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1 Lost Ones

One incredibly deep song. The lyrics have a strong meaning, and I can tell that J. Cole wrote this track from the heart. "And I ain't too proud to tell ya that I cry sometimes, I cry sometimes about it..." J. Cole killed every single verse. And the hook immediately pulled me in.

This is easily my favorite J. Cole track. Every man should hear it, and they should pay attention to the lyrics and think about them.

Lost Ones has to be by far the best song from J. Cole, no doubt. I completely agree with this one hundred percent and more! Not only men but women too should listen to the lyrics. Men are always pushing women into abortion, and women are being forced into it. However, it is terrible on both their parts.

I will always love this song because, unlike other songs, there is a true meaning. Cole will always be on top. No one can take his place.

2 No Role Modelz

Wow, what great songs. No doubt this song is his best. It has great lyrics, flow, memorable lines, and impressive production. J. Cole also has more great songs like Lost Ones, January 28th, Wet Dreamz, and many more, but I think this one is the best.

I don't like new school rap except for J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar. I think that Cole also has the same impact as those older legendary rappers like Nas, 2Pac, Jay-Z, and more. If you don't like Cole, believe me, he will let it rain on you.

Gotta bump this song to number one. It really captures his aggression while touching on serious political topics.

3 Lights Please

The song that impressed HOV enough to sign him. Without this song, J. Cole might not be on Roc Nation. Just for that reason alone, it's his best.

This is such a good song. It has a really nice hook, and his lyrics are so smooth and meaningful.

I've been trying to remember the name of this song for days. Had to find it here because it's dope. The instrumental is perfect for quality ciphers.

4 Power Trip

This song is every teenage boy's dream in lyrics, that ultimate devotion to change everything that defines them to impress that one person who means the world to them. But it also shows how timeless love is. One of the realest songs from one of the realest rappers ever.

Why is this in the top 10? Just a bunch of new people who heard J. Cole on the radio for the first time voted for this. People wouldn't even like the song if it wasn't for Miguel. Cole spits fire way better on other songs than this...

Everything, from the background instrumentals to the flow and constant movement of the beat, to Miguel's amazing voice, just makes for an incredible experience that you don't usually get with today's music.

5 Crooked Smile

The meaning behind this entire song is beyond relatable for anybody out there. Not a lot of rappers will touch on these subjects, let alone talk about their own imperfections.

"A perfect smile is more appealing but it's funny how mine is crooked, look at how far I done got without it... I keep my twisted grill just to show them kids it's real."

Ever since the beginning, this song has got me each time I listen to it. He shows that you don't need to be perfect to the world to be perfect for who you are.

Made me cry. Real lyrics. Something that actually makes sense in 2013. The lyrics relate to real life.

6 Let Nas Down

"Freedom or jail, clips inserted
A baby's being born same time a man is murdered
The beginning and end, so far as rap goes"

The instrumental is dope. One of the few songs that I can actually listen to, and hear and immediately process what he's saying. Talking about letting down his mentor/idol. How "Work Out" disappointed Nas, and yeah. This song is fire.

This song makes Cole appear as though he let his role model down through his album. If you like the vulnerability in this song, listen to the remix where Nas says that Cole made him proud.

7 Born Sinner

This is truly the best J. Cole song. It's a perfect outro to his debut album, detailing all of his flaws and how he has or plans to overcome them. Fauntleroy absolutely nailed the chorus, and Cole spits some of the best bars on those two verses.

Re-using the same chorus sample from "Villuminati" puts the whole album full circle. Once again, the perfect outro to loop the album which it is titled from.

This song is the best J. Cole song in existence, in my opinion. The beat is amazing, and the chorus is my favorite chorus of any song ever.

8 Apparently

This song has good lyrics. I said it. That's all it has, and you can't have a good song with good lyrics and an awful beat.

This song deserves its spot, so stop whining about it being number 36.

Yo, how is this not number one? This is an incredible song. Cole's second verse on this is, for me, one of the greatest verses of all time.

Best song by the best currently, and one of the top three of all time. He's up there with Eminem and Tupac.

9 Villuminati

"Sometimes, I brag like Hov, sometimes I'm real like Pac, sometimes I focus on the flow to show the skills I got."

This is, without a doubt, one of Cole's most raw and aggressive tracks.

10 4 Your Eyez Only

Great song. Cole talks straight from his heart and soul and puts it into every line. This 8 minute and 50 second song is very emotional and tells a story about the struggles of the streets. It also talks from Cole's perspective and someone else's.

This song is amazing and very heartfelt, and what makes me sad is that this song, and the album that shares its title, are highly underrated by J. Cole fans. I feel like that's sad because I think they are both his best work. Oh well, at least the critics agree with me... finally.

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11 Return of Simba

Terrific beat, definitely should've been on the album. Simba represents J. Cole trying to become king. Best line: "Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds."

