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1 Naive

Who wouldn't love this song? I think everyone sings along Luke while hearing this! And it's not just their best song, but one of the best indie songs ever!

I could listen to this song a million times. It is just so catchy and the lyrics are meaningful unlike every modern pop song on the radio today.

A very nuanced piece of work. Sounds better with each replay.

2 She Moves in Her Own Way

The bridge in this song is one of the most powerful I have ever heard in music. "yes I wish that we never made it through all the summers/ we kept them up instead of kicking us back down to the suburbs" or whatever the hell he's actually saying, the manner in which its delivered is beautiful. The rest of the song is excellent as well, somewhere between banger and ballad.

This one, Naive and Ooh La are my favorites! They're amazing!

The extreme British accent adds a certain catchyness to the tune. Intensely unique.

3 Always Where I Need to Be

This is such a great song! First song I ever heard by them. Don't get me wrong, naive is amazing but this is just beautiful, the lyrics and his powerful voice make a beautiful song!

Such a great song which had really grown on me. every time I listen to the song I find something new about it which makes me love it even more

4 Gap

The instruments are so well played, and even within the quieter moments of the song they are so powerful, especially when mixed with the strong vocals, and the depths of the lyrics just make the song what it is.

Always been my favorite, not sure why but I love it so much. It has a certain quality and feel to it that I love so much. The melodies and lyrics all coming together make it amazing even if not everyone thinks so.

This is the best song in the world, here the voice and the instruments are so amazing the lyrics had so much passion is better than naive, naive is just a simply catchy song looking pop. This song represents indie and the kooks

5 Seaside

This song is beautfiul...its just something that everyoe can feel and relate to. I know everyone thinks its about like alcohol abuse and cheating but I think its about unrequited love in general and how he's afraid to ask her.

I just love this song! The only problem with it is it's too short! I wish it would just go to infinite replay. I could listen to this forever

Even though this is a short song, the pitch, the tone, everything is just perfect.
Honestly in love with this song, makes me so happy!

6 Ooh La

The Kooks are masters of catchy Melody and Sunny disposition, so practically all of their songs are great when you're in a good mood.
But "Ooh La" stands alone because of it's perfect mixture of happy pop and heartfelt indie-ness.

7 Junk of the Heart (Happy)

It's one of the first songs I heard of theirs and it instantly stuck. It deserves a place in the top 5. It was on my holiday playlist and after a week of using it to drown out the sound of the dance music being constantly played by the pool, it didn't get boring.

I absolutely adore this song. Not only is it fun to sing to but it's incredibly catchy and makes you feel happy.

This is one of those few songs that makes you feel something. the part in the chorus, you know what I'm talking about, makes me feel

8 See the Sun

The guitar work is flawless, this song doesn't get old whatsoever.

See the sun not in the top 10! It deserves top 3 without a DOUBT!

Right when they pick up the tempo with that awesome guitar solo always makes me want to rock out

9 Sway

This song is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing like it in the whole world! So emotional, and so powerful.
Greatest song ever!

This song gives me chills. Should be number one!

10 Eddie's Gun
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11 Shine On
12 Sofa Song

This song is amazing! It totally gets stuck in your head and has an amazing rhythm. This song definitely underrated, it absolutely deserves a place in the top 3! Come on, can you listen to this song without singing along?

This song is brilliant and should definitely be the top ten, come on guys!

Great song, just simple as needed and so efficient!

13 Bad Habit

Don't forget their new stuff. Still good indie rock!

14 Mr. Maker

Such a feel good "driving in the sun with the roof down and wind blowing through your hair" song. makes me grin like an idiot whenever I listen to it. extremely underrated and should be brought up to the top 3, at the least. also, the song has a bigger meaning behind it than you think.
Lurve Luke Pritchard. lurve the Kooks!

15 Do You Wanna

Amazing song! More people should give it a chance!
The more you listen to it the better it gets!
If you love the Kooks you will love this awesome song!

Surprised it's so low on the list. It has a great beat to dance and sing to in my opinion.

This song has a nasty intro! I love it!

16 You Don't Love Me

I love this song! The guitar and drums are absolutely phenomenal, and the guitar solo towards the end are too good.

17 Matchbox

Surprised that this song is not in the top 20?! Such an underrated song and it was a pleasure to hear this song live not just once but twice!

Matchbox is one of favourite Kooks songs of all time, perfect transitions and a great chorus

18 Taking Pictures of You

This is the first song I heard of them and that's the only reason I continued to listen to The Kooks. This song would be number one on my charts! Followed by Naive

It's good. It also reminds me the memories I had with my girlfriend when I'm taking candid pictures of her.

I love this song! This song is so breathtaking! Just can't get over it.

19 Around Town

This song is just stuck in my mind! It surely deserves a place among the first ten!

Definitely the best song of them, very powerful. It should be higher

20 How'd You Like That
21 Jackie Big T**s

Short but sweet, catchy number - highly underrated!

Such a sing along song, and is always in my head!

22 Is It Me
23 Rosie
24 One Last Time

I think it's the best song of them so far. It's simple, but beautiful

25 Killing Me

I totally agree. This for me is The Kooks best song. The lyrics are beautiful and it has an air of melancholy that is just sad and joyous at the same time, stunning.

Their best song hands down, When I think of the kooks I think of this song.

This song is stunning, should of been a single, by far their best.

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