Top 10 Best JLS Songs

Welcome to the unofficial JLS appreciation society, where the question isn't whether you like JLS, but which of their tracks make your heart sing and your feet move. The British boy band that stole the spotlight and a ton of hearts has an impressive discography, and choosing the best out of their collection is no small feat. But hey, you're not alone in this; many other fans have weighed in, casting their votes to decide which songs by Aston, Marvin, JB, and Oritsé deserve to be at the pinnacle of auditory greatness.

Whether you're a die-hard fan who knows every lyric by heart or someone who's just stumbled upon their music, this is the space to elevate your favorite tracks to the top of the list. Because let's face it, songs that can get you dancing like no one's watching or feel all the emotions on the spectrum deserve some extra love.

Whether you're entranced by their romantic ballads or invigorated by their dance beats, your opinion matters. So, are you Team "Beat Again," or is "She Makes Me Wanna" the tune you've got on repeat? Maybe it's one of their lesser-known hits that makes you feel like you've uncovered a hidden gem. Whatever it is, your vote can help determine which songs will rise above the rest.
The Top Ten
1 Killed By Love

Perfect pace, not too upbeat, amazing vocals, and 10/10 for the effort put into it.

2 The Last Song

Totally underrated. This song is better than most of their singles! With the name and it actually being the last song on the album, it sounds cheesy, but it's actually really sad despite having a dance beat and dance lyrics.

I just love JLS, and this song just fits in great with what has gone on in the past year (them breaking up). So upset.

3 Only Making Love

Love you so much, JLS. Went to your last concert, and Ortise waved at me.

4 The Club is Alive

This song is great! It's not too fast or too slow, just perfect. Their voices are so amazing here. Taking a little time to listen to this is actually worth a lot.

This song is so great. It has a fantastic beat and Aston sounds lovely!

Awesome song. It is so brilliant.

5 Innocence

This is the best song. What is it doing here? Should be posted at the top or at least in second position. It's a super, fabulous, and beautiful song. Try it once.

6 Gotta Try It

It gave me a hint that they might be moving on, and I only got it for Christmas. I have listened to it more than once a day, and I am getting half a day off school to come and see you at Newcastle on the 12th of December. I can't wait. Love you, Aston.

7 One Shot

You only got one shot, so make it count. You might never get this moment again. Love that song.

8 Take a Chance On Me

When we talk about true love, dedication, and devotion, "Take a Chance on Me" is the epitome of aroma and magic. The feelings, emotions, urge, and desire it portrays are beyond the acme. It is evocative and soothing. This song is overpowering, and its impact is beyond this world.

Can love be so divine and pure? It conveys a poetic sensibility and rhythm connected to the pulse of the heart.

This is the best work of JLS and it must be rated number 1.

When we talk about the perfect combination of true love, emotions, and divinity, this is it! Love listening to it.

9 3D
10 Everybody in Love

I think this is the best song by JLS because it's all about being in love, making it easier to get a girlfriend. I would go to Aston Merrygold any time of the day and kiss him.

I think this song is amazing.
It's just unbelievable.
I love it!
And I love JLS. They're the best group ever!

One word: awesome, and great lyrics indeed.

The Contenders
11 Only Tonight
12 Love You More

I love JLS and their songs and videos. They are different than many other boy bands we have heard. I reckon JLS is the best.

I love this song. It's just like a love story! It would be a really sweet song to listen to, trust me!

This song touched my heart when I first heard it! I can't say much, but I'm sure you can hear it! Trust me, you will love it.

13 She Makes Me Wanna

Dev has made this song superb. Their voices are also very good! The video is also good.

I love that song, and I love Marvin lots and lots, as well as all the boys, and especially Marvin and Aston.

14 Have Your Way
15 Do You Feel What I Feel

This is JLS's new single, which was released on January 1, 2012, and is currently doing very well! Many people, even non-JLS fans, have commented on how good this single is!

16 Eyes Wide Shut

I love this song. When I first listened to it, it really made my day. I have no idea why this song isn't on the top list, as everyone I know always said they love it just like I do. Everyone should listen to it at least once.

Really awesome and great song. Don't understand why it isn't on the list.

17 Umbrella
18 Beat Again

My best friend introduced me to JLS. This was the song she suggested. I watched the video and thought these guys are so awesome. I love them. Aston and Marvin are so hot. Aston's backflips and Marvin's body are super hot. I was shocked to hear they split. So sad. I love them very much. Their songs are really good, but my favorite is Beat Again. It should be number 1. Love you guys.

I have always loved this song since it came out, and I still love it now. I still love them even when they split up.

19 Private

I love this song. It's amazing. And I love Aston's part <3 because Aston is just really amazing.

20 Kickstart
21 Hottest Girl In the World

This song just makes you want to get up and dance the night away! Every time I listen to this song, inside I'm saying I know I am - laugh out loud, laugh out loud until you can't find your voice.

It is so different from all their other songs, but in a good way!

22 Outta This World
23 Superhero
24 Hold Me Down
25 Billion Lights

It is the best JLS song ever. I LOVE them. However, the song makes me cry because they have split up. Hope they get back together.

It comes out in November. Hope you vote for it.

I think that this is the best of their songs.

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