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1 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

I had expectations for 2017, and they gave me this. 12 weeks at #1, and it sounded dated from the very second it was unleashed. Its empty, lifeless sound makes me feel as if it should've been dumped into the toxic waste pool that was 2016's pop scene. Songs can overstay their welcome if they please, but for the love of quality content, at least make it good! It has been half a year since this crap was released, and pop stations are still abusing it.

This song is not bad at all; everyone hates it because it's overplayed. There's a reason people are getting services like Apple Music. It's so that they don't have to listen to this song on the radio. While I don't personally dislike it, I don't like how many artists are succumbing to that "radio-friendly" stereotype of songs.

I always hear it in 'popular songs' but I kept on listening to it then I started to hate it.

2 Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

One of the best songs on the radio. Its needless to say I would listen to this song over Adele's "Hello" any time.

I think Beat It and Billie Jean are much more played than this. But they are still great songs though.

Overplayed but cool song until now!
Even I kept on mimicking his dance when this song plays!

3 Hello - Adele

€�Says the moron that only hates it because of over-saturation."
Oh, really? Says the moron who hates metalheads on the site because there's too many of them. This song is not amazing. It's just another lame, boring breakup song. Why are you just going around being a jerk to people who don't like this song? I could do the same thing to people who don't like Empire Of The Clouds by Iron Maiden, but I don't. You also said on one occasion "This song is amazing, this is why I'm sick of metalheads on here". As I've already said, even if the fans of your music dominated the site, I wouldn't care because there'd still be fellow rock and metal fans. It's also #1 on the best songs of 2015 list, so you just need to stop. Seriously.

Probably the most overplayed artist of all time. There are a couple songs Adele does that are decent, but the radio is a professional at milking it (milking something means overdoing it). Madea's version was much better!

4 I Like It - Cardi B

This is the most overplayed song on the radio right now (up there with In My Feelings). Basically every time I go out, I hear this playing on 2 stations at once at least one time. Top 5 material

It's Cardi B... Not much else to say. This song is literally everywhere and it's some how getting worse then it already was

I have heard this song many times on the radio. Cardi B doesn't have that many awful songs and this is one of them. This is actually a great song that has a good tune, good beat, and it makes you want to get up and swag dance (which basically means {in my book} dancing like a rapper would) And for all you haters out there, she can probably rap 1,000 times better than you people. I honestly really like this song. BUT {yes, there is a BUT} those guys who do a solo and just say gibberish or Spanish or whatever ruin the song. That's just wrong.

5 Girls Like You - Maroon 5

First of all Maroon 5 sucks. This song is so basic please come up with someone original. Next Adam Levine once called girls that wanted a autograph from him ugly chicks. Maroon 5 is both annoying and aggravating. Every time one of there songs come one I want to cover my ears! It's like all they want to do is make money they don't care about music at all. They should just quit please give people who want to make music a spot on the radio.

It, along with High Hopes by Panic! At The Disco, got old REALLY fast. I never liked it in the first place--I was never a fan of guitar-stuffed pop songs involved a guy with a half-grown beard screeching about a girl who will magically make his life better--but now? It's on SO MUCH.

It's still an okay song to me, but I literally heard it 6 times in a couple hours yesterday.

6 Happy - Pharrell Williams

My dad and I would listen too this song everyday on the radio. I liked it for a while, but then it started playing every 30 minutes on every single radio station. So annoying!

This song sucked and my friends forced me to listen to it because they knew how much I hated it.

I feel like people only know Pharrell because of his hat.

7 Closer - The Chainsmokers

One time recently (in April 2018) we were in the car and Closer came on three times. Even though I like this song, it's fading away much slower than even last year's falltime hits.

"Closer" by a mile. It will one day be the #1 most overplayed song in the history of music, rivaling even Happy Birthday in its omnipresence and endless loops of plays

Once I heard this song FIVE times on the radio within a single hour.

That's why I vote it up.

8 Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Shape of You - Very overplayed but it's only been popular for three years, it could die when we least expect it.
Smooth Criminal - Hell no it's not nearly played enough for number two.
Hello - Also not very relevant either now. In fact it died out quickly.

Call Me Maybe is 8 years old and I still hear it all the time on pretty much any pop radio. It just plays when you least expect it any time and it just gets annoying quickly. The song is just around like the speed of light. Should be number one easily.

I wish that some of her other songs like run away with me, your type, or boy problems would get recognition. This song have her a bad name that she doesn't deserve. She's an example of an artist that only gets recognition for her bad songs and her better songs are underrated (her entire album, emotion is good).

No, we won't call you one hit wonder.

9 Someone You Loved - Lewis Capaldi

The worst song of 2019, how did this get played on the radio?

I'm truly fed up of this song.

10 Hotline Bling - Drake

This song is very annoying and overplayed. I don't really care for Drake but this is him at his worst.

Only simps listen to this song. I can't believe I used to be one of them.

Overrated. I would never recommend this ever!

