SO SWEET!

I rather like this song, very catchy chorus and melody.

6 City is Ours

When ever me and my best friend are in the car together and sugar high or in a really crazy mood we sing this song out out the window. People must really love us, laugh out loud

The city is ours is a song that is so good. Logan is my favorite character. He is so cute and when he smiles he has a dimple. I'm just so much his best fan

I love big time rush <3. Big time rush are the best!
They sing is amazing and they are really cute. Their voices is amazing. I like all of their songs!

Why is this last? It's so nice!

7 If I Ruled the World

If partying on a beach is your thing, this is a song to choose. Plus did you know Logan Henderson loves this song? Hello!? He said it like "If I ruled the world because it never get's old." Which a wholesome true fact.

These guys are the best their show's the best their music's the best their totally awesome!

I love this song because it is so catchy and I don't know it is hard to explain but all I can say is...
I love IT

I'm always listening to this song because I love logan's voice!

8 Stuck

But I just keep getting stuck stuck... But I am never giving up up... In the middle of a perfect day... I am tripping over words to say... My God any girl would fall for such a lyrics

I love this so much I can listen to it all day long. Big time rush rocks. I love the show and I love their music, gonna check out their movie today I know it will rock too

I love this song so much and I love Logan he is so cute. I love his smile.

Love this song. Heard this a thousand time and never get tired of listening it. Love the lines and the music is awesome. Keep up the good work btr

9 Windows down

WOW! This could be the best summer vacation song... The video is making me insane... I've watch for many time and I never fell bored... It's just... The BEST song ever! It even beat one direction's live while we're young... I know I've choose the best band ever!

Perfect, incredible and awesome the best part is when they slide in shirtless... PS logan abs is making me crazy and perfectly james abs is making me freak and the best part of james is he is very tall I love tall guy

Windows Down is the newest and the hottest-I love it and I listen to black metal!

The video or song of windows down has a really good beat to it.

10 Paralyzed

Big time rush is the best band ever and I am it's very big fan!
Especially of Logan Henderson! Paralyzed is one of my best BTR song! I wish I could just take their autographs!

One of the best songs by BTR I love it. It has one of the more rock songs as most people would say and is very very catchy.

Paralyzed for the win! Their voices are so perfect especially Logan when he sings those unreachable high notes

You, you walked into the room
On a Friday afternoon
That's when I saw you for the first time
And I was paralyzed
I had a million things to say
But none came out that day

The Contenders
11 24/Seven

I think this song is great. Once you hear it you'll knew why I said it's great.

I love this song.. It is one of the best. Big Time Rushvis my favourite band of all time. Keep it up

I love this song. I love Logan's smile

Fun song. The boys sound amazing

12 Nothing Even Matters

Big time rush is the best group in the world! This song is awesome and very nice. Simply I love they!

Good song by. Big time rush from one of your biggest fans in Nigeria I may be a boy but you are the best band ever

It make really motivated, because every time I here this song it feel like something just pop out

Best song ever! You've gotta vote for this song!

13 Elevate

The best! James did a really good job writing it! It sounds amazing and everyone can sing along, no matter who they are. Me and my friends always sing this song in the car. Also, I love James, and he wrote it. That gives me special ties. The best song EVER!

AWESOME SONG! Good work James Maslow! I this song. They are awesome and all sound amazing in this! It's an amazing song. Big Time Rush is just amazing... and hot, and they sound awesome in this.

I think Elevate should be in top ten, below halfway there! It's so groovy! I love Logan, he's so cute. I can never be bored in listening to this song! Love it when they sing it in big time movie!

This album is so perfect. A great mix of soulful lyrical and electronic dance music.

14 Big Night

This song was in Big Time Halloween when James was a sexy hot vampire. I wish I played Muffy. I was in love with his fangs ad I still am to this day. Kendall is my favorite member of B.T.R. This song is my jam and I dance ans sing to it everyday. I LOVE YOU B.T.R

I love yore song

Well done guys!

15 Oh Yeah

I heart BTR, just love kendall and the rest! I wish to meet big time rush! Their the favourite band of mine :!

This song is my life

Big time rush is my favourite band and I think this song deserves better than this

16 Big Time Rush

I love this song it's my favourite of them all I love it so much and it's so catchy... Oh oh oh oh, make it count play it straight don't look back don't hesitate when you go big time hey hey listen to your heart now hey hey don't you feel the rush now

This is honestly one of the best songs I've ever heard! I absolutely love BTR and this song really captures each of them in an interesting way. I'm honestly really confused why this song isn't higher on the list...

This is their first song and in my opinion the best one. No idea if it's because it was the first one from them I listened to, but it's the best.

I LOVE THIS SONG! It was their first song ever and it launched their career. Just listen to lyrics of this one! The words mean so much and they're so motivational :) I love working out to this one

17 Superstar

That's true. All the time you should feel that you are a superstar

This is such a good song

18 This Is Our Someday

I like this because James sings in it so much! He has a GREAT voice. If you are reading this James I want to tell you that I love you so much! You are so handsome! So please CALL me! You are so cool James

I love the message of this song and, of course, how the guys sing it. It's my favorite song on their first album by far!

Best Big time Rush song ever, it rocks, has a meaningful message, only sucks about it is its not on itunes, thankfully some geek friends of mine have recovered it

Cwioxly one percent.. This is one of the first sngz that they sang I think it deserves more than one percent.. Come on guys work with me here

19 Famous

Awesome song its just amazing and it brings out all of their voices. All of them are awesome but my favourite are all of them they sing very well.

It is best song for me

20 Music Sounds Better With You

I love this song so much! It's totally awesome and the video is amazing!
I hope one day BTR can come to South America (don't forget Uruguay) and play a concert to us! I love you guys so much!

I love this song, I love big time rush. All the songs are awesome and my favorite is Kendall. I don't this band to finish ever! I love you.

Honestly the best song of all time, this single song is better than the beatles entire discography.

This song is one of my favorites! Its video is also very cool! It must be in top 5!

21 Like Nobody's Around

16 I am listening to this song right now!?!

22 Love Me Love Me

Logan you did an awesome job on making this song
I can't get it out of my head!
And I like the voice editing you did!

Love me love me guys!

I love this song so much that I'm afraid if I will hate it. And my baby Logan... I LOVE YOU...

I think this song is stuck in my head and will never get out. Btr are always coming up with great songs. Good luck with your next tour. See ya

I love BTR

Logan is so hot

23 Blow Your Speakers

It does sound a little good only, but to who wants to party with a good rhythmic beat, give this a thumbs up!

I love that song also is my favorite song in my life and I love Kendall Schmidt from Big Time Rush?

I love this song also

24 I Know You Know

I love this song so much! I listen and sing it like a billion times a day, and I never ever get sick of it, it's an awesome song and it sounds really cool! the rap is good too! I like all of the big time rush songs, but I think this one stands out the most, and it's my fave! BTR rocks!

25 Confetti Falling

This stinks. Confetti Falling is my favorite song they have. And I'm pretty darn sure it's better than Til I Forget About You.

Man, confetti falling should've came at least in the top 3, this stinks

Seriously guys, this is the best, please vote for it, it should be in the top ten

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