Best Type O Negative Songs

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1 Black No.1

This is the ultimate track by them, in my own opinion! It has a really good gothic feel to the whole song, and it just keeps getting better.

This track is dark, slow, well-written, and developed. I like many of their songs, but this is simply the best.

2 Love You to Death

UNIQUE! When I listen to it, I feel like a spirit inside me, a spirit that controls my emotions and makes me become sad and happy at the same time! UNIQUE, JUST UNIQUE!

One of the most beautiful and dark ballads ever.

Beauty in its full expression.

3 Wolf Moon

Despite how great Christian Woman and Black No. 1 are, it's between this and Love You to Death, two of the best songs not just of Type O or even Gothic Metal, but metal as a whole.

4 September Sun

One of my favorite songs. Just beautiful.

5 Everything Dies

Get it higher! This is rated one of their best, and it is EPIC.

6 Christian Woman

One of the best songs I've ever heard. The almost 4-minute-long interlude is incredible, followed by a disgustingly great 2-minute outro. Christian Woman is undisputedly number 1.

The interlude and outro put this above Black No. 1. Epic song. Both epic songs...

7 My Girlfriend's Girl
8 World Coming Down

She thinks I'm iron man because I don't feel pain...

9 Anesthesia

When I first heard this, I got hooked right off the bat, and this is by far my favorite by Type O Negative. R.I.P. Peter Steele.

10 Red Water (Christmas Mourning)

This has to be their most depressing song in the discography.

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11 Summer Breeze
12 I Don't Wanna Be Me
13 White Slavery

Absolutely nails the empty succumbing of depression and the all-too-conscious descent into darkness paired with the numbing self-hate. Fantastic.

One of the greatest Type O Negative songs ever. Up there with Black No. 1, but the intro for this is unmatched.

14 Be My Druidess
15 Green Man
16 Profit of Doom
17 Haunted

Their best song, in my opinion. Remember, this is about their best songs, NOT their popular songs.

18 Nettie
19 Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity

After Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath, my personal favorite song of all time. Slow Deep & Hard is my all-time favorite album. Still miss Pete!

The best song off my all-time favorite album.

20 Set Me on Fire
21 Cinnamon Girl
22 Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family)

Probably their best song. Slow and somber, but also very heavy. Love the atmosphere and how the melody builds and progresses. Beautiful piano work, and Pete's singing is at its best. I heard this after a funeral, and the lyrics hit me really hard, especially the "Please don't go" part. Should definitely be higher up.

What the hell, how is this not even in the top ten? This is the best one.

23 Dead Again
24 Gravity
25 Die with Me
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