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? Victoria's Secret - Jax
? Hey Look Ma, I Made It - Panic! at the Disco
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11 Trap Queen - Fetty Wap

I've actually never heard this song on the radio, but I've heard it once on youtube and it was complete garbage.

12 Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
13 Boom Boom Pow - The Black Eyed Peas

Nowhere near as overplayed as I Got a Feeling.

Not doubt, this song is overplay.It always top the radio chart in almost everyday.

14 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

This song is trashy and so ANNOYING. I hear it too often. Why isn't it higher on the list, should be #1

Such a nice song!

Don't stop believin' is a great song, but when I was talking to one of my friends that said they really liked the song, I asked her what her favorite Journey song was, (Mine is "lights") she said "What is Journey? " If you love a song that much... YOU SHOULD FIND OUT WHO IT IS! (Also when people think it's a recent song ever though its from the 80s. )

15 Hotel California - The Eagles

This song has to be the most overplayed song of all time. I've heard it no less than 4 times within the past week playing at random places, and it isn't even new. Make it stop.

Amazing song, but the classic rock stations love it a bit too much.

16 Come As You Are - Nirvana

Personally my favorite Nirvana song. I hear this on the radio often, but hey, at least it's not the most overplayed song by them, Smells Like Teen Spirit

At least it's good. I never heard it on the radio though.

Come as you are is not overplayed, now a days, this song is not played almost, but SLTS is very overrated and overplayed

17 All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

SO OVERPLAYED, but at least it wasn't played as much when 2015 came along, kind of.

This is played so many times and is getting really annoying!

I rather listen to Shake It Off than this trashy song.

18 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

I hear this pretty often, but not as much as Thunder or Natural. Older Imagine Dragons is good though, so I don't complain when this comes on the radio. Newer Imagine Dragons, however...

This song is overplayed but unlike the other songs on this list...doesn't get old!

Imagine Dragons is a good but overrated band.

19 Despacito - Luis Fonsi

The reggaeton is the killer of the good mainstream music. (At least in Spanish speaking countries).
It's sad know that is the most viewed video ever on YouTube.
The song is directed to teens that listen to JB and Little Mix; only radio friendly music.
And the song is so unoriginal...

At first I was like yeah whatever about this song but now the times have changed. It gets played almost every ten minutes. When I hear that stupid guitar start up I slam the power off button on the stereo.

This is getting so old. I didn't mind it the first few times, but now it's super annoying! It makes me super mad that people like this garbage and don't even give Japanese music a chance.

20 Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo

Good song though it's been played so much for a good reason in fact. Still better than all the garbage released lately.

21 What About Us - P!NK

I would have said I was OK with this song back in August/September/October of last year, but on November 16, this song came on 4 different stations in under 20 minutes, and by the time December rolled around, it had started to wear out its welcome for me. After I still kept hearing it three times every outing, I then went through a whole phase of really hating this song, but now I don't really care anymore.

I didn't mind this song at first. But then, for 10 months, it was ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. I couldn't go anywhere without hearing this song at least twice, sometimes even 4 times! What's so great about it? The chorus is one of the whiniest I've heard in a long time! And I always get the ear worm from this song. Not to mention it has played in many public places too. All this in one word: WHY?

Definitely her most overplayed hit. I thought it was decent at first, until the radio had to milk this song! However, P! nk's music is normally good. But her earlier hits are better.

22 In My Feelings - Drake

I can't go anywhere without hearing this awful garbage. Today I heard this song TWICE in like 10 minutes (luckily Bad At Love was playing on another station the second time), and I also heard this 3 times the other day. How is this #1 on the Hot 100, when I can think of songs that didn't hit #1 this year that are much more deserving of that spot?

Hey drake, I hate keke!

I don't love keke

23 Thunder - Imagine Dragons

I hate this annoying piece of garbage song. Probably one of the most annoying and horrifying bad choruses of all time. I truly can't understand why this song is played everywhere I go, you just can't escape, all I hear is "Thun DA! Thun DA! Lightning and the Thun DA! God why have you forsaken me to this endless torment?!

Not a bad song by any means but does NOT deserve to be played so often

24 Let It Go - Frozen

Frozen had an excessive amount of hype in general, but this song was the most overplayed one that there was! I swear, 2 years after this song was released and was popular, the little ones were still singing it! For Pete's sake, pick a different song! There are more songs on the soundtrack! The storyline of the movie is decent, but every time I watch it, I will fast-forward through this crap song! The radio didn't play it that much, but there were many people who busted my chops with their obsession! It was definitely overrated!

I hate this song to the core, I hate it more than anyone ever hated anything! All
The girls I go to school with love this song, its sooo flipping annoying! Am I the only teenaged girl who who dislikes (Or hates) this song?

This has got to be #1! Almost every girl knows this and won't shut up about it.

25 Fight for Your Right - The Beastie Boys

I'm a huge beastie boys fan but this is a bad song and it is making fun of the people that like it. It is meant to be bad not a classic hit of the 80s.

All the old school rock stations and rap stations. Beasties are the best tho

I don't hear it much

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