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1 You Only Live Once

I love Suicide Silence and I love this song. For me personally:

1. You Only Live Once

2. Wake Up

3. Everything

I'm really curious what they will show at the new album, with clean voice... 'cause, let's face it, Doris sucks... Like, the typical deathcore part is awesome, even the second part of the chorus with Eddie actually singing is great, but when he goes like "Too good" I don't really understand why they did it... Like, I hope for the best at the new album, deathcore with "weaker" parts sounds interesting, but I hope they won't stick to this weird sound in Doris.

2 No Pity for a Coward

I'm honestly surprised this isn't 1! This is the song that always stood out for me! R.I.P. Mitch Lucker

This song is one of my favorites. I just love the lyrics.

I don't know how this isn't number one. This is one of my favourite songs, for sure, the growling at the ends is just epic :O

3 Wake Up

I think that this song has a great guitar melody! I also especially love the Clown of Slipknot Remix! Amazing! I'm also surprised though that Disengage and Genocide aren't on the list! I tied between this song and Lifted, this one won my ticket though, but all suicide silence songs are amazing!

The way this song is pieced together is absolutely awesome! And it goes without saying that the breakdown is absolutely amazing! But what I really don't understand is how "No Pity For A Coward" couldn't be on this list. It should be like number 2 or at least somewhere in the top 5. But the fact that it's not even on the list? That's just depressing... -_____-

But at least Wake Up is on it and in its rightful position too, as "Number 1!"

4 Disengage

I'm from South Africa and a local band covered this song at a festival named RAMfest. The place was in an uproar! The wall of death was one of the best I've ever been in! And all this coming from a guy who's not even such a big fan of similar bands I can't deny this song is amazing!

The pure and simple brutality of the song is just so crushing, with the awesome lead melody and creepy drum outro. It deserves its place on the top 10 chart.

This song is really epic, as soon as it starts you know you in for a crushing song!

5 Unanswered

Best opening song ever! (if we ignore revelations) Starts the Cleansing off with some serious brutality and leads perfectly into the second track Hands of a Killer. Without a doubt The Cleansing is best album by SS and I couldn't think of a better opening track for this iconic deathcore album.

Just the intro to this song alone gives it my number 1! The Cleansing is their best album and you couldn't start it off with a better track.

I love unanswered. I was struggling with Atheism. But yea.. This song helped.

6 F**k Everything

Hopefully, this song climbs to the top rather quickly. This song is dark and deep, at the same time, it's bright lyrics tie it all together. Magnificent song. I can't get enough of it. "No pity for a coward" in my opinion could easily be put as number 2. This is a hopeful and fantastic song

It's better than you only live once! Wake up and no pity for a coward are my two favorite!

This song is totally awesome, it's almost a perfect description of my life!

7 You Can't Stop Me

I like the part where he changes from screaming to that lion scream

8 Slaves to Substance

"Oh my god you're pitiful, your dependence robbing innocence" Awesome lyrics, delusional song!

Chorus is really snakes to the core, their best song, I think.

9 Witness the Addiction

What.. This song deserves to be in top 10

Oh my God what a song! Mitch Luckers (RIP) and Jonathan Davis' vocals are so powerful together and make this song to
Something special.
Perfect chorus sung by JD

10 Hands of a Killer

This is the song that got me into suicide silence. Its an amazing song I absolutely love it!

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11 Smashed

Frank Mullen from Suffocation is on this song! One of the greatest deathcore bands with probably the best death metal vocalists is an awesome combination. This song definitely deserves a spot in the top 10

Hello? Why is this down here? This song is so great! We need to get it up in the top 10 for sure. Most underrated SS song ever

12 O.C.D

This Song should be on the top tens, HELL top five! Really catchy and just yes

One of best songs from suicide silence!

Should defiantly be in the top 10..

13 The Price of Beauty
14 Something Invisible

Love this song. That riff is brutal.

15 Destruction of a Statue

How has this song not been mentioned? One of their oldest and best songs ever

Riff in the middle of this song is so awesome!

How is this song not higher up on the list?!?

16 Bludgeoned to Death

I think this is the best song by suicide silence but that's just my opinion... I like wake up but I like this one better I love the way he growls in the beginin of the song

Should be in top ten at least. Brutal song.

17 Inherit the Crown
18 Love Me to Death
19 Lifted
20 The Disease
21 Smoke
22 Cease to Exist
23 ... and Then She Bled
24 Genocide
25 Distorted Thought of Addiction
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