Like it was said, it should have been saved for the album. This song is one of the best ever and was better than everything on The Sideline Story. Easily his best song.

This website is legit trash. How is this song not number one? I don't know how Lost Ones got the top spot. He has other songs that go 10 times harder than that.

12 Wet Dreamz

The one thing I love about Cole is his fearlessness to talk about and go into detail about things that other rappers wouldn't dare talk about. This song, in particular, talks about the angst and awkwardness associated with losing your virginity.

This is easily the best on the decent album that 2K14FHD was. I highly recommend this for people looking for hip hop that is original and unique.

My personal favorite. "No Role Modelz" is a close second. Think about this, in say 10 years from now, which song is going to be truly remembered? "Wet Dreamz." "No Role Modelz" will just be "that song with the really cool beat," but "Wet Dreamz" will go on to be remembered as one of the best stories in hip hop.

13 A Tale of 2 Citiez

I wasn't familiar with it until WatchMojo released a Top 10 J. Cole Songs list. This song wasn't on the list, but someone mentioned it in the comments, asking why this song didn't at least get an honorable mention. I looked up the song to see how good it was and it instantly became my favorite song from Cole.

I love "Fire Squad" - sick beat and sick lyrics, but this is a masterpiece. My favorite part is the chorus and when he says, "Nice watch (chika) run it!" That's rap music right there!

Saw him and Kendrick Lamar perform this live yesterday, and aside from KDot's "HUMBLE.," it got the most crowd reaction and solidified itself as my favorite Cole song.

14 I Get Up

I Get Up is pure rap and is deep. Cole proves he's the best modern rapper. I say he's the best ever, no matter what anyone says because he, Kendrick, and Drake are the only modern rappers not past their prime who are lyrical.

By far, this is his best song, a true insight into today's youthful minds and African American ingenuity. I pray the sun gon' shine my way, actually all of our way.

I think Rise and Shine is his best, but personally, if you voted for any of these above I Get Up, I must question if you actually listened to Cole's earlier work.

15 Blow Up

Should've been his first radio single. I actually know ladies who vibe to this much more than "Work Out." The perfect anthem for every college hustler.

Sick beat, great lyrics. Love this song. It never gets old.

Lyrics and beat were sensational.

16 Fire Squad

Such a great song. The beat goes hard and is straight-up fire.

This has to be at least in the top 30. He was fire in this song.

17 Pass Me By
18 Cheer Up

Amazing! Not really a big fan of J. Cole, but this song has so much meaning to it. Unlike most rappers (not talking about Eminem, he is my favorite rapper) nowadays, he isn't rapping about doing drugs, drinking, or getting girls.

Two other J. Cole songs I would recommend are Crooked Smile and Daddy's Little Girl.

J. Cole really expresses what he's going through in this great song of his. He pours his emotions out, going through his past as a child.

This song reflects J. Cole at his best. Enough said.

19 False Prophets

Three verses of the ugly truth about modern mainstream celebrity artists. Though it has a mellow beat, Cole made sure he treated our ears right with this single. Real dope!

How is this song so low? Disappointing.

20 Work Out

A Cole Classic. Yeah, it is radio-friendly and may have let Nas down, but you can't resist the beat! It's fresh, youthful, and has a great instrumental.

This song has a great beat, great lyrics, and great sound. It's easily the best song by J. Cole. If this song is not number one, it should at least be in the top ten.

This is the worst placement I've seen. How is Work Out not in the top 10? Top 5?

21 Villematic

This song is really good. I like how it starts out as if it would be sung in a church. It has so much meaning. It feels like he wrote it from his heart.

This is the reason why Cole is my favorite rapper of this generation. The beat is so legendary, and he just raps through the whole song without stopping. Absolutely amazing.

Amazing Kanye sample, my favorite beat he's ever used. Great lyrics, as usual for Cole. An all-around awesome song.

22 Head Bussa
23 Before I'm Gone

The beat is extraordinary. The lyrics are sensational. The third verse could not have been done by a human. It's that good, something special.

One of the most meaningful songs ever penned in hip-hop.

Easily a top 3 song. Arguably number 1.

Dude killed it. I get goosebumps every time.

24 1985

The more you listen to this, the better it gets.

Such a chill rapper.

25 Love Yourz

This song should be higher. J. Cole's lyrics move me. He talks about how materialistic possessions don't make your life better, quite a contrast to what all the other rappers are doing these days, talking about how they got money and women coming out of their pockets.

This is one of the realest songs I have ever heard from one of the most real artists I have ever come across. J. Cole really knows how to use absolute honesty to move an audience. Keep it up, Jermaine.

Definitely worthy of a higher spot. The message in it is so relevant to where we are as a country today. We do not need more likes or upvotes or views. Because of our desires for materialistic things and money, we forget that the things we took for granted are what really matter.